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Nongame Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund

The Nongame Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund provides revenue to identify, protect, manage, and restore native plant and animal species, natural communities, other natural features, and to promote the knowledge, enjoyment, and stewardship of Michigan's native species and ecosystems for present and future generations.

Revenues are generated from the sale of specialty license plates, donations and interest and earnings.

The fund is used solely for the research and management of nongame (not usually taken for sport, fur or food) fish and wildlife and designated endangered animal and plant species. It may also include game species when located in protected areas. Those eligible to receive Nongame Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund revenues are individuals, local units, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and government.

Donate online

You can also make a tax-deductible direct contribution to the Nongame Wildlife Fund with a check made payable to "State of Michigan - Nongame Wildlife Fund" that can be mailed to:

Wildlife Division
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
PO Box 30451
Lansing, MI 48909-7951