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COs Brian Lasanen and Zach Painter, Sergeant (Sgt.) Marc Pomroy and Lieutenant Ryan Aho conducted a group snowmobile patrol prior to the Copper Dog 150 sled dog race in Houghton and Keweenaw Counties. The focus of the patrol was on educating the public of the upcoming sled dog race which utilizes the snowmobile trail system. Contacts were made with numerous snowmobile operators who were out enjoying the spring-like weather. Violations addressed during the patrol included failure to purchase a trail permit, unregistered snowmobile, careless operation, and violation of the snowmobile noise level.

CO Alex VanWagner was heading to his residence after an ice fishing patrol and saw a large, friendly pig roaming down the middle of the highway causing a traffic hazard. The pig was lured off the highway and with the help of Iron County dispatch and bystanders, the owners were able to be located. The pig was escorted safely back to its home.

CO Anna Viau instructed at the three-day Becoming an Outdoors Women retreat in Big Bay. CO Viau instructed on self-confidence.

CO Anna Viau responded to the scene of a fatal snowmobile crash south of Crystal Falls. The snowmobiler had collided head-on with a trailer groomer that was grooming the trail. Unfortunately, the operator succumbed to his injuries. 

Right after a fatal snowmobile crash, CO Anna Viau, along with most of the first responders in Iron County, responded to the scene of a fatal head-on motor vehicle crash on Highway US 2 just outside of Iron River. The driver of one of the vehicles was pronounced dead at the scene, while the passenger of that vehicle and the two occupants of the other vehicle were transported to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The highway was closed, and traffic was rerouted for several hours while the scene was processed.

CO John Kamps and Marquette County Sheriff’s officers responded to the scene of a snowmobile crash that caused serious injury to the operator. The snowmobile operator failed to stop at a road crossing and went airborne after hitting a frozen snowbank. CO Kamps and deputies were offered snowmobiles from other riders using Trail 8 to transport medical supplies and emergency medical services (EMS) to the scene of the crash. The individual was carried out and transported to the hospital to be treated for multiple injuries.

Sgt. Mark Leadman responded to a complaint of snowmobiles not stopping or yielding at a private driveway crossing on Trail 417. After contact with the homeowner, Sgt Leadman was pulling out of the driveway when a snowmobile blew right through the intersection narrowly missing the patrol truck. The operator was contacted and received a careless snowmobile operation ticket.

COs Jeremy Sergey, John Kamps, and Sgt. Mark Leadman worked a group patrol on Trail 417 and Trail 8. Both speed and careless operation were the focus at several road crossings and along the area posted with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour (mph). One subject cited for careless operation after not stopping at a road crossing.

COs Jeremy Sergey and Jackson Kelly conducted a snowmobile patrol on Trail 8. The COs had received a complaint that snowmobiles had been running the stop sign at a particular intersection and almost hitting passing vehicles and pedestrians on multiple occasions. During the snowmobile patrol, the COs witnessed snowmobiles run the stop sign and multiple tickets were issued. A follow up patrol was conducted several days later in the same area with COs Kelly, John Kamps, and Sgt. Mark Leadman. Four more citations were issued for subjects failing to stop at the road crossing or even attempting to look for traffic before crossing the road.

CO Jackson Kelly responded to a cardiac arrest call that was broadcasted over the radio. When CO Kelly arrived, he began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to relieve EMS and another officer who had been trying to resuscitate the individual. CPR and other life-saving efforts were performed at the scene but unfortunately the subject was unable to be revived.

CO Jackson Kelly received a complaint that an individual in the Big Bay area was burning garbage. The complainant stated that the fire was putting off a lot of yellow toxic smelling smoke. By the time CO Kelly arrived at the suspect’s house, the fire was out but the CO could see the burned remains of a mattress. The suspect told the CO that in addition to the mattress, he had burned vinyl flooring, carpet, and other non-natural materials. The suspect was issued a citation for the illegal disposal of solid wastes by burning.


CO Steve Butzin was patrolling Little Bay de Noc checking ice anglers when he was requested by local dispatch to respond to a fully engulfed vehicle fire near his location. Within minutes, CO Butzin arrived at the location. The vehicle was a newer model SUV which was pulling an enclosed snowmobile trailer. The vehicle was fully engulfed and was creating several mini explosions as parts of the vehicle began to ignite. Thankfully, the two occupants were able pull over and exit the vehicle just as it caught fire and were not harmed. The Masonville Township Fire Department and CO Butzin shut the roadway down to prevent harm to passersby. After a short while, the fire was extinguished, and the vehicles removed from the roadway. 

