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Birds of Fire: The Kirtland's Warbler Story

Join DNR educator Craig Kasmer from one of Michigan's most amazing forest resources, Hartwick Pines State Park. Together we will explore the world of the Kirtland's warbler and the unique jack pine forest habitat it needs to survive. Once on the brink of extinction, this tiny bird has recovered due to cooperative efforts by scientists, foresters, and community volunteers. This 30-minute lesson will meet the following learning outcomes: 

  • Learn why Kirtland's warblers almost became extinct and the efforts that were made to help them recover.
  • Understand how factors such as habitat loss and invasive species can impact the successful survival of Kirtland's warblers, and why some species need active conservation efforts to continue to thrive.
  • Discover why some species, especially migrating birds, need cooperative management and communication between several countries.
  • Learn how management of the jack pine ecosystem for Kirtland's warblers also supports many other species of plants and animals.

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