• We want you to be involved in state forest planning - also known as our compartment review process. Our plans for the forest include harvesting timber, planting trees, prescribed burning and maintaining fields and open areas – activities that help to provide wildlife habitat, control invasive species and improve the overall health of the forest. You’re invited to look over proposals, view maps of the affected areas and provide feedback.

    In addition to localized compartment reviews, a statewide forest action plan and state forest management plans also guide forest management actvities. 

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Appealing forest management activities

  • The public may appeal planned forest management activities, called prescriptions, after the formal compartment review stage of the planning process, or in instances where major changes are made. This does not include emergency salvage cases from incidents like windstorms, or from preemptive forest health treatments. The appeal process is the final opportunity to influence a state forest prescription prior to implementation.

    To submit an appeal, an individual or organization must first participate in the review process through treatment-specific comment at an open house or in writing before the formal compartment review. If the person appealing did not engage in the review process, an appeal may be dismissed.

    Submit an appeal in writing to the Forest Resources Division Assistant Chief at DNR-Forestry@Michigan.gov within 45 calendar days following the compartment review record of decision posting or notice of change in prescription. The appeal must state how the decision fails to consider comments previously provided, or how it violates laws, regulations or policies.

    The DNR will provide a decision to involved parties, including the basis for denying or granting an appeal.