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Current Salmon in the Classroom teachers

Current Salmon in the Classroom teachers

As one of almost 300 teachers in the Salmon in the Classroom program, you have many resources at your fingertips to help incorporate the program into your classroom. Materials are constantly being updated, so be sure to check back at the beginning of each school year to download the newest versions of the classroom activity guide, the program manual and other items. 

For questions about the program, contact the DNR's aquatic education coordinator, Tracy Page.

SIC video playlists

Student-friendly videos

Eighty videos help your students understand the development of your salmon, how to care for the tank and how the DNR manages your natural resources. Click the video above, and then the lines icon in the top right to view all videos in the playlist.

Teacher video list

Over 40 videos provide helpful behind-the-scenes tips for teachers, showcase workshop session recordings and provide info to help care for your tank. Click the video above, and then the lines icon in the top right to view all videos in the playlist.

Important program information

Requirements and forms

  • Aug. 15 - Oct. 1: Complete your yearly permit application.
  • Read your fall Salmon Sense newsletter.
  • RSVP for egg pickup by Oct. 15.
  • Set up tank by Oct. 15. Follow tank precycling protocol.
  • Pick up your eggs mid-November.
  • Raise your fish and teach the SIC activities throughout the year.
  • Test and record water quality data at least weekly.
  • Read the Salmon Sense newsletters throughout the year to stay up to date.
  • Plan a release day between April 15 and May 15 for the Lower Peninsula. Upper Peninsula classes have until June 1. 
  • Fill out your stocking permit and print. It must be in your possession day of release along with your collector's permit.
  • Within 14 days of release, complete the yearly stocking report.

Fish loss

If you were to have an unexpected egg/fish dieoff of more than 75%, you may request to be considered for replacement fish.

Fill out this fish loss report, and submit it with your tank maintenance logs and pictures of your tank/filter setup to

The coordinator will help to identify the problem, and you must make corrections. If all corrections are made, a prorated quantity of replacement fish may be granted, and must be picked up by March 31. No replacement fish are granted after this date. Replacements may not be possible for the same teacher in consecutive years. 

Returning or replacement teachers

If you are returning to the program after a year or more off, or you are replacing a teacher who used to participate in the program, you must:

  • Submit a completed SIC application by Oct. 1.
  • Read your confirmation email for the next steps.