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Conservation Officers (CO) John Kamps and Sergeant (Sgt.) Mark Leadman assisted local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Division biologists in Marquette County. The biologists were called to a local farm where a bear had broken into several bird enclosures and killed nearly a dozen exotic pheasant and quail. A bear trap was placed on site and the nuisance bear was caught. The bear appeared to be over 200 pounds and was transported to a very remote location and released. 


COs Steve Butzin and Chris Lynch patrolled the waters of Little and Big Bay de Noc over the span of several days following opening season of walleye and northern pike. Anglers were having a fair amount of success catching walleye. Well over a hundred boats with anglers were contacted. Tickets were issued to several individuals for possession of short fish, failure to use navigation lights between sunset and sunrise, and expired boat registrations.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol in Masonville Township, fueling his patrol truck at a local gas station, when he was approached by a woman requesting that he take a bag containing human baby formula and expired cat food to feed to the bears. CO Butzin explained that this request was not possible as there wasn’t a black bear rehabilitation facility in the area. The individual became very irate and began swearing and screaming at the CO. CO Butzin realized that there was something odd with this interaction and ran a file check on the subject’s vehicle. The vehicle came back with an expired license plate, no insurance, and the female owner currently had 14 valid arrest warrants from agencies throughout Michigan and several other states. CO Butzin attempted to detain the individual while the status of the warrants was being confirmed. The individual resisted the CO by running into the gas station, jumping on a table, screaming, swearing, and refusing to be detained. CO Butzin had to physically restrain the subject on the floor for several minutes until backup was able to arrive and assist in placing the individual in handcuffs. The individual was arrested for resisting and obstructing a police officer and lodged in the Delta County Jail.

COs Chris Lynch and Steve Butzin spoke on a local radio show “Behind the Badge” and talked about the upcoming “Three Free Weekend” which includes free fishing, off-road vehicle (ORV) license, and state park entry. They also discussed the associated laws that apply to these activities.

CO Chris Lynch attended the “Camp Skeeter” event at the pocket park in Escanaba where approximately 60 area first graders were in attendance. CO Lynch talked with the first graders about the job of a conservation officer. 

COs Chris Lynch and Steve Butzin attended a birding event at Portage Point in Escanaba. The COs interacted with kids and bird enthusiasts while at the event.

CO Brandon Maki attended Tactical Tracking school at Fort Custer along with 24 other COs. Throughout the week, the COs learned and put to use skills for tracking individuals through multiple terrain types.  

COs Robert Freeborn and Sgt. Mark Zitnik responded to a request for back up from a local city officer. The COs responded to a welfare check on an individual who had been acting very strange the previous night and neighbors were very worried on the status of his girlfriend due to several loud arguments. The officers located the subject asleep, who was heavily under the influence of drugs, and he had several outstanding warrants. The subject was placed in custody and transported to the jail.

CO Mike Olesen responded to a fire that had escaped on Drummond Island. Once on scene, the local fire department was still attempting to extinguish tree stumps that the landowner had started on fire. Not only did the landowner fail to take precautions to prevent the escape of a fire, but no burn permits were also being issued due to the extremely dry conditions. A ticket was issued for burning without a permit.

COs Cole VanOosten and Mike Evink served a search warrant in Mackinac County stemming from an illegally taken white-tailed deer back in December of 2022. Additional evidence was found during the search.


CO Andrea Albert received a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint of a rowdy crowd of people at a DNR boating access site on a local lake, who were also reported to be kayaking without PFDs and smoking marijuana. CO Albert checked the area and found a large group of people partying in the access site and numerous kayakers in and out of the water. Three boats were also coming into the launch making it very congested and busy. Out of all the activity and people at the site, CO Albert noticed three subjects in a small boat who were rowing in and starting to row away after seeing CO Albert. CO Albert waved them in and found them to be in possession of two bass out of season. One ticket was issued for possessing bass out of season and another subject was ticketed for fishing without a license. Several subjects were warned for no PFDs.

While checking fishing activity on a local lake, CO Andrea Albert came across a subject who was with a vehicle that had no plate on it. A file check on the subject found a felony warrant out of Kalkaska County for a probation violation with an original charge of possession of methamphetamine. CO Albert arrested and lodged the subject at the Kalkaska County Jail on the warrant.

CO Chad Baldwin attended the annual Veteran’s Appreciation Day event, hosted by the American Legion in Boyne City. Several local law enforcement agencies and military recruiters were on hand displaying their equipment and gave local students an opportunity to speak with officers as well as get firsthand knowledge of the equipment they carry. All the displays and equipment were meant to be interactive, and all the students could try on uniforms and helmets and pick up and play with gear which gave them a better understanding of how everything worked and for what it was used. Over 100 students came to the event and ranged from elementary school through ninth grade.

