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Wildlife in Winter: Slumber and Survival

Join DNR educator Katie Urban from Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Michigan's largest state park. From the snow-buried mountains, Katie will talk about what living things need to survive and how they do that in a frozen world. Secrets of some of the biggest and smallest creatures will be revealed as we explore the ice-crusted park and investigate how they manage to stay alive. Some of Michigan's favorite creatures will be investigated, such as black bears, little brown bats, spring peepers, white-tailed deer, northern pike, and ruffed grouse. This 30-minute presentation will meet these learning outcomes:

  • Learn who owns the state parks and the wildlife that lives in them.
  • Understand what each living creature needs in order to live.
  • Discover the different ways living things overcome winter.
  • Recognize how humans have impacted the ability of some creatures' survival.

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