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Walleye Fishing on the Detroit River

Detroit river

Walleye Fishing on the Detroit River

Detroit River

Come walleye fishing on the Detroit River, where the walleye season is open year-round! 

The Lake Erie/Detroit River/Lake St. Clair/St. Clair River system is outstanding, drawing anglers from across the country in spring and early summer. 

You can enjoy your walleye fishing experience by shore or by boat:

  • Target from shore - with crankbaits or minnow rigs
  • Target from boat - with jigging minnows while drifting downriver

When you come to Michigan to fish the world-renowned Detroit River walleye fishery, remember that this is an international boundary with Canada. Anglers need to be aware of their location when fishing on the river, but this is generally not a problem with today's electronics and mapping tools.