CO Chad Baldwin received a complaint that a person had either a sick or injured fox or coyote laying under their picnic table. The caller was unable to tell exactly what it was. CO Baldwin called the complainant and asked if they could take a picture of the animal so he could identify it and see what was going on with it. The complainant agreed and sent him a picture of a newborn fawn. CO Baldwin explained to the caller what he had under his picnic table and that it appeared to have just been born the night or day prior. The homeowner was advised to leave it alone as the mother would be back later to feed it. CO Baldwin received a text from the complainant later that day saying the fawn and most likely its mother had moved on.

COs Duane Budreau, Chad Baldwin, and Jack Gorno conducted a group ORV patrol in the tri-county area of Emmet, Cheboygan, and Charlevoix Counties. While watching over an area of state land that was closed to motorized use, the COs observed an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) ride past closure signs into the closed area. The operator was stopped and asked if he knew why he was being stopped. The subject responded that he knew the area was closed but wanted to take his daughter up the hill climb, as he does it at least once a year. The operator of the ATV was ticketed for operating in a closed area.

CO Tim Rosochacki was dropping his boat off at the office when a call came in regarding a fight in-progress across the street at a gas station. Upon arrival, a vehicle operated by a single male was slowly driving across the parking lot with several people pointing at the vehicle. Contact was made and the operator smelled strongly of intoxicants. The driver of the vehicle was arrested by the Tuscarora Police Department for operation while intoxicated (OWI) with a high blood alcohol content (BAC).

CO Tim Rosochacki was patrolling Burt Lake when he encountered an angler in a boat with a registration which expired in 2016. The subject stated it was his dad’s boat which was bought several years ago. A check of the boat registration revealed the boat was never transferred upon sale and the angler also did not have a license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Jon Sheppard received a complaint in Alpena County from a citizen of a man in a side-by-side operating on private property where he does not have permission. When confronted, the suspect stated that “The property was not posted so he could go wherever he wanted.” The complainant had several photos of the suspect and the side-by-side and a direction of travel. CO Sheppard responded and located the suspect in the Thunder Bay RV Park near US 23. CO Sheppard contacted the suspect and had central dispatch check him for warrants. The suspect had a valid warrant for assault and battery. CO Sheppard placed the suspect under arrest for the warrant and a report will be submitted to the prosecutor for ORV trespass.

CO Alex Bourgeois observed a man fishing in the Devil’s River from a back patio of a home while patrolling near the Devil’s River in Ossineke. Upon contact, CO Bourgeois observed that the lure the angler was using was a large spinner bait. CO Bourgeois advised the man of the gear restrictions on trout streams and asked to see the lure so that he could measure the size of the hook. The lure had a single point hook, and the hook-to-shank measured greater than ½ inch. A ticket was issued to the angler for failing to display a fishing license and a warning was issued for the illegal lure.

CO Alex Bourgeois patrolled Long Lake in Alpena County during a busy bass tournament. CO Bourgeois was able to conduct marine safety checks on about 50 boats as they came in to weigh their fish for the tournament. CO Bourgeois issued two tickets during the patrol for marine safety violations.

CO Paul Fox conducted an ORV patrol in an area that is closed to ORVs. The area runs through wetlands and has illegal ORV trails that run around posted closed gates. CO Fox contacted a group of ORVs that proceeded to drive over the closure sign and continue operating on the illegal trail. Tickets were issued for operating in a closed area.

CO Jon Sklba assisted the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Department in locating a subject who got his vehicle stuck in a remote area of public land.

CO Jon Sklba contacted a subject in Presque Isle County who resides in California. The nonresident had been purchasing resident hunting and fishing licenses for the past seven years. Nineteen purchases were made during that time, each one a separate violation. CO Sklba submitted a report to the prosecutor.

CO Sidney LaLonde responded to several wildfires in Montmorency County over the holiday weekend. The fire danger was extremely high due to the extremely dry and hot conditions. Subjects were ticketed for failing to prevent spread of fire.


CO Logan Turner was contacted by a sheriff’s deputy regarding a wildfire in the county. CO Turner responded to the area and was met by an off-duty firefighter who had observed the fire while heading home. The firefighter stated that the property owner had a fire burning which was estimated to be 100 feet by 75 feet in size. While telling the property owner that it was a no-burn day, the fire jumped to the neighbor’s tree line and began to take off. The fire was put out by a local fire department with the assistance of DNR firefighters. The property owner was issued a citation for failing to prevent the spread of a wildfire.

CO Zackary Walters partnered with CO Joshua Wright in Wexford County for an ORV patrol. While on patrol, the COs came across a camp with no camp registration card. While speaking with the camper, he stated he had warrants for his arrest out of Huron and Lake Counties. He was taken into custody for the two outstanding warrants.

CO William Haskin was dispatched to an area fire in Benzie County by a DNR plane that had spotted smoke. CO Haskin located the residence and the landowner who started the fire. He advised the suspect that there was a burn ban for that day and that the fire department would have to come and put the fire out. The suspect was issued a citation for starting a fire on a no burn day.

