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Education is key for clean forests

Two young children in the outdoors peer into a jar

Education is key for clean forests

Adopt-a-Forest volunteers work to clean up forests to protect people, wildlife and the environment from pollution. But the work doesn't stop there! They also advocate for recycling, composting and other ways to reduce waste and work to connect the next generation of leaders to the wonders of the natural world.;

Recycling and composting

Before tossing something in the trash, ask yourself if an item can be recycled, repurposed, donated or composted. There are lots of ways to divert items from the waste stream and have a lighter environmental footprint

Learn more on our recycling and disposal page or check out the EPA Recycling Basics webpage.

Connecting the next generation to nature

Learning about nature and spending hands-on time in the outdoors is the best way to grow care and concern about the environment. Here are some resources and programs to get started: