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Bigtooth aspen

Largetooth aspen leaves closeup

Bigtooth aspen

Aspen tree description TreeNA post

About the bigtooth aspen tree

Bigtooth aspen (largetooth aspen) - Populus grandidentata

Identification: Bigtooth aspen trees can be identified by their oval-to-triangle shaped leaves with waxy tops and blunt, saw-like teeth. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. Bark is gray with deep furrows and ridges on the lower part of the tree, turning white with age. Aspens produce catkin-like fruit that release cottony seeds when mature. 

Height: 50-95 feet 

Full sun. Hardiness zones 3-7. Prefers moist soils.

Wildlife value: Aspen seeds, catkins and buds are a food source for birds, especially grouse. 

Uses: Aspen wood is light in color and is soft but fairly strong, making it easy to work with. It is excellent for making paper and wood wool.