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Recruit School #11: Week 6

Aug. 14-19, 2022

Author: CO recruit writer

During week 6 of the academy, we started using all of the skills and lessons we’ve learned in the classroom so far and began applying them during scenario trainings.

Going through the academy, everything is fast paced and it’s all about moving with a purpose. I’ve found this to be challenging because we must move and accomplish tasks as fast as we can, but also be able to stay calm and make the right decision. We were told that there is a purpose for everything we do at the academy. I’m realizing that moving with a purpose, staying calm and thinking while doing so is preparing us for how it will be in real-life situations.

man sitting in classroom on computer

Photo caption: Recruits spend several hours each day learning in the classroom (photo from 2018).

This week of the academy was all about procedures. Monday, we learned about policing ethics. I really enjoyed this class because it taught us about ethical mandates law enforcement officers use to perform their duties. These guidelines include acting impartially, exercising discretion, using force only if necessary, and maintaining confidentiality, integrity and a professional image at all times. This class reminded me once again why I chose law enforcement – to preserve peace and make a positive difference in Michigan.

people standing in gym watching instructor

Photo caption: A group of recruits watch a survival tactics demonstration.

Tuesday started off with survival tactics. We learned weapons retention and disarming. I really enjoyed this because it taught us how to get out of life-or-death situations, as well as always maintaining positive control of my firearm. We finished the rest of the day reviewing everything we’ve learned so far in survival tactics, knowing we were going to apply these tactics in scenarios later in the week.

Wednesday, we returned to the mats for survival tactics and had our first arrest scenario that included a subsequent search. Attention to detail has been ingrained in our heads, and this scenario showed me the purpose behind that. If we missed any item on the subject during the search, we failed. I found this scenario challenging because as systematically and thoroughly as I searched the subject, it was hard to be sure I covered everything.

man swinging sledge hammer on tire

Photo caption: Recruits took turns swinging a sledgehammer on a tire for physical training.

Thursday began with a team-building physical training session. We were divided into three teams and instructed to flip tractor tires and do sledgehammer swings. As a team, we motivated each other to push past our limits. We then returned to the mats for survival tactics where we had an escaped convict scenario. I found this scenario very challenging since it was the first time I had to put all of the tools that I’ve learned so far together and apply them in a very fast-paced situation.

two rows of people outside doing tire flips

Photo caption: Recruits line up outside to take turns doing tire flips during physical training.

Friday kicked off with a 5-mile run. As the weeks go on it amazes me how much physically and mentally I am growing. Physically I am getting stronger and faster, but more importantly, I am becoming mentally  stronger too as I push past my limits and boundaries. The words “I quit” and “I can't” are no longer in my vocabulary.

All in all, week 6 was a very rewarding week. Individually, but more importantly as a team, this week boosted our confidence and motivated us to come back for the upcoming week 7 and put in even more effort. We were told at the beginning of the academy that we’d be given all the tools we would need to succeed, and now it’s up to us.

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