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Walleye Management

Saginaw Bay walleye and yellow perch

We have updated our plan for Saginaw Bay recreational fishing and are asking for your feedback to help finalize it. The draft management plan is available for review and written comment through June 1. Please send comments via email to

Saginaw Bay walleye and perch draft management plan »

A walleye management plan for inland waters has been developed to guide the department's management effort toward maximizing both the ecological benefits and angler satisfaction of walleye fisheries. Although walleye reside in the Great Lakes, rivers and inland lakes, the plan focuses on inland waters - primarily inland lakes - because the walleye management in Great Lake waters is primarily addressed in various other existing management or rehabilitation plans.

The new walleye management plan for inland waters provides an overview of:

  • The status of the species in Michigan.
  • The biology and ecology of inland walleye populations.
  • Angler perceptions about walleye management and fishing opportunities.
  • Previous management efforts.

View Appendix F: Public comments and DNR responses

View the walleye management plan