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Inland Lakes: Lake Sturgeon Monitoring

A sturgeon being examined with gloved hands

Inland Lakes: Lake Sturgeon Monitoring

Lake sturgeon assessment

Lake sturgeon are a species of great cultural importance to tribes in Michigan. Lake sturgeon are cooperatively managed by the state and the tribes in the 1836 Treaty territory, and collaboration on assessments, regulations and enhancements in inland lakes and rivers is common.

Current and upcoming surveys

The most recent survey, conducted on Black Lake in July 2023, was intended to evaluate the status of juvenile lake sturgeon and the success of ongoing stocking efforts. Over 400 lake sturgeon were captured during the three-week survey, and detailed results will be available in the coming months.

Upcoming surveys on Mullet Lake (planned for 2024) and Burt Lake (planned for 2025) will help assess lake sturgeon population status in these systems and contribute data that can be used in the creation of a lake sturgeon management plan for these systems.


For additional information, please contact Emily Martin.