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Black walnut

Image of feather-shaped black walnut leaves

Black walnut

Black walnut tree description TreeNA post

About the black walnut tree

Black walnut - Juglans nigra

Identification: Black walnut trees are recognized by their compound leaves featuring alternate, toothed leaflets emerging from a central stem. Bark is dark brown to black, with deep furrows and pits. In the fall, trees produce a nut crop with a green husk and black inner kernel. 

Height: 50-75 feet 

Preferences: Full sun. Hardiness zones 4-9

Wildlife value: Walnuts are an important wildlife food source eaten by species including woodpeckers, foxes and squirrels. 

Uses: Walnut wood is prized in woodworking for its handsome grain and resistance to warping. It is often used to make furniture and cabinets. Walnut husks can be used to make a dark brown natural wood stain and dye.