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Becoming an Outdoors Woman FAQs

  • Visit the BOW webpage for the latest information and sign up for BOW emails. This is the best way to remain informed of program updates.
  • Our classes, lodging and registration opportunities are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and a certain percentage of our openings are reserved for first-time participants. This practice helps us ensure that we can be inclusive and create opportunities for all.
  • Participants can sign up for carpooling opportunities through a shared list we maintain.
  • A list of items suggested to bring to the weekend workshop is included with registration materials provided to participants. In addition, specific items needed for classes are listed in our class descriptions.
  • We cannot guarantee that you will be in the same classes as your friends. We try to make reasonable accommodations for friends and family if they sign up at the same time. Class capacity, instructor availability and the number of class offerings determine our ability to fulfill those requests.
  • Typical venues for BOW events offer dorm lodging settings. Single rooms are never guaranteed. We try to make reasonable accommodations for roommate and other special requests, but these arrangements cannot be guaranteed. These requests should be discussed with the BOW coordinator.
  • We have opportunities for sponsorships and donations. We also raise funds during weekend workshop silent auctions. Those donations support our equipment and scholarship funds. We are exploring additional sponsorship opportunities.
  • The BOW program has a scholarship fund that provides at least partial scholarships, thanks to donors and participants who bid in our silent auctions held during BOW weekends.
  • Please refer to the deadlines and information included on the registration application.
  • On a case-by-case basis, the BOW coordinator will consider that possibility. Please contact the BOW program coordinator to discuss.
  • Medical issues can be discussed privately with the BOW coordinator and addressed discreetly. For dietary allowances, check registration materials. Be sure to double check that you have properly indicated your preferences.
  • Contact the BOW coordinator at numbers provided in the registration materials.
  • BOW has a nondiscrimination policy. When the BOW program was created in Wisconsin, it was done so to address underrepresentation of women in outdoor sports. The resulting program – now expanded to more than three dozen states and a handful of Canadian provinces – was designed to be taught in a noncompetitive, female-based environment.
  • We must limit the number of classes based on the weekend schedule, availability of instructors and their limits on class sizes. Signing up for classes is first come, first served. Select your class options in order of interest preference to increase your chances of enrollment.
  • Class sessions are three hours long. The difficulty or ease of activities varies from easy to moderate and strenuous. Consult class descriptions on the BOW webpage for more specific information.
  • Recreational safety classes (ORV, boating, snowmobile, etc.) have this option.
  • We try to provide reasonable accommodation, discussing these issues on a case-by-case basis through contact with the program coordinator.
  • This is determined by an instructor’s determined class capacity. Class size is often a dozen students or fewer. Instructors set class capacities trying to ensure safety and meet all participants at their own experience level and comfort zone. This provides a personal experience for all.
  • No. Those with specific inquiries should contact the program coordinator.
  • No. Those who don’t have a safety certificate, and are not looking to earn one, should attend the firearms safety portion of the course on the first evening of the workshop, as detailed on workshop registration information.
  • If a license is required for classes or events, it will be listed in the class or event descriptions. Licenses can be purchased at retail license dealers or online at the DNR’s eLicense webpage.
  • These events are held sporadically throughout the year for small groups of participants (typically 10-20), focused on a single activity. Some examples of past Beyond BOW activities include salmon fishing, waterfowl hunting, snowshoeing and turkey hunting.
  • Not presently.
  • Email us a description of what subject you would like to teach and what specifically would be covered in the class sessions. Our BOW coordinator will follow up with a consultation.
  • Send a personal check, cashier’s check or money order to:

    Becoming and Outdoors-Woman program coordinator
    Michigan Department of Natural Resources
    1990 U.S. Highway 41 South
    Marquette, MI 49855
  • Send an email to