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CO Phil Helminen was checking anglers ice fishing when he contacted a man spearing northern pike on a lake that is closed to spearing pike. CO Helminen asked the man for his fishing license, and he stated his license was back in his truck. After checking with dispatch about the angler’s fishing license, CO Helminen asked him about the spearing of pike. The angler stated he did not check the regulations about which lakes where open to spearing. The fish were seized, and enforcement action was taken.

CO Alex VanWagner responded to a fire in Crystal Falls after being advised that a subject burned an old structure down on a property he owned. The subject was interviewed regarding the incident and admitted he knocked down an old house and burnt the debris, which included all the contents inside the building such as appliances, carpeting, etc. He said he knew these contents were in there and didn’t remove them before starting the contents on fire. Enforcement action was taken, and a report will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

CO Alex VanWagner responded to a single snowmobile crash in Iron County when dispatch advised a subject had left the snowmobile trail and was unconscious with the snowmobile on top of them. CO VanWagner arrived on scene to find a female subject on the trail. Snowmobilers passing by were able to lift the snowmobile off her and she regained consciousness. The subject was evaluated on scene by EMS, but she refused further medical treatment. The subject was subsequently arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI) and lodged at the Iron County Jail. A report will be submitted to the Iron County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Shannon Wicklund participated in a job fair career panel at the University of Wisconsin Marinette College campus. CO Wicklund presented information about the career of a conservation officer to juniors and seniors attending high schools in both Michigan and Wisconsin.

CO Jared Ferguson and PCO Peter Shambaugh patrolled the intersection of Rock Lake and Trail 5. The intersection is a common place for riders of ORV and snowmobiles to disregard the stop signs. The COs observed a snowmobile and side-by-side run the stop sign without slowing down and caught up to them on snowmobiles. Both operators were given citations for careless operation, one for ORV and one for snowmobile.

CO Jeremy Sergey was patrolling a busy snowmobile trail intersection when he saw an individual blow through the intersection without stopping. The intersection was clearly marked with stop signs in both directions and stop ahead warnings on the trail. The subject was stopped, and a citation was issued for careless operation.

While on patrol at Bass Lake in Marquette County, CO Jackson Kelly checked a pair of ice anglers. The group had a large pile of northern pike next to their ice shanty. When asked how many fish they had, the anglers stated they didn’t know. CO Kelly counted 15 northern pike which was five northern pike over the limit for that lake. One of the subjects has had numerous violations in the past couple years. CO Kelly wrote the anglers a ticket for the over limit of northern pike. 

COs Jeremy Sergey, Jackson Kelly, John Kamps, PCO Steve Sajtar and Sgt. Mark Leadman conducted a group patrol on the portion of the snowmobile trail in Marquette County that has a 35-mph speed limit. Both speed and excessive exhaust noise were the focus of the patrol. With well over 150 snowmobiles observed, only two groups were stopped for excessive speed with tickets issued for travelling over 50 miles per hour (mph) in the posted 35 mph zone. None of the snowmobiles needed testing for violating the 88-decibel sound limit. 


COs Cole VanOosten and Sgt. Calvin Smith attended the Eastern Upper Peninsula Snow Council meeting in Hulbert. The COs gave a brief synopsis of statistics for the 2021-2022 snowmobile season. The number of citations, contacts, and search and rescue efforts were well received by the members of the council.

CO Cole VanOosten was on snowmobile patrol with a Luce County Sherriff’s deputy when they encountered a large water hole that had opened up along a snowmobile trail in northern Luce County.  Several individuals had gotten their snowmobiles stuck while attempting to cross the open water. The officers assisted in recovering one sled from the water and helped those waiting to cross by finding an alternate route around the obstruction. Trail conditions were relayed to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) trail manager and groomers association to remediate the problem, likely saving many from cold and wet feet.

CO Todd Sumbera received a call from an individual who used a cable restraint to catch what they had believed to be a coyote but wanted confirmation. CO Sumbera arrived to find that the trapper had harvested a wolf. During the investigation, a total of 12 illegally placed cable restraints were located on state land with multiple violations on each cable restraint as well. A report is being compiled and forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

CO Mike Olesen conducted several snowmobile patrols in Chippewa County that focused on careless operation. During the patrols, CO Olesen observed several snowmobiles cross intersections with stop signs without even slowing down or looking for oncoming traffic. In total, seven citations were issued for careless operation of a snowmobile and one citation being issued for failing to attach a snowmobile trail permit.

