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Michigan Volunteer Fire Capacity Grants

Program objective

To assist fire departments in acquiring firefighting equipment for local communities.


The number of fire departments involved; number of communities served; population of area served; number of formal, written, nonpay mutual aid agreements; annual budget; type of organization (paid or volunteer); current participation in FHA Community Facilities Loan; currently under a commercial loan; unusual fire hazards; type of water supply; and insurance classification.


Fire departments in rural communities with populations of 10,000 or less and that have publicly-owned forested land within protection area.

Application process

  1. Local fire department makes application to Division's Management Unit Office. Applications are mailed to fire departments during the application period.
  2. Management Unit prioritizes applications within unit and forwards to Division.
  3. Division office prioritizes applications Statewide and awards grants.
  4. Fire department purchases equipment and sends documentation to Division.
  5. Division pays 50 percent of the cost, up to allocation amount.


Applications by June of each year; project completion by Aug. 1 of the following year.


Grantees are notified of a grant award by Dec. 1.

Dollar amount available:

$4,999 per grantee maximum.

Source of funds

U.S. Department of Agriculture - Forest Service.


Cooperative Forest Assistance Act of 1978, P. L. 95-313.


Kelly Robbins, Forest Resources Division, at 517-930-4294 or


Approximately $300,000 available each fiscal year.