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Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay Wetland Conservation Program

About the program

We are seeking an organization to serve as a fiduciary and technical resource to help administer American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to implement a wetland conservation program in the Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay watersheds.

The selected fiduciary organization will work with partners to complete wetland projects in Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay watersheds by Oct. 31, 2026.

Please view this informational video for program details.

About the program Video

Program goals

The selected organization will work with potential partners to identify and fund approximately 5-10 projects to acquire, engineer, restore, create and/or enhance wetlands in the Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay watersheds.

Goals of wetland restoration, enhancement and acquisitions are to:

  • Aid in the reduction of phosphorous, nitrogen, or sediment entering the waters of Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay.
  • Improve water quality.
  • Support Great Lakes tourism and related economic sectors that have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program goals align with ARPA requirements, specific goals outlined in the Michigan Lake Erie Domestic Action Plan and companion Adaptive Management Plan, goals identified in the DNR Wildlife Division Strategic Plan, and Michigan’s Wildlife Action Plan.

Application process

This program is no longer accepting applications.

For an application to be considered complete, the applicant must:

  1. Read the program handbook
  2. Review the draft grant agreement
  3. Submit application documents including proposed budget narrative and budget spreadsheet.

Links to the application, program handbook, draft agreement and budget documents can be found in the Information for applicants section below.


The following Wetland Conservation Program support staff can be reached at

  • Janet Liesman, administrative manager
  • Randall Knapik, program manager
  • Steve Shine, program manager

Information for applicants