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Sea Lamprey: Vampires of the Great Lakes

Join DNR educator Alan Wernette from the shores of Lake Michigan at Ludington State Park to learn about Michigan's first, and most impactful, invasive fish species, the sea lamprey. They are "vampire-like" fish, attaching to and drinking the body fluids of other fish species!  Native to our oceans, how did they get to the Great Lakes? Can we control them? Learn how they affect the ecosystem, fishery and economy. These and more of your questions will be answered as we "stake a point" into the sea lamprey story. This 30-minute presentation will meet the following learning outcomes:  

  • Define "invasive species" and describe the impacts on a natural community like the Great Lakes.
  • Identify at least three aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes, including the sea lamprey.
  • Describe at least three paths through which invasive species can enter the Great Lakes.
  • Discover actions students can take to protect the Great Lakes from invasive species

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