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Marquette Fisheries Research Station

Located in Marquette, the Marquette Fisheries Research station conducts research and stock assessments on fish populations in Lake Superior and northern Lake Michigan.

Marquette Fisheries Research Station
484 Cherry Creek Road
Marquette, Michigan 49855

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  • Name Email
    Ed Baker, Area Research Manager
    Chris Little, Boat Captain
    Jeanne Racine, Secretary
    Kevin Rathbun, Boat Captain
    Shawn Sitar, Research Biologist
    Lydia Doerr, Fisheries Technician
    Dan Traynor, Fisheries Technician
    Troy Zorn, Research Biologist
  • The Research Vessel Lake Char made its debut on May 1, 2007 in Marquette's lower harbor and serves as Michigan DNR's work platform to perform fisheries research on Lake Superior. "Lake Char" is a variation on the name for lake trout, the top native predator fish in Lake Superior.

    The Lake Char replaced the RV Judy, a vessel that saw 53 years of service on the Great Lakes, the last 28 years of which were with Michigan DNR. The Lake Char allows the DNR to continue its work with tremendous improvements in safety, flexibility, and dependability. Specifically, safety advantages of the Lake Char include having twin screws so that crew can still return to shore even if one engine fails; greater speed to get to safe haven when threatening weather comes on; a compartmentalized hull to greatly reduce the danger of sinking; and an enclosed work area that provides better protection from the elements. Greater flexibility comes from the capability to do all that we do presently as well as everything the DNR foresees the need to do in the future. The Lake Char was designed and built to be dependable and low maintenance for 50+ years.


    • Year built - 2006
    • Length - 56 feet
    • Beam - 16 feet
    • Draft - 4 1/2 feet
    • Displacement - 26 tons
    • Speed - 19 knots
    • Hull - Aluminum displacement