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Game & Fish Protection Trust Fund

The Game and Fish Protection Trust Fund was created under the provisions of Public Act 73 of 1986. The intent of the act was to provide the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with a source of income that would help offset increased costs due to inflation and off-set or reduced hunting and fishing license increases. The Game and Fish Protection Fund provides revenues for the operation of the DNR's Fish, Wildlife, and Law Enforcement programs in the Department. Management, research, enforcement of fishing and hunting laws and acquisition of lands to be used for hunting and fishing purposes are examples of uses of this fund.

The fund receives money from various sources including gifts, grants, bequests; plus rentals, bonuses, royalties, etc. from the removal of minerals, coal, oil, gas, timber or other resources from State-owned land acquired by Game and Fish Protection Fund monies. Initially, the major source of funds was $8 million that had been generated under the former Kammer recreational land acquisition trust fund act. Money was also received during fiscal years 1985-87 from oil and gas royalties from state lands bought by game and fish protection funds that would ordinarily have gone into an account created by the former Kammer act. The interest and earnings plus $6,000,000 as authorized in 2001 PA 50 from this Trust Fund are deposited in the Game and Fish Protection Fund for expenditure.