CO Amanda Weaver received a complaint through Benzie County Central Dispatch of an illegal burn. CO Weaver responded to the address and found three burn piles that were currently burning. Due to hot temperatures and high winds, burn permits were closed throughout the county and the fire danger was extremely high. The township fire department extinguished the fires and CO Weaver issued a citation for burning without a permit.

COs Kevin Bunce and Jeff Ginn patrolled Newaygo County during the inaugural “Blessing of the Buggies.” In total, over 300 side-by-sides and four-wheelers took to the streets in connection with the event with multiple educational and enforcement contacts made throughout the day.

CO Kevin Bunce was on patrol when he received a complaint regarding multiple animal carcasses that had been dumped on public property in Big Rapids. CO Bunce met with the Big Rapids Police Department where numerous skeletons and animal parts were located. CO Bunce was able to contact the suspect who stated they had recently taken up taxidermy as a hobby and had utilized the public property to alleviate the smell. The subject was educated on the rules/regulations surrounding the sale of taxidermy within the state of Michigan and received a warning for public land dumping pending a full cleanup of the public property.

CO Jeff Ginn assisted the Newaygo Fire Department in locating a wildfire in a remote area, not easily accessible. CO Ginn was able to locate the fire and flag his way out to the main road allowing firefighters to respond directly to the fire scene. The landowner was using a chainsaw which was believed to have caused the ignition.


A week before the bass opener, CO Matt Zultak observed a fishing vessel beach itself at South Higgins Lake State Park in Roscommon County. CO Zultak observed a subject exit the vessel with a net and a fish that appeared to be a bass. CO Zultak also noticed the vessel was incorrectly displaying its registration. The subject was contacted, and a 12-inch smallmouth bass was observed in the net. The angler was cited for possessing bass out of season and received verbal warnings for possessing bass under the size limit, improper registration, and failing to have the registration certificate on his person.

COs Cheyanna Rizor and Josh Russell were on ORV patrol in Gladwin County. The COs observed an ORV turning the corner on a county road. COs Rizor and Russell noticed the operator was not wearing a seatbelt and almost fell out of the vehicle. The COs paced the ORV going well over the speed limit and conducted a traffic stop. Upon contact with the operator, the COs observed an open can of alcohol in the ORV. The operator had bloodshot eyes and the odor of intoxicants coming off his breath. The operator of the ORV was put through field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for operating an ORV while intoxicated. The operator was lodged at the Gladwin County Jail with a blood alcohol level nearly double the legal limit.


CO Mike Haas located an angler fishing a creek in southern Montcalm County and noted his questionable fishing technique. CO Haas contacted the angler who stated he was not fishing; he was just trying to snag some suckers. CO Haas informed the angler that snagging was an illegal fishing method in Michigan and that the fish in the creek appeared to be bass, not suckers. He was advised of an arrest warrant he had for child support and cited for his fishing violations.

COs Mike Haas and Adam Schiller were working sites along the Saginaw River when they witnessed a group of anglers fishing from a railroad bridge. The COs contacted the group and issued multiple warnings for railroad trespassing and using marijuana in public. Citations were issued to address fishing without a license.

While on marine patrol on the Six Lakes chain in Montcalm County during the busy Memorial Day weekend, COs Mike Haas and Jacob Robinson contacted multiple boaters and anglers on the lakes. Citations and warnings were issued for PFD and registration violations. Before leaving the lake, the COs witnessed a pontoon boat in the middle of the lake that was having engine problems. The family on the boat stated that they had just purchased the boat and the motor had stopped working. The COs were able to assist and towed the family back to their cottage.

In Midland County, CO Jake Daniel received a complaint about a musky being kept out of season. The suspect was located and interviewed. During the interview, it was determined that the musky was indeed kept out of season. The musky was seized, and a citation was issued for take/possess musky out of season.


COs in Kent, Ottawa, and Ionia Counties conducted several marine patrols over the holiday weekend on inland bodies of water. Numerous contacts were made throughout the weekend and boat operators were given verbal warnings for failing to display boat registration decals on their vessels. Several citations were issued for operating vessels with expired registration and failing to provide adequate PFDs for all occupants on board.

While checking for ORV activity in Ionia County, CO Mark Reffitt observed an ORV being operated without a proper ORV license. CO Reffitt conducted a stop on the ORV and noticed the operator had an open can of intoxicants. The subject was issued a citation for the violation.


CO John Byars attended the 2023 Hesse-Earl Youth Fishing Program at Motz County Park in St. Johns. This is a free program for youth, ages 5 to 16, where they can learn basic fishing skills such as casting, knot tying, rigging for different types of fishing, regulations, and fishing ethics. Then the kids get to apply those skills and knowledge at a local fishing pond at the county park. CO Byars taught basic fishing regulations, fish identification, and how to use the Michigan DNR fishing guide.

CO Brandon Benedict responded to a RAP complaint in Ingham County of a fox being taken out of season in a foothold trap. CO Benedict contacted