CO Mike Olesen responded to a snowmobile accident in Chippewa County. CO Olesen used his patrol truck to access the scene of the accident and assisted the Michigan State Police (MSP) with the investigation.

CO Chris Lynch and Sgt. Mark Zitnik were on foot patrol checking ice anglers. The COs came across one group of successful anglers who had caught several fish. The COs asked to see their fishing licenses but only a couple had their license in possession. After checking the licensing system, it was determined that one of the anglers had not purchased a license. The subject received a citation for fishing without a license. Another angler was discovered to have a statewide felony warrant out for his arrest.  The warrant was confirmed, and the subject was placed under arrest and lodged in the Delta County Jail.

The Alger County Prosecutor’s Office authorized charges for an illegal deer after an investigation and report completed by COs Brandon Maki and Andrea Dani. The COs cited the hunter for taking a 6-point deer without a license, failure to immediately validate kill-tag, and hunt small game without a license.


CO Ryan Cox was on patrol in Antrim County when he heard a radio call of a domestic situation occurring close to his location. CO Cox responded to the scene first, knocked on the door, but received no response. A short time later, an Antrim County Sheriff’s deputy arrived on scene, and both were eventually able to make access into the house. It is believed that once they entered the house, the suspect in the domestic situation jumped out a back bedroom window and ran toward a large field. After making sure the house was secure, the CO and deputy went out to try and locate the suspect but had no luck. Antrim County Sheriff’s Department K9 Unit was called to the scene and CO Cox assisted with the track. Unfortunately, the suspect was not located and was believed to have been picked up by a friend who also lived in the area. The next day, Antrim County Sheriff’s deputies were able to locate the suspect and arrest him on a parole violation and warrant.

COs Jack Gorno and Paul Fox were on patrol in Cheboygan County near the City of Cheboygan and conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that wasn’t displaying a license plate. COs Fox and Gorno contacted the driver, who claimed he was a sovereign citizen and did not need a driver’s license. The subject provided a United States passport as an identification. After further investigation, the subject was found to have a suspended license and had received multiple citations, including driving while license suspended. Additional charges will be submitted through the Cheboygan County Prosecutor’s Office.

COs Paul Fox and Jack Gorno were patrolling northern Presque Isle County when they observed a vehicle travelling slowly down a state forest two-track. The driver of the vehicle then threw garbage out of the window. The COs stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver who admitted to littering. The trash was located, and a ticket was issued.

CO Paul Fox assisted the Rogers City Police Department and Presque Isle County Sheriff’s deputies with a retail fraud complaint that turned violent. The suspect was stopped by store staff then refused to cooperate with the responding officers. The subject then became combative and fought with the officers. The subject was subdued and placed in custody for multiple felony charges. CO Fox assisted with securing the scene, evidence, and assisting with lodging the subject.

CO Alex Bourgeois observed a man throwing something from a bucket into the tree line of his yard while patrolling the area surrounding Fletcher Pond. CO Bourgeois watched the man continue this for several minutes before CO Bourgeois pulled his patrol truck into his yard. CO Bourgeois contacted the man and asked him what he was doing. The man stated that he was “disposing of some compost.”  CO Bourgeois could see that the bucket was filled with carrots. CO Bourgeois then checked the tree line and found huge piles of carrots, corn, and sugar beets. When asked about the piles of corn, sugar beets, and carrots, the man stated that he “was simply disposing of some compost for his brother.”  CO Bourgeois followed the trail of bait deeper into the tree line and additional carrots and corn were observed piled on the ground. A ticket for baiting deer was issued to the man.