While on patrol, CO Robert Freeborn was informed by local dispatch of a “Be on the Lookout” (BOL) advising a vehicle all over the road almost hitting vehicles head-on. CO Freeborn was close to the area and proceeded toward the suspected vehicle’s reported location. CO Freeborn located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs but was reportedly reaching into his glove box. The vehicle was found to be operating without insurance and a citation was issued for the violation.

CO Brandon Maki was patrolling a busy snowmobile/motor vehicle intersection in Christmas where he observed a snowmobile run past a stop sign at a high rate of speed. CO Maki caught up to the rider and stopped him a short distance away. The operator was found to have failed to obtain a trail permit or registration and had a suspended license. Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Maki worked a group snowmobile patrol with multiple COs, deputies from the Alger County Sheriff’s Department and USFS officers. The officers contacted over 400 snowmobilers throughout the day and issued nine citations ranging from careless operation to trail permit violations. Altogether, the officers patrolled more than 250 miles of snowmobile trail throughout the course of the day.

CO Todd Sumbera was conducting a fish enforcement patrol on Brevort Lake when he contacted an angler who was in possession of 31 perch and a walleye. The subject stated that he was going to throw the others back before he left for the day. A citation was issued for possession of an over-limit of perch. Just a few minutes after leaving that angler, CO Sumbera noticed snowmobile tracks traveling in a straight line across the lake, in an out of the way location. CO Sumbera followed up to find six unattended tip-ups, with no one in sight. A short time later, a snowmobile pulled up to CO Sumbera and stated that he and his brother set the tip-ups. CO Sumbera followed the individual back to their camp where the brother was located. The two brothers stated they had approximately 16 tip-ups spread out across the lake. CO Sumbera followed the brothers to each tip-up for removal of the over-limit of lines. Nine of the 16 tip-ups did not have an owner identification affixed to them. The anglers were a total of 10 lines over the legal limit and they were left unattended. The furthest group of tip-ups were over a mile away from camp. Citations were issued for fishing too many lines, unattended lines, and no name/address affixed to the tip ups.

CO Todd Sumbera checked an ice angler near Drummond Island who was attempting to spear northern pike. The angler was unable to produce a fishing license. CO Sumbera confirmed with dispatch that the last license purchased by the angler was in 2020. The angler’s father stated to CO Sumbera that his son is more of a hunter than an angler. CO Sumbera then asked how his hunting season was and the son replied,” I harvested a nice 8-point buck in 2021” and showed a picture of the deer. CO Sumbera then reminded the man that he didn’t purchase a deer license in 2021. The angler hung his head and stated, “I shot it on private property and then had my grandfather put his license on it.”  A report is being submitted to the prosecutor’s office for charges of taking a deer without a license.

CO Cole VanOosten and Probationary Conservation Officer (PCO) Brandon Benedict were on snowmobile patrol of Luce County when they observed a snowmobile with an expired registration. A traffic stop was conducted, and it was determined that the snowmobile had not been registered since 2010 and the driver had a revoked driver’s license. Additionally, the owner of the snowmobile had failed to transfer ownership of the snowmobile after purchasing it. The man was issued a citation for operating a snowmobile on a revoked license and operating an unregistered snowmobile.

CO Cole VanOosten and PCO Brandon Benedict along, with a Luce County sheriff’s deputy, conducted a snowmobile patrol in Luce County following several severe snowmobile accidents. Twenty citations were issued with the majority being for carless operation.

CO Cole VanOosten and PCO Brandon Benedict were on a fish enforcement patrol in northern Luce County when they encountered three fishing poles on the ice with nobody around. The COs waited at the location for approximately 20 minutes before a man walked out. The man stated he had been working on his house and left the lines out for an extended period. Additionally, the man failed to provide a fishing license and had an unregistered snowmobile. A citation was issued to the man for fishing with lines not in immediate control.

CO Justin Vinson patrolled west Mackinac area for snowmobile activity. CO Vinson observed several riders failing to stop at intersections and navigate icy corners throughout the patrol. Citations for careless operation were issued.

CO Mike Olesen received a complaint of snowmobilers operating in a careless manner in western Chippewa County. CO Olesen conducted a patrol focusing on snowmobilers driving too fast into corners of the trail causing them to drift into the oncoming lane. Several violations were observed with citations being issued for careless operation of a snowmobile.


