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Donations to the Archives

The Archives of Michigan seeks donations of original materials documenting Michigan history and culture. Here are examples of the types of materials that the archives collects:

  • Letters
  • Diaries
  • Records of private Michigan businesses and organizations
  • Photographs
  • Unpublished memoirs, manuscripts and notes
  • All forms of two-dimensional artwork-from rough sketches to finished drawings
  • Original tape recordings
  • Original musical scores
  • Original film and videotape footage
  • Architectural drawings

Our collections cover many aspects of Michigan history. Subjects prominently represented include lumbering, mining, politics, the military and women and minorities. The Archives of Michigan continually works to strengthen its holdings in these traditional areas, while also branching out into new ones, such as architecture and popular culture. We'll neglect no part of our state's heritage.

If you're interested in donating items-or know of any possible donations-then please email us at or telephone 517-335-2576.

Updated 01/02/2019