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Inland Fishing Guides

At this time, a commercial fish guide permit is NOT needed to use state land, including DNR-managed boating access sites for the purpose of providing fish guiding services except for guides who provide fish guiding services on the Pere Marquette River. The number of permitted fishing guides on the Pere Marquette River system has been capped and no new permits are being issued at this time.

All others simply need:

  • A valid inland pilot or captains license (see below - to carry customers on your boat)
  • A valid fishing license
  • Recreation Passport (for vehicle access to DNR boating access sites)
  • Appropriate liability insurance coverage (consult an insurance agent)

If you have questions about providing fish guiding services on the Pere Marquette River, please contact: Lori Green, 989-889-9178

Carrying customers on your boat

To carry customers on your boat, you must also obtain a DNR-issued inland pilot license or a U.S. Coast Guard Captain License (issued by the U.S. Coast Guard).

If you have questions about the DNR Inland Pilot License, please contact your DNR Customer Service Center.