CO Ryan Cox was on patrol in Antrim County when he saw a subject driving a lawn mower while pulling a trailer on a designated snowmobile trail. CO Cox contacted the operator and observed several indications of impairment. The operator admitted to drinking alcohol and pointed to the bottle he had been drinking from today that was in the trailer he was pulling around with the mower. CO Cox conducted standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) and the subject failed all the tests. A preliminary breath test (PBT) was conducted, and the driver blew almost double the legal limit. The operator was placed under arrest for operating a motorized vehicle while intoxicated (OWI).

CO Duane Budreau was following up on a fishing shanty that had flipped over onto its top during a previous storm on a lake in northern Emmet County. The shanty did not have any owner identification attached. CO Budreau was placing a removal notice on the shanty when he stepped next to the shanty and went over his boots in pooling water. Despite having cold wet feet, CO Budreau continued to check the rest of the lake for fishing activity. CO Budreau encountered a subject fishing without a license who claimed they were an honest person; but had decided to go fishing at the last moment due to some coaxing from friends. He did not want to buy a fishing license knowing that it was going to expire at the end of the month. CO Budreau informed the angler that 2023 licenses became available for purchase on March 1st. The man was ticketed for fishing without a license.

CO Adam LeClerc was working an ongoing trespass issue in which a farmer was having problems with snowmobilers crossing their property without permission. CO LeClerc observed a group of snowmobiles operating on the property in question. CO LeClerc stopped the three individuals and issued a ticket for recreational trespass.

CO Matthew Theunick was patrolling in the Pigeon River Country, checking for illegal snowmobile activity, when he located several sleds operating in a closed area. The subjects were issued tickets for operating in a closed area.

CO Jack Gorno assisted Cheboygan County Sheriff’s deputies with locating a subject who had fled on foot from scene of an accident. After setting up a perimeter, CO Gorno located the subject matching the description hiding behind a stand of trees along a hillside near M 33. CO Gorno ordered the subject out of the woods and turned the subject over to deputies.

CO Tim Rosochacki and PCO Wesley Butler responded to a complaint that a 16-year-old girl was being violent and threatening to hang herself. The COs responded to the scene and assisted the Tuscarora Police Department, who was already at the scene. Upon arrival, the girl had calmed down enough to speak with responding officers. The parents did not report that she was being physically violent with them, but she was attempting to hurt herself. EMS responded to the scene to assess the girl and take her to the hospital where she could obtain help.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling in Montmorency County when he observed an ORV traveling down a side street. The ORV approached a much busier road and disregarded a stop sign before pulling in front of a vehicle causing the vehicle to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision. CO Liestenfeltz stopped the ORV and issued the operator a ticket for careless operation of an ORV.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz conducted a snowmobile enforcement patrol on a busy weekend.   CO Liestenfeltz issued 10 tickets total. Six tickets were for careless operation of a snowmobile. These operators failed to stop at stop signs and did so with speeds ranging between 35 to 55 mph. 

CO Dan Liestenfeltz assisted the Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department with a felonious assault complaint in Hillman Township. The victim left the house stating that both themselves and another subject in a residence had gotten into a verbal argument. The second subject then produced a handgun, pointing it at the victim. The suspect was interviewed and taken into custody with no issues.

CO Alex Bourgeois responded to call from Alpena County Central Dispatch about a side-by-side that had gone through the ice on Lake Winyah. CO Bourgeois contacted a company based out of Bay City that has a special air boat equipped with winches to get ORVs out of frozen lakes. The company came out the next morning and retrieved the side-by-side.


COs Josiah Killingbeck, Brian Brosky, Ryan Andrews and PCO Joseph Closser responded to a snowmobile accident. The subject failed to negotiate a curve and struck a tree. The COs transported EMS to the scene and helped render first aid. The COs transported the subject out of the woods as the ambulance was not able reach the accident location. The COs determined the subject had a suspended driver’s license and no trail permit on the snowmobile.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was first on scene of a snowmobile crash where a snowmobile had tried running across a pond that was not frozen. As the snowmobile crossed the pond and reached the other side, the snowmobile struck an object buried in the snow causing the operator to lose control and crash into a tree. The operator sustained severe leg injuries. CO Killingbeck requested a helicopter due to the severity of the subject’s injuries. CO Killingbeck rendered first aid until EMS arrived. COs Kyle Publiski, Micah Hintze and Ryan Andrews, and a Sgt. and deputy from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the investigation and transported the injured subject out of the woods. The subject was airlifted to a trauma center for his injuries.

