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Registered Forester Program

Michigan's registered foresters are highly qualified professionals who can help landowners manage their forest land. The voluntary program ensures foresters have up-to-date training and provides landowners with a complaint review process. 

Program information

Registered foresters list

Find a Registered Forester to help you reach your forest management goals.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common program questions.

Registered Forester newsletter

Read and download the latest Registered Forester Program newsletter.


The Board of Foresters oversees Michigan's Registered Forester program. Contact Brenda Haskill with questions. 

Board of Foresters information

Board members promote the program, handle complaints and review applications.

Board of Foresters meeting dates and files

File a complaint

Download a complaint form and send it to the Registered Forester program mailbox.
Complaint form

State program requirements

View program requirements as established in state law.  

Read House Bill No. 5001, PA 116 of 2018

Registered Forester resources

Voluntary registration is a way to let landowners know you're a professional, credentialed forester. The program is open to all Michigan foresters. 

Apply for the program


Continuing education in classroom foresters firefighters

Continuing education

Registered Foresters must successfully complete 24 hours of continuing education every 2 years as approved by the board.