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State parks friends groups

section of Michigan map with marked state parks

State parks friends groups

Friends groups are nonprofit organizations that play an invaluable role in helping to protect Michigan state parks and recreation areas. Friends support these locations in a variety of ways, including fundraising, recruiting volunteers, leading restoration projects and providing educational programming for the public. Everyone who has an interest in supporting state parks is welcome to join or start a friends group. The following resources help new and existing friends groups in their efforts.

Partnership match program

Friends groups put incredible time and effort into enhancing Michigan state parks, and fundraising is a big part of these efforts. The Partnership Match Program helps established friends groups (or other qualified organizations) leverage fundraising projects with matching funds. Typically 8 to 12 projects are awarded, totaling around $100,000.

The funds for this program are enabled through the Recreation Passport Program and the Park Endowment fund.

For more information, please contact Matt Lincoln at 517-284-6111 or

2024 application and information

Additional resources


Stay connected and find resources, such as training and funding opportunities.

Visit Friends of Michigan State Parks

Gambling permits

Only certain nonprofit organizations are eligible to be licensed to conduct bingos, raffles, and to sell charity game tickets. A completed qualification information form and the required qualification documentation must be submitted to the Charitable Gaming Division before an organization can be granted a license. It can take up to eight weeks to process applications.

Charitable Gaming Division of the Michigan Lottery »

Food service permits

Find the temporary food service application and license on the MDARD page How to Apply for a Food Service License.

View Michigan food safety code and other regulations