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Forest Stewardship Program

Deep green colors are the highlight of a spring woodland

Forest Stewardship Program

About the program

The Forest Stewardship program connects landowners with professional foresters to help them manage, protect and enjoy their forest. 

Stewardship Stories

From the hardwoods of northern lower Michigan to the wetlands of the eastern Upper Peninsula to the prairies near the Lake St. Clair coast, see how we have helped other landowners manage and improve their forests.

View our interactive Stewardship Stories map
A woman in a green shirt sits by the riverside in a forest
A forester inspects a site in the woods

How the program works:

  1. Identify your goals and find a forester to help accomplish them
  2. Your forester will conduct a land inspection to understand its forest resources
  3. You and your forester prepare a personal forest stewardship plan
  4. The plan is put into action

Get a personalized stewardship plan for your forest

The Forest Stewardship Program helps a landowner achieve their forest management goals through a personalized plan developed with the expertise of a forester. The forester identifies ways to achieve goals such as improving wildlife habitat, removing invasive species, promoting forest health, planting trees and selling timber. They may also discuss requirements and benefits of related forestry and conservation programs.

View a sample forest stewardship plan

Contact Information

DNR Forest Stewardship Coordinator

Southern Lower Peninsula
Mike Smalligan

DNR Service Foresters

Western Upper Peninsula
Gary Willis

Eastern Upper Peninsula
Jason Caron

Northern Lower Peninsula
Mike Hanley