CO Alex Bourgeois was leaving the Alpena District Court Office when a call came out on the radio that a home had just been broken into. CO Bourgeois and the local law enforcement agencies headed to the home. While enroute, an Alpena County Sheriff’s Deputy advised on the radio that he saw a man matching the description of the suspect walking towards the corner of Werth and Diamond Point Road in the City of Alpena. CO Bourgeois contacted the man at the corner of Werth Road and Diamond Point Road, and after interviewing him with a MSP trooper, the man was detained. The homeowner was able to identify the suspect as the man who had broken into her home. The man was arrested and lodged at the Alpena County Jail.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz received a complaint from the Report All Poaching (RAP) hotline that a subject in Montmorency County had been shooting multiple turkeys out of their back yard. CO Liestenfeltz responded to the scene and observed several turkeys in the backyard that appeared injured. CO Liestenfeltz contacted the homeowner and after questioning them, the suspect admitted to shooting multiple turkeys over the past week with a .22 caliber air rifle. They admitted to shooting four to five turkeys, killing one and wounding the rest. CO Liestenfeltz was unable to locate the dead turkey in question but documented the injured turkeys. CO Liestenfeltz seized the air rifle and placed it into evidence. Charges will be sought through the Montmorency County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was checking anglers on Clear Lake in Montmorency County when he observed a group of three anglers who had a total of ten lines in the water. After contacting the group, it was determined that one of the anglers admitted to using four lines hoping CO Liestenfeltz wouldn’t notice the one that was sitting in a bucket. CO Liestenfeltz issued the angler a ticket for fishing with too many lines.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was checking anglers on Otsego Lake in Otsego County. Upon contacting one of the anglers, CO Liestenfeltz observed signs of intoxication as well many empty beer cans and a bottle of tequila in the ice shanty. The subject stated that he was being picked up by a friend when he was done fishing. Less than an hour later, CO Liestenfeltz got back to his patrol vehicle from the ice when he observed the same subject drive a vehicle right in front of him. CO Liestenfeltz caught up to the vehicle on Old US 27 and observed multiple moving violations. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. After speaking with the subject again, CO Liestenfeltz conducted standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) which were not passed. The subject blew above the legal limit on the preliminary breath test (PBT) and was arrested and lodged in the Otsego County Jail for OWI.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was leaving the Otsego County Jail when he observed the driver of a vehicle throw a cigarette out the window. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. After contact with the operator, it was determined that they had multiple warrants for failing to appear on DNR related charges out of Alpena County.  Once the FTA warrants were confirmed and valid, CO Liestenfeltz placed the subject into custody and transported the subject to the Alpena County Jail where they were lodged.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was checking ice anglers on West Twin Lake in Montmorency County when he contacted one angler who did not have their fishing license on them. While checking with dispatch, it was determined that the angler had warrants out of Emmet County for drug related charges and probation violations. Once the warrants were confirmed, CO Liestenfeltz placed the subject into custody and lodged them in the Alpena County Jail later to be picked up by the Emmet County Sheriff’s Department.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz responded to a two-vehicle traffic crash in Montmorency County. CO Liestenfeltz observed signs of intoxication in one of the drivers. After making sure there were no injuries and no need for medical personnel, CO Liestenfeltz conducted SFSTs on the driver. The tests were not passed, and the subject blew over the legal limit on the PBT. CO Liestenfeltz placed the subject into custody, and they were lodged at the Alpena County Jail for OWI. CO Liestenfeltz also ticketed the same subject for failing to yield at an intersection, which was the cause of the crash. CO Liestenfeltz is also handling the crash investigation and report.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz responded to a loud explosion complaint in Montmorency County. Several 911 calls came into the Montmorency County dispatch stating there were multiple gun shots and then a very loud explosion that had shook multiple houses in the area. One of the callers stated that they thought a new property owner had blown up a beaver dam that was in Crooked Creek. The same caller stated that the river began to significantly rise causing flooding onto their property. CO Liestenfeltz was able to locate the location of where the explosion had occurred. CO Liestenfeltz saw that the water level had dropped dramatically leaving way less water upstream of where the dam had been as well as much higher water levels downstream until it evened out. CO Liestenfeltz observed four .308 rifle casings on the ground and placed those into evidence. After walking to the property’s residence, CO Liestenfeltz contacted a subject who had admitted to blowing up the beaver dam with a large block of Tannerite. The subject stated that he did not think of what would happen when he removed the dam in such a drastic and immediate manner. CO Liestenfeltz seized the .308 used to shoot the Tannerite and placed it into evidence as well. Charges will be submitted to the Montmorency County Prosecutor’s Office for removing a beaver dam without a permit.

CO Jon Sklba stopped a vehicle in Presque Isle County for no license plate.  Upon approaching the vehicle, the operator appeared underage. The driver turned out to be only 14 years old, and advised the truck was uninsured and had no registration. CO Sklba contacted the minor’s father who was at his residence, seemingly unaware of what his child was doing. The father also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Sidney LaLonde and Dan Liestenfeltz responded to the Hillman Area per the request of the Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department. A subject had come into the sheriff’s department stating they were held hostage in a home and had just escaped and came directly to the department to report it. The COs along with the sheriff’s department and a parole officer responded to the scene and investigated the complaint. The suspect was on parole and was immediately placed into custody on a parole detainer for violating a no-contact order with the victim in question. The officers investigated the residence and found a large amount of evidence supporting the victim’s complaint as well as many details the victim stated had happened. Multiple weapons were also seized from the home. The Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department is handling the complaint and multiple charges will be sought.

CO Sidney LaLonde wrapped up a state forest campground pay pipe larceny and malicious destruction of property case in Montmorency County. Both the male and female were each convicted of larceny. They were each ordered to pay $790.31 in restitution back to the Parks and Recreation Division, totaling $1905.31 in court costs and fees for each. The female received 364 days in jail and the male 274 days in jail. Once released, they will each be on probation for 12 months.


CO Logan Turner assisted the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office and Grand Traverse Fire and Rescue in locating a missing woman near the Brown Bridge Quiet Area. The woman went missing on January 17th. Her vehicle was later located that night in the parking lot. The following day, the search continued utilizing drones and volunteers. Sadly, the woman was found deceased in the woods later that day.

CO Josiah Killingbeck received information that there was a camper on state land that had been there since September and a lot of garbage was in the area. CO Killingbeck responded to the area and located the camper with no camp permit, the area was littered with garbage, and a vehicle was on site with expired plates. CO Killingbeck contacted a subject living in the camper. The subject claimed to have only been at the location for two weeks but after questioning, the subject admitted to being there for quite some time. CO Killingbeck educated the subject on regulations for camping on state land. A citation was issued for the no camp card and the subject was instructed to clean up the garbage and get his vehicle registration updated.

CO Ben Shively assisted Oceana County deputies with a missing 70-year-old female with dementia who drove from a residence to a Dollar General store but had not returned in two hours. CO Shively back tracked from the Dollar General to the residence. After driving approximately seven miles towards the residence, CO Shively located two vehicles parked along the roadway with their flashers on. The second vehicle was the missing woman’s vehicle who stopped at a residence after being lost. The homeowner assisted getting her back to the area. CO Shively was able to get her back to the residence and reunite her with her family.

CO Josh Reed was on patrol near the Martiny State Game Area (SGA) and the Trans Canada gas company property. CO Reed located a truck backed into a parking spot in the game area and followed foot tracks leading from the truck into the gas company property. The foot tracks walked by two no trespassing signs and entered the gas company property. CO Reed followed the tracks well into the gas company and located two individuals. The male individual was carrying a metal tree stand. Questions were asked about what they were doing on the private property. The male said he was getting his tree stand out from bow season and had only hunted the spot a couple of times. CO Reed told both that they had walked right by two no trespassing signs and that no one was allowed onto the gas company property. The male individual said that he did not think it mattered since the signs were different from others that he had seen in other areas of the gas company property. The male was cited for recreational trespass.


CO Jacob Hamilton was observing anglers on Manistee Lake in Kalkaska County when he saw an angler with three tip-ups set. The angler got out of his shanty and began walking toward his vehicle on shore. When he was well away from his shanty, CO Hamilton approached the angler and asked him how many lines he had out. The angler said that he only had the three tip-ups and was just hanging out in the shanty with his dog. CO Hamilton walked with the angler to his shanty and when the angler opened the shanty, the CO observed a fourth line inside the shanty. The angler stated that he forgot he left the rod in the water. A citation was issued for fishing with more than three lines.

CO Breanna Reed received the court disposition on a recent case in Missaukee County involving an individual hunting after legal hours and shining with a weapon in possession. The hunter was found guilty of hunting after legal hunting hours and was ordered to pay $1,600 in reimbursement.

CO Breanna Reed received the court disposition from Roscommon County on a recent case involving an individual establishing two early bear baits 31 days prior to season in the Red Oak Bear Management Unit. The hunter was found guilty of the violations and was ordered to pay $515 in fines. The hunter’s two cell phone cameras were condemned by the 82nd District Court and he was ordered to turn them over to the DNR.

CO Breanna Reed received the court dispositions from Missaukee County on a recent case involving an individual who was trapping with four untagged traps, no fur harvester license, taking an otter without a license, and through further investigation had taken a deer without a license the year prior in Osceola County. The trapper was found guilty of trapping with untagged traps and taking an 8-point whitetail with no license. He was ordered to pay $2,615 in fines and costs. The subject’s compound bow was condemned, and he was ordered to turn it over to the DNR.

CO Breanna Reed, Missaukee County sheriff deputies, the McBain Fire Department, and Lake City Fire Department responded to a large fire in Richland Township. Upon arrival, CO Reed contacted the subject who started the fire. He stated, “How else do you get rid of tires.”  After many hours, fire department crews were able to extinguish the fire. No one was injured in the fire. The subject was issued a citation for open burning of scrap tires.

CO Kyle Bader and PCO Nick McNamee were on ORV patrol in Ogemaw County when they witnessed an object thrown out of a side-by-side into the ditch. When the COs contacted the two individuals inside the side-by-side, both riders claimed they did not throw anything out of the ORV. An open alcohol container was found in the ORV and upon further investigation, CO Bader found a beer can in the ditch that matched other unopened beer cans in the ORV bed. The passenger admitted to throwing the can into the ditch and was cited for litter, while the driver was cited for transporting open intoxicants in an ORV.

CO Casey Pullum investigated a complaint of a suspect snagging steelhead on the Au Sable River in April of 2020 and submitted a report to the Iosco County Prosecutor’s Office. A jury trial took place in early 2023 and after a day of testimony, the jury found the defendant guilty.

CO Josh Russell and PCO Joseph Closser were patrolling state land in Gladwin County when they observed a couple sets of headlights down a two-track that was closed to ORV use. The COs drove down the two-track in an attempt to intercept the vehicles before they turned onto another closed two-track.  The COs made it as far as a large water hole that their patrol truck could not go through. The COs ran around the water hole on foot and stopped two side-by-side ORVs as they were turning around. The subjects stated they did not see the prohibited area signs that they drove past but admitted to going over several berms to get to where they were stopped. Citations were issued for the violations.

COs Cheyanna Rizor and Jeff Goss received a complaint that a 9-point buck was shot after hunting hours in Gladwin County. During the investigation, the COs located the baited blind where the suspect killed the deer from as well as a cellular trail camera. Upon contacting the suspect, the COs discovered that the man was indeed hunting deer over bait and using the snow on the ground to kill the deer well after dark. The COs were able to review the trail camera data and located corroborating evidence to secure the case. The photos included the suspect putting out bait the day the deer was shot. Another photo showed the lighted nock on the arrow actually striking the deer and the last photo showed the suspect walking past the camera three minutes after the deer was shot.  The photos helped the COs ascertain the deer was killed 1 and a half hours after legal hunting hours. Evidence was seized including the antlers of the 9-point buck. Warrant requests will be sought through the Gladwin County Prosecutor’s Office.


While conducting a late evening patrol in the Langston SGA, PCO Jacob Robinson and CO Mike Haas contacted a subject in an unlicensed ORV on a secluded two-track. The side-by-side was equipped with illegal lightbars and loaded with timber that was illegally collected off the game area. A citation was issued to address the timber and license violations.

PCO Jacob Robinson and CO Mike Haas were traveling through Midland when they heard deputies at the Midland County courthouse requesting assistance from additional units to help with a disorderly subject. The COs were less than a mile away and arrived on scene shortly after hearing the call. PCO Robinson manned the front desk and security checkpoint while CO Haas helped deputies in the courtroom with the unruly subject. After a few minutes, multiple city police officers arrived on scene and relieved the COs.


