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May 31, 2022

Minerals Management

Proposed Oil And Gas Lease Auction:
Approximately 12,500 acres of state-owned oil and gas rights located in 11 counties are proposed to be offered for lease at an online auction June 14, 2022.  Standard lease includes a five-year primary term with two one-year extension options, one-sixth (1/6) royalty rate, minimum bid of $10.00 per acre, and $2.00 per acre annual rental for the primary term.
Contact:  Kimberly Venne, 
Decision-maker:  DNR Director

Direct Nonmetallic Mineral Lease Development:
Nonmetallic mineral lease rights to 92.51 acres, more or less, of state-owned Department of Natural Resources nonmetallic mineral rights located within Grove Star Tek Park Condominium, Unit 12; and T05N, R07E, Section 13, Holly Township, Oakland County; have been requested by Holly Disposal, Inc, of Holly, Michigan.
Contact: Ken Babcock,
Decision-maker: Chief Administrative Officer


Real Estate Services

Information Contact: Scott Goeman, 517-284-5972; Decision-Maker: DNR Director

Sale of Surplus DNR Managed Land

Land Transaction Case No. 20210266: 0.64 acre
Wildlife Southwestern Lower Peninsula Region
Berrien County, City of Benton Harbor, T04S, R18W
Section 30:  West 135 feet of Lot 4, Assessor’s Plat No. 2

Gift of Easement

Land Transaction Case No. 20220068: 20-foot-wide x 10.62 foot-long easement for ingress and egress
Forest Resources Roscommon Management Unit
Roscommon County, Backus Township, T22N, R02W
Section 1: An easement across the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4, as more accurately described in the case file.