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Inland Lakes: Walleye Study

A research biologist studies a walleye

Inland Lakes: Walleye Study

Walleye monitoring program

We currently lack long-term data on individual inland walleye populations in Michigan. As a result, we have established protocols that will allow us to collect long-term data on a select set of lakes in the 1836 Treaty territory.

This monitoring program will take place over the next 20 years and will consist of different types of surveys, including:

  • Walleye population estimates
  • Fish community surveys
  • Fall walleye index surveys
  • Limnology (the study of the biological, chemical and physical features of lakes)
  • Water quality
  • Habitat

Our goal is to examine relationships between population trends and both biotic (living things within an ecosystem) and abiotic (non-living components; such as water, soil and atmosphere) data, to better understand walleye populations in the selected lakes. We will then apply these results to inland lakes throughout Michigan.

Selected lakes

Seven lakes within the 1836 ceded territory have been selected, four in the Lower Peninsula and three in the Upper Peninsula.

  • 1: Round Lake (Delta County, 442 acres)
  • 2: Milakokia Lake (Mackinac County, 2,031 acres)
  • 3: N. Manistique Lake (Luce County, 1,709 acres)
  • 4: Birch Lake (Antrim County, 325 acres)
  • 5: Coldwater Lake (Isabella County, 285 acres)
  • 6/7: East and West Twin Lakes (Montmorency County, 2,2126 acres total)


For additional information about the selected lakes, selection criteria or survey plans, please contact Emily Martin.

A map showing the location of the 7 selected lakes for the inland walleye study