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Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan Registered Forester Program FAQs

  1. Q: Is the registered forester program mandatory for foresters in Michigan?
    A: The program is 100% voluntary.
  2. Q: Is the registered forester program a licensing program?
    A: It is a voluntary registration program, not a license.
  3. Q: Is the program open to all foresters?
    A: Yes, any forester in Michigan may apply to participate in the program.
  4. Q: Can any forester become a registered forester in Michigan?
    A: If a forester meets the qualifications and requirements outlined in PA116 of 2018, Sec 53509 and are approved by the Michigan Board of Foresters, yes.
  5. Q: Who oversees the Registered Forester Program?
    A: Per the ruling in PA116 of 2018, the Michigan Board of Foresters oversees the program and the fiduciary for the program is the DNR.
  6. Q: Can a landowner or citizen file a complaint about a registered forester?
    A: Yes, a complaint form is available on the Michigan DNR Registered Forester webpage. Paper copies can be obtained at a DNR customer service centers by request. Complaints can be mailed or emailed, and that information is on the complaint form. Complaints are reviewed by the Violations Committee within the Michigan Board of Foresters.
  7. Q: Can any person apply to sit on the Michigan Board of Foresters?
    A: Appointments to the Board of Forester are made by the State Forester of Michigan based on criteria outlined in PA116 of 2018, Sec 53505.
  8. Q: Why did the fees increase when the program was upgraded?
    A: The fees were increased to provide a stronger program, funding for marketing and outreach materials, and a future live searchable database of registrants.
  9. Q: Are there continuing education requirements for participants?
    A: Yes. 24 credit hours are required as approved by the Board of Foresters every 2 years. Participants must submit proof of credit hours as requested.


Acronyms used in documents and language in program materials: 

ACF: Association of Consulting Foresters 
CF: Certified Forester (via Society of American Foresters, national certifying professional organization)
DNR: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
MBF: Michigan Board of Forestry
RF: Registered Forester 
SAF: Society of American Foresters 
VC: Violations Committee of the Michigan Board of Forestry