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Red pine

Closeup of red pine with long, green needles and oval cones

Red pine

TreeNA graphic featuring Red Pine with a cone, needles and tree silhouette

About the red pine tree

Red pine (Norway pine) - Pinus resinosa

Identification: Red pines are conifers that can be identified by their needle arrangement and bark. Red pine needles grow in bundles of two, at 4-6 inches long. Needles break cleanly when bent, unlike the similar-looking Austrian pine whose needles flex when bent. Cones are egg-shaped. Red pine bark forms reddish-gray to reddish-orange scaly, flaky plates. Red pines grow fast when young, becoming tall with straight trunks. Sometimes referred to as "Norway pine," this is a misnomer since the tree is native to North America.

Height: 50-80 feet; can reach more than 100 feet.

Preferences: Full sun to partial sun. Hardiness zones 2-6. Red pines are prefer acidic, sandy, well-drained soils.

Wildlife value: The seeds of red pines are eaten by songbirds and small mammals. 

Uses: Red pine is an important timber species with industry uses including utility poles, paper and construction.