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Equipment Grants

We are currently offering archery equipment kit grants to schools. The $1,000 equipment grants are available on a limited basis to schools who adopt the National Archery in the Schools Program. Equipment grants will be limited to one grant per school district. To qualify for a grant, a school must take the following steps:

  1. Retain a teacher on staff who is a certified NASP Basic Archery Instructor.
  2. Contact Kathy Garland for the remaining cost of the kit and submit a donation form along with the check to the Cashier's Office.
  3. The BAI instructor and the principal must sign a DNR Archery Equipment Grant Agreement.

Grant agreement guidelines

  1. The school will retain an instructor on staff who has completed the Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) training course and maintains active certification.
  2. The archery unit curriculum will be taught during school hours in fourth through 12th grades, or a combination thereof, respectively, on a yearly basis for a minimum of five (5) years;
  3. The archery equipment will be used (at minimum) for the purpose of in-school archery instruction. The equipment may also be utilized for after-school archery clubs, school archery leagues, 4-H archery programs, summer outdoor archery programs or other community archery programs, as needed.
  4. The school archery program instructor agrees to properly maintain and/or replace worn-out or damaged archery equipment.
  5. The school archery program instructor agrees to administer a student survey and/or complete an instructor survey after the completion of each archery unit instruction and submit to the Department of Natural Resources for program evaluation purposes.
  6. The equipment will be returned to the DNR if the archery program is no longer implemented at the school during the normal school day, or if the school fails to retain a certified instructor on staff.

Adopt a school

We are currently looking for sponsors to assist schools in acquiring archery equipment. Your financial contribution will benefit both the school and the community!

If you would like to adopt a school, please submit a donation form or contact DNR archery education coordinator Kathy Garland at 517-243-4258 or