COs Tim Barboza and Jeff Ginn participated in the first exercise of Operation Swift Response, a training which covers the response protocols in the unlikely event of the Hardy Dam failing. This training had representatives from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Michigan State Police (MSP), county road commission, National Guard, Consumers Energy, and a few others.


CO Tyler Sabuda responded to a complaint of a deer being poached in Iosco County. The complainant said they had spotted a dead deer lying in the snow with their binoculars. Upon arrival, CO Sabuda didn’t find a deer at the location but discovered a tarp and the top of a red bucket in the snow. Mystery solved.

CO Tyler Sabuda and a United Forest Service (USFS) law enforcement officer (LEO) were patrolling for snowmobile activity in Iosco County when CO Sabuda stopped a snowmobile with an expired registration. Before the CO could speak to the subject, the man stated the DNR had caught him two weeks prior for operating an unregistered snowmobile. He admitted the registration had not been renewed since the last time he was cited. CO Sabuda confirmed the registration was expired and cited the individual for the violation. The man was advised he shouldn’t operate the snowmobile off private property again until it was registered. The following morning, the same USFS LEO was at a trailhead and stopped a snowmobile for having no registration attached. After making contact, Officer Repine determined it was the same individual CO Sabuda had cited the day before. The individual had removed the expired registrations but had still not registered the snowmobile. The USFS LEO cited the individual for operating an unregistered snowmobile for the third time in less than a month.

CO Casey Pullum and PCO Griffin Korican were on snowmobile patrol in Oscoda County when they received a complaint regarding an abandoned tip-up on Mack Lake. The COs rode onto Mack Lake and located the tip-up. Upon removing it from the ice using an axe, a northern pike was found hooked on the line. They revived the fish, released it and the tip-up was confiscated as evidence. An address was located on the tip-up. The COs followed up with an interview and obtained a confession for the violation. Charges for an unattended line are being sought through the Oscoda County Prosecutor’s Office.

COs Cheyanna Rizor and Ryan Weakman were patrolling on snowmobiles when a BOL came out about a vehicle leaving the scene of an accident. Within minutes, the COs spotted a vehicle matching the description that was stuck in a snowbank at the end of a driveway. The driver and passenger initially denied being involved in an accident despite the fresh front-end damage to the vehicle. Upon further interview, the driver confessed to hitting a brick wall with her vehicle but was afraid of going to jail. A deputy arrived on scene and the front bumper of the vehicle was found hidden in the back luggage compartment of the minivan. The incident was turned over to the Clare County Sheriff’s Department.

COs Cheyanna Rizor and Ryan Weakman were patrolling on snowmobiles when they heard a call about a snowmobile accident that had occurred in southern Roscommon County. The COs responded and provided first aid to the victim before EMS could arrive. CO Weakman contacted Roscommon County Central Dispatch and provided exact coordinates for rescue personnel that were responding. The COs assisted with getting the victim loaded and secured for transport by emergency personnel.

COs Jeff Goss and Cheyanna Rizor were patrolling Gladwin County for ORV activity when CO Goss mentioned an area where ORVs had been operating illegally and crossing a river. They decided to check the area and upon arrival, they heard music playing. The COs located five side-by-side ORVs operating in the closed area. The operators drove past a red “No ORV” placard, over two sets of berms, and through a river to get to the location they were in. Citations were issued for the violations.

CO Phil Hudson was patrolling in Arenac County when he turned off a main road onto a state forest two-track and observed a truck with a shotgun barrel hanging out the window. CO Hudson initiated a stop and contacted the occupants of the vehicle. He located five uncased firearms, two of which were loaded. The subjects advised they were out hunting squirrels and knew what they were doing was wrong. Citations were written for possessing loaded/uncased firearms in a motor vehicle.

CO Josh Russell and PCO Steve Sajtar received a complaint about a sick bobcat. The complainant stated that her daughter had brought the bobcat in their house after finding it in an adjacent yard. Upon arrival at the residence, the COs positively identified the feline as a juvenile bobcat. They transferred the bobcat into another cage and transported it to a wildlife rehabilitation center. The COs educated the complainant about the dangers of handling wild animals and bringing them into their home.


