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Dumpsites and law enforcement

Report dumpsite information to law enforcement

Program leaders work closely with law enforcement officials such as county sheriffs, conservation officers and USDA Forest Service personnel. Conservation officers likewise investigate and report illegal trash sites on public lands to program managers. Through this partnership, online dump site maps are created and directions to sites are generated. These reports are essential to the program and help volunteers decide what areas are in need of their efforts.

How you can help

If you find personal identifying information at a dump site on state lands such as a name and address in tossed mail, boat registration numbers or a license plate, please take a photo and report it to the DNR Report All Poaching Hotline. Contact your local U.S. Forest Service office for items found on federal lands.

DNR Report All Poaching website and hotline

Relevant laws:

  • Michigan's Solid Waste Statutes and Rules
  • Act 451, Part 89, Littering
  • Act 451, Part 169, Scrap Tires, states that a person can only transport 7 scrap tires at once in a vehicle on a public road or street unless they are a licensed scrap tire hauler. However, "a member of a nonprofit service organization who is participating in a community service project..." is exempt from this rule. Therefore, it is legal for Adopt-a-Forest volunteers to transport more than 7 tires at once to legally dispose of them.

Meth labs

Methamphetamine labs are dangerous and have been found on public lands. If found, leave in place and immediately report to the Michigan State Police Methamphetamine Investigation Team.