• Plan process and timeline

    General management plans are used to define long-range planning and management strategies that protect a state park's resources while addressing recreation and educational needs and opportunities. Public input is a critical component of the planning process.

    Plan process and timeline

    The development of a park general management plan takes approximately 12 months to complete and includes the following steps:

    • Conduct internal planning team meetings to gather input from a range of expertise.
    • Provide opportunity for stakeholder and public comment via website, surveys and/or workshops.
    • Develop a 20-year management zone plan. What are management zones?
    • Develop 10-year action goals.
    • Conduct public input meetings to review draft plans.
    • Complete draft of final plan and initiate approval process.

    Blank Park Management Planning Timeline Graphic

    Following the completion of the plan, the park will work toward plan implementation as budget and staff resources allow. The plan will be reviewed and updated, as required, every five years.