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Certification audit results

Checking our work: forest certification audits

The DNR has a process for gathering information about the sustainability and improvement of forest management practices.

Reporting to management and the process for formal management review is described in the “Management Review Process for Continual Improvement in the Management of Forest Resources.”

This process for recording, evaluating and reporting nonconformance with the forest certification standards and related DNR forest certification instructions involves internal audits, recertification audits and field reviews.

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Internal audits

Internal audits of three or four Forest Management Units are annually conducted according to a schedule issued by the Statewide Council. Internal audits are conducted by a DNR lead auditor with an audit team. DNR Forest Resources Division district supervisors and Wildlife Division management unit supervisors monitor implementation of any internal audit corrective action plans and report pending or continuing nonconformance during the annual field management review process. Contact Heather Shaw for older documents.

2018-2019 theme audit report

2018-2019 report

2017 internal audit reports

2016 internal audit reports

2015 internal audit reports

Recertification and surveillance audits

Periodic recertification and annual forest certification surveillance audits are conducted by certified Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative auditors to assess the conformance of DNR operations with forest certification standards. View audit reports below:

Field management reviews of certification audits


Review reports

Field Management Reviews of annual forest certification audit results are conducted to evaluate field operations and DNR programs on a statewide basis.

A report is drafted for submission to the DNR Statewide Council, addressing the conformance of DNR operations with the forest certification standards and providing any necessary recommendations for improvement. The Statewide Council approves any changes to improve conformance with work instructions. DNR division chiefs are responsible for implementing approved recommendations.