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Chemical use in forest management

helicopter spraying herbicide over field

Chemical use in forest management

Helping keep forests healthy

Careful chemical application on designated areas of state forest lands is a management tool we use to help grow trees, remove invasive plants and manage pests to keep forests healthy and productive.

Department of Natural Resources staff members trained to perform insecticide or herbicide applications conduct treatment. All site plans must meet the sustainability standards we operate under.

Applications are performed under the right weather conditions and in cooperation with the proper authorities and local units of government.

A forester operates a tractor sprayer in the field to prep a site for planting

What you need to know

Notification: Signage is posted onsite at access points in areas where treatment is scheduled to occur. Nearby landowners will be contacted by department representatives prior to application.

Recreational users: Avoid posted areas where chemical application has occurred for the time period directed to minimize risks of contact.

Frequently asked questions about chemical use in forest management

More information

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