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Forestry Facts

  • What exactly is forestry?

    Forestry is the science, art and practice of sustainably managing forests and all of their resources for the benefit of humans, wildlife and the environment. Sound forestry decisions consider the current and future health of the forest and strive to ensure that they will be available for generations to come.

    Forests can't do it alone. They need our help.

    Forests are much healthier when they are actively managed, which includes cutting trees, planting new ones, fighting disease and monitoring/controlling invasive species. Active management of the forests is essential to responsible environmental stewardship.

    Why is forestry important to Michigan?

    Sustainable and healthy forests are an important asset to every Michigan resident. The practice of forestry not only manages disease and promotes the growth of new trees, it also creates healthier habitats for wildlife and gives us a place to hike, camp, hunt, fish and make memories. Trees also provide for many of the wood products we use every day and contribute to the strength of our communities - providing more than 96,000 jobs and contributing over $20 billion to our economy!

    Will Michigan run out of forests? Not on our watch.

    Trees are a renewable resource. In fact, Michigan's forests are growing considerably faster than they are being cut - each year about twice as much wood is grown than harvested! The Department of Natural Resources follows a set of rules to protect the forest and makes sure the right amount of trees are cut down to balance the needs of people and animals.

    Michigan gets good grades in forestry.

    Michigan's forests are certified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative® and Forest Stewardship Council® standards. This rigorous, independent third-party certification means you can trust that the products you purchase originate from well-managed forests and have been manufactured responsibly.