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Please visit the ORV webpage for general ORV riding information including license and permit information, maps, safety certificate and more.

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  • A permit is no longer required to ride an ORV on Michigan's state forest roads. All ORV riders now have the same access to operate on state forest roads unless the roads are designated closed to ORV and/or vehicle use by the DNR. Please visit for current maps showing which roads are open/closed.

    Persons with a disability still have an option to obtain a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle if they would like to hunt from their ORV.

  • There are many Michigan businesses that rent ORVs to the public. In most cases, the ORV license and trail permit is already provided.

  • Yes, residents are required to obtain an ORV certificate of title for ORVs and ATVs through the Secretary of State when selling, purchasing or transferring an ORV.

  • Yes, you can ride your ORV during the winter and during snowmobile season (Dec. 1-March 31); however, it's preferred that ORV riders use designated ORV trails or open roads NOT open to snowmobiles (look for ORV confidence markers). Snowmobile trail groomers lay smooth paths for snowmobiles. If you encounter a groomed snowmobile trail, please ride slowly or choose another trail, so you don't undo the work of trail groomers or tear up the trail.

    Please note: If a motorized vehicle is originally manufactured as an ORV, it's considered an ORV (despite any modifications, including tracks and skis) and it is prohibited from riding designated snowmobile trails.

    Read more about the Use of Modified ORVs (snow bikes)

  • There are areas throughout Michigan's ORV trail system that may not have cell phone service. Plan ahead so that you know where you are at all times (in case of an emergency). Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. If you have no service, try texting 9-1-1 in case of emergency .

  • ORV trail confidence marker

    As you travel throughout Michigan's ORV trail system, please become familiar with trail markers, which are important guides to keep trail riders and other trail users safe.

    Please be mindful of the "No ORV" markers. These areas are typically located near rivers and lakes to minimize erosion and protect natural areas and wildlife habitats. These areas are often policed and rules are enforced.

    Be aware of two-way traffic, trail groomers and "Ride Right" by keeping on the right side of the trail.

  • Speed limits are not posted on state-designated ORV trails, but you may not operate an ORV at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper based on existing conditions.

    Additionally, ORVs may not be operated in a careless manner, in any attempt to kill any animal or bird, while transporting uncased bows or loaded firearms (with exceptions), while transporting open alcoholic beverages and other considerations.

    For more information refer to the Handbook of Michigan Off-Road Vehicle Laws that outlines laws governing off-roading and safe ORV operation.

  • Volunteer! If you're able to volunteer just one Saturday per year - YOU can make a difference! To find out how to help in the area where you ride, contact Jessica Holley-Roehrs, statewide motorized trails program, at