While on patrol in Midland County, CO Jake Daniel noticed an ORV that was not driving to the extreme right of the roadway and operating over 25 mph. CO Daniel initiated the stop, and the ORV was found to have a loaded shotgun that was in the bed of the ORV along with a second firearm not properly cased inside the cab of the ORV. The operator was cited for a loaded firearm in an ORV.


CO Sam Schluckbier and PCO Peter Shambaugh attended an ice/cold water rescue training in Muskegon with multiple District 7 COs. The training was hosted by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). It consisted of a presentation of what the USCG does in the winter for rescues and the various equipment that is utilized. The training then transitioned into a demonstration where the equipment was put into action in the water.

CO Joshua Salas received a tip from a Kalamazoo County Sheriff's deputy that an individual with a felony warrant was operating his motor vehicle in a restricted area within the state game area. CO Salas patrolled the state game area and was able to locate the vehicle and made contact. The individual stated that he was collecting rocks that he was going to turn into bracelets. Upon showing the CO the rocks that he had collected, the subject was identified and confirmed to have a current felony warrant. The individual was arrested and lodged in the Kalamazoo County Jail without incident.

CO Cameron Wright was on patrol when central dispatch reported an in-progress carjacking. It was also reported that the caller had the suspect at gunpoint. Officers from the county arrived on scene within minutes and the suspect fled on foot into the woods. CO Wright arrived a few minutes later and assisted with setting a perimeter. Within 30 minutes of the original call, a K9 officer and two drones were searching for the suspect. A short K9 track ensued and a suspect matching the description was located lying behind a tree on the riverbank. He was taken into custody without further incident. Enforcement action is being taken by the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department.

CO Justin Ulberg and PCO Pete Shambaugh responded to a RAP complaint of two individuals taking an over-limit of steelhead on the Rogue River in Kent County. According to the complainant, the two subjects were observed putting four steelhead in the bed of a nearby pickup truck. The subjects then continued to fish and caught four more steelhead that were laying on the bank of the river. While responding to the complaint, CO Ulberg contacted CO Casey Varriale, who was in the area. CO Varriale was able to respond and located the truck in question and observed the four fish in the bed. CO Varriale was able to locate the anglers still fishing and set up surveillance of the area. CO Varriale reported that the anglers now had six fish on the bank of the river. As the anglers started to head towards the truck, they observed the approaching COs. One of the anglers grabbed a fish and attempted to throw the fish back into the river. CO Ulberg and PCO Shambaugh ordered the angler to put the fish down. The anglers admitted to taking an over-limit of steelhead. Both anglers were issued a citation and their fishing poles were seized.


COs Lisa Taube, Cullen Knoblauch, and Jason McCullough participated in the mock wildlife crime scene booth set up at the Michigan Science Teachers Association Conference in Lansing. 

CO Ed Rice responded to a breaking and entering in-progress in Hillsdale County. CO Rice arrived on scene with the Somerset Township Police Department and located a male suspect in the home. The suspect stated that although he did not have a key, and it looked like he broke in, he did have permission from the homeowner. The man was detained, and contact was made with the homeowner, who verified he had permission to be in the residence. The individual was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

CO Nick Thornton investigated a potential unlawfully taken deer from the 2022 deer season during a processor inspection. The deer was harvested in Eaton County and the hunter admitted that his brother, who lives in a different state, was the person who had shot the deer. The brother didn’t want to pay the out-of-state license fees, so the resident brother bought and gave a license to him to tag the deer after it was killed. Charges will be sought in Eaton County for taking a deer without a license and loaning a license to another individual.

While on patrol in Branch County, CO Olivia Moeller saw black trash bags burning in a yard. After contacting the homeowner, CO Moeller discovered a mattress and box spring burning in the pile along with household trash. A citation was issued for improper disposal of solid waste by burning.

CO Marc Mankowski located a large trash dump at Lake Interstate SGA and found pieces of an individual’s personal mail. The suspect explained that they had hired a contractor to pick up the trash at their residence and dispose of it appropriately. CO Mankowski interviewed the contractor and assistant and they admitted to dumping the trash. A citation was issued for littering.


