Adopt-a-Game-Area Program

Grasslands are vitally important!

A sparrow on a wireGrasslands provide great benefits to wildlife and to people as well. In addition to providing habitat and food resources for wildlife, grasslands help to improve water and air quality – important for all of us in Michigan and throughout the world!  They are also simply stunning to view in mid-to-late summer when the prairie wildflowers are in full bloom. In addition, grasslands pollinators like bees, and monarch butterflies help to pollinate our crops, keeping the United States fed! Without grasslands, we’d be in real trouble. Throughout Michigan, grasslands are disappearing to agriculture and development and are now one of the rarest habitat types in the world!

 Adopt-a-Game-Area Program

ring-necked pheasantGrassland wildlife needs your help to thrive! The Adopt-a-Game-Area program allows you to sponsor habitat projects on state lands that you use and enjoy. Your support of this program will provide valuable nesting habitat, brood-rearing habitat, foraging habitat, and winter habitat for a wide range of wildlife including deer, turkeys, pheasants, ducks, cottontail rabbits, songbirds, and pollinators.

You can become a sponsor today! Earn Gold (over $25,000), Silver (over $5,000) or Bronze (over $500) sponsorship levels with your donation.

Sponsors will receive their names and/or logos on the following as recognition for their donations:

  • On the kiosk sign at the Game, Wildlife, or Recreation area that you sponsored
  • On this website
  • On the Michigan Pheasants Forever website and on the Michigan Pheasants Forever Facebook page
  • In the Pheasants Forever Magazine “Michigan Highlights” section
  • In an annual press release
  • In publicity material developed for your organization’s use

For more information on the Adopt-A-Game Area Program, including instructions for making your tax-deductible donation to Michigan's State Game Areas, visit or contact Ben Beaman at

Public Lands you can support: