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Recreational Archery Equipment Grants

We offer archery equipment kit grants to municipal parks and recreation departments. The 50-percent matching equipment grants are available on a limited basis and are limited to one grant per community. Grant recipients will receive an archery equipment kit sufficient to meet all of your programming needs (see kit contents below).

Recreation program leaders who successfully pass the USA Archery Level 1 instructor certification course will qualify their organization to apply for a DNR archery equipment grant.

To qualify for a grant a community must take the following steps:

  1. Retain a certified USA Archery Level 1 archery instructor on staff.
  2. Provide $1,500 in matching dollars to the DNR by submitting a donation form.
  3. Submit an archery education program plan.
  4. Submit a signed DNR Archery Equipment Grant Agreement.

For more information regarding archery equipment kit grants, please contact DNR Archery Education Coordinator Kathy Garland at 313-396-6871 or

A standard equipment kit includes:

  • 8 right-hand Genesis compound bows
  • 2 left-hand Genesis compound bows
  • 1 right-hand USA Archery compound bow package
  • 1 left-hand USA Archery compound bow package
  • 5 right-hand USA Archery recurve bow packages
  • 1 left-hand USA Archery recurve bow package
  • 2 ambidextrous beginner crossbow packages**
  • 5 dozen arrows
  • 5 targets
  • 1 arrow net
  • 1 repair kit
  • 1 indoor/outdoor bow rack for 10-12 bows
  • 5 ground quivers

**Cost may vary depending on whether crossbows are included in the kit.