CO Chris Knights responded to a RAP complaint in Commerce Township. One of the neighbors witnessed an individual shooting at muskrats and killing one of them. After interviewing the individual, he admitted to shooting it with his pellet gun. CO Knights will seek charges through the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Joseph Deppen was successful on getting two cell phone search warrants signed on cases revolving around illegal deer shot during the 2022 hunting season. After serving one of the warrants, CO Deppen discovered evidence indicating the suspect had taken additional deer illegally in previous years. CO Deppen then got an additional search warrant signed to search the suspect’s house. CO Deppen along with five additional COs and a Southfield Police officer searched the house and collected evidence regarding the illegal take of white-tailed deer during the 2020 and 2022 hunting season.

COs Sydney Griffor, Cody Bourgeois, and Sgt. Seth Rhodea checked dozens of ice anglers in southern St. Clair County over the weekend. The COs also checked dozens of shore anglers at Lake St. Clair Metro Park. While checking anglers, CO Griffor found an angler to be in possession of an over-limit of perch. The angler was issued a citation for over-limit of perch and a warning for failing to display fishing license.

During a patrol at Belle Isle, CO Ariel Young was conducting a RADAR patrol when she encountered a vehicle travelling 71 mph in a 25 mph posted zone. Upon stopping the vehicle and subsequently issuing a citation, the driver was confused as to why they were getting a citation “for being legit.”  CO Young tried her best to explain to the driver that going nearly three times the legal speed limit was in fact not legitimate.

CO Ariel Young encountered a vehicle while patrolling Belle Isle that was weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed, without using their turn signals, and squealing their tires around curves. CO Young eventually stopped the vehicle and issued the driver a citation for careless operation of a motor vehicle.

CO Cody Bourgeois worked two Belle Isle shifts. During one of the shifts, a runner located some personal effects on the bridge. CO Bourgeois responded, a cell phone, wallet, and coat were left on the bridge. Further investigation led CO Bourgeois to discover that the owner of the items jumped off the bridge. Unfortunately, the individual did not survive. Having the items returned to the family brought some closure to them.


District 25 completed the annual first aid training.

Cpls. Jon Busken and Nick Atkin conducted a follow-up AIS inspection at a market that was in possession of live red swamp crayfish in the past. During the inspection, the officers located legally packaged red swamp crayfish. The officers inspected another market with no violations noted.

Cpl. Nick Atkin issued net tags and answered questions with a state-licensed commercial fisherman preparing for the season. 

Cpl. Nick Atkin has been working on logistics, compiling measurements, and securing gear out of the Smith in preparation to drop the vessel off to the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland for the Sea Ark refurbishing project.

Cpl. Justin Vanderlinde responded to several complaints of anglers that were fishing in the closed waters of the Platte River. Unfortunately, the anglers were gone at the time of arrival.  The complaint information was turned over to the resident officers.

Cpl. Justin Vanderlinde conducted several bait dealer inspections with no violations observed.

District 25 completed the annual first aid training.

Cpls. Jon Busken and Nick Atkin conducted a follow-up AIS inspection at a market that was in possession of live red swamp crayfish in the past. During the inspection, the officers located legally packaged red swamp crayfish. The officers inspected another market with no violations noted.

Cpl. Nick Atkin issued net tags and answered questions with a state-licensed commercial fisherman preparing for the season. 

Cpl. Nick Atkin has been working on logistics, compiling measurements, and securing gear out of the Smith in preparation to drop the vessel off to the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland for the Sea Ark refurbishing project.

Cpl. Justin Vanderlinde responded to several complaints of anglers that were fishing in the closed waters of the Platte River. Unfortunately, the anglers were gone at the time of arrival.  The complaint information was turned over to the resident officers.

Cpl. Justin Vanderlinde conducted several bait dealer inspections with no violations observed.

Cpl. Troy Van Gelderen attended the USCG Ice Rescue Training with District 7 COs in Muskegon Lake.  Ice conditions made it a cold-water rescue class.

Cpls. Troy Van Gelderen and Jon Busken conducted pet shop inspections in Grand Rapids.

Cpl. Mike Hammill patrolled the Bays de Noc.  There’s still heavy sport fishing participation with some larger walleyes being caught and fish starting to stage for the spawning season.  Cpl. Hammill ensures anglers are aware of the slot limit to protect the larger fish, and that anglers are cognizant of ice conditions. Little Bay de Noc has had several vehicles go through the ice in the past few weeks.  Relatively speaking, the bay doesn’t have the ice conditions it normally does this time of the year.

Cpl. Jon Busken inventoried and distributed net tags to the unit’s specialists.