PCO Jordan Luz and CO Carter Woodwyk were on patrol in Allegan County when they observed an ORV illegally operating on a state highway. It also appeared, from a distance, that the subject was not wearing a helmet. The COs conducted a stop on the subject and discovered that the subject was indeed without a helmet, and in addition, did not have an ORV license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO James Nason received a complaint of a subject attempting to illegally harvest sandhill cranes in Schoolcraft. Upon further investigation, CO Nason found that the individual videotaped the criminal act. The video depicted the suspect in a second story bedroom window with a .22 caliber rifle. The subject proceeded to shoot out of the bedroom window and across a public roadway into a farm field with hundreds of sandhill cranes. The federally protected birds immediately began to take flight, the suspect continued firing his rifle into the air. Across the cut cornfield were almost a dozen homes well within range of his firearm. After multiple interviews and evidence was obtained, numerous violations were found. A report is being submitted to the Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.


CO Cullen Knoblauch responded to a pond in Sandstone Township, Jackson County to assist the Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies with a doe that had fallen through the ice. CO Knoblauch and the deputies requested the fire department to assist with the rescue. Prior to the fire personnel arriving, the deer appeared to struggle. CO Knoblauch and the deputies attempted to rescue the deer using a private citizen’s kayak and CO Knoblauch’s throw bag. The deer was removed from the lake but ended up passing away from exposure.

COs Olivia Moeller, Cameron Wright, and Joshua Salas along with an MSP trooper responded to an illegal burning complaint in Three Rivers. A subject was throwing trash over a guard rail by the river and lighting the trash on fire. The officers conducted interviews and were able to track down a suspect. The suspect was arrested on unrelated DNR charges. Additional charges will be sought in St. Joseph County.

CO Lisa Taube responded to a hunter casualty incident that occurred in Shiawassee County. A hunter was at a pheasant preserve waiting for birds to be planted and had a firearm leaning against her body. The butt stock was on the ground and the muzzle was pointing upward. The hunter’s dog jumped onto her, and its paws hit the gun causing the safety to be disengaged and the trigger to be pressed, shooting the hunter in the left shoulder and cheek. The hunter was transported by ambulance to Hurley Medical Center.


CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking individuals at Bolles Harbor when he contacted one vessel who had a little success fishing that day. CO Ingersoll spoke with the anglers who advised they caught a few panfish and a bass that was 14.5 inches. CO Ingersoll advised the anglers bass season had closed on December 31st. CO Ingersoll measured the 14.5 inch bass, which ended up being only 13.5 inches. CO Ingersoll issued a citation for possession of a bass during a closed season and warned them for it being undersized. 

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was patrolling Erie SGA when he observed a white pickup parked outside the game area. CO Ingersoll recognized it as a suspect vehicle in an ORV trespassing incident that happened in the Erie SGA a week prior. CO Ingersoll looked for the owner of the vehicle in the game area. CO Ingersoll located the owner and obtained a full confession of him driving his pickup truck back in the game area. While speaking with the individual, it was determined that he also had an uncased firearm in his pickup. CO Ingersoll issued a citation for entering the game area when posted against and warned him for his uncased firearm and advised him to place it in the case.

CO Joseph Deppen found a suspiciously harvested 8-point buck during a deer processor inspection. It looked as if a young female hunter, with no prior hunting experience or hunter safety, had purchased a deer hunting license after the deer had been taken. CO Kris Kiel interviewed the young female while CO Deppen interviewed the father. CO Kiel quickly ascertained that the father had asked the young lady to go and purchase a deer license for a buck that he had just shot. After an extensive interview with the father and a short walk behind the house to the ladder stand and bait pile, a confession was obtained for taking three bucks over bait. The subject’s unused kill-tags, the crossbow and muzzleloader used to take the deer, and two caped out bucks were all seized. The subject also has eight priors, mostly for baiting deer. A report will be submitted to the prosecutor.

CO Jaime Salisbury and PCO Griffin Korican contacted an individual camping in the Lapeer SGA in their vehicle. The COs had contacted the same individual weeks prior. The individual admitted to the COs that she had been camping there every night since the last contact as well as not possessing a camp tag. Used toilet paper and other debris was also observed surrounding the spot where the individual had been parking her vehicle, the individual admitted to leaving the waste and stated she had nowhere else to put it. The COs wrote the individual a citation for littering and two warnings for camping more than 15 consecutive days as well as failure to post a camp tag. The individual was told to leave the area.