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Registered Forester Program FAQs

  • No, the program is 100% voluntary.

  • No, it is a voluntary registration program, not licensing.

  • Yes, any forester in Michigan may apply to participate in the program.

  • If a forester meets the qualifications and requirements outlined in PA116 of 2018, Sec 53509 and are approved by the Michigan Board of Foresters, yes.

  • Per the ruling in PA116 of 2018, the Michigan Board of Foresters oversees the program and the fiduciary for the program is the DNR.

  • Yes, you can use the online complaint form or pick up a paper version at a DNR customer service center.

    Email your completed form to

    OR mail to:

    Michigan DNR, Forest Resources Division
    Attn: Brenda Haskill
    1732 West M-32
    Gaylord, MI 49735

    Complaints are reviewed handled by the Violations Committee within the Michigan Board of Foresters.

  • Appointments to the Board of Forester are made by the State Forester of Michigan based on criteria outlined in PA116 of 2018, Sec 53505.

  • The fees were increased to provide a stronger program, funding for marketing and outreach materials, and a future live searchable database of registrants.

  • Yes. 24 credit hours as approved by the Board of Foresters every 2 years. Participants must submit proof of credit hours as requested.

    • RF: Registered Forester
    • CF: Certified Forester (via Society of American Foresters, national certifying professional organization)
    • SAF: Society of American Foresters
    • ACF: Association of Consulting Foresters
    • MBF: Michigan Board of Forestry
    • VC: Violations Committee of the Michigan Board of Forestry
    • DNR: Michigan Department of Natural Resources