• Project boundaries are geographic lines that help define the state’s public lands acquisition and disposal strategy (managed public land strategy). There are currently about 1.9 million acres of privately owned lands scattered within the project boundaries.

    As part of the implementation of the 2013 DNR managed public land strategy, we have been reviewing and revising – and now we’re seeking input on – project boundaries around state forests, game and wildlife areas, parks and recreation areas.

    You can review and provide feedback on proposed changes to project boundaries using the map below. Comments will be accepted online through Nov. 30, and at the Dec. 10 Natural Resources Commission meeting.

    If you need assistance with the map, or would like an alternative method to submit your comments, please contact Scott Whitcomb.

  • Submitting a comment:

    • Zoom in and click on the orange envelope labeled “Submit a Comment.” 
    • Click on an area that you would like to comment on or provide input on.
    • Enter your name, contact information, and comments in the spaces provided.
    • Click “Save” to submit comments. Click “Cancel” to discard comments.

    Your comments and information are only viewable by DNR staff

    Quick Tips:

    • Zoom in to the area that you are interested in by scrolling the mouse wheel, holding down the shift key and drawing a box, or use the +/- icons in the upper left corner of the map.
    • Pan the map by clicking the mouse and dragging the map to the area that you want to view.
    • Legend - explains the symbols on the map.
    • Layer list - toggle the different road layers on and off by checking or unchecking the box by the layer name.