Making a plan

  • The Forest Stewardship Program helps a landowner achieve their forest management goals through a personalized stewardship plan developed with the expertise of a forester. The forester identifies ways to achieve goals such as improving wildlife habitat, removing invasive species, promoting forest health, planting trees and selling timber. They may also discuss requirements and benefits of related forestry and conservation programs.

  • Forest Stewardship Program Application PDF icon

    Get started: After a landowner hires a forester, their plan writer will submit the application form to the DNR at the start of the planning process.

  • Sample Forest Stewardship Plan PDF icon

    A sample of the different elements a Forest Stewardship Plan can contain. 


  • DNR Forest Stewardship Coordinator

    Southern Lower Peninsula
    Mike Smalligan, Lansing

    DNR Service Foresters

    Western Upper Peninsula
    Gary Willis, Baraga

    Eastern Upper Peninsula
    Ernie Houghton, Escanaba

    Northern Lower Peninsula
    Mike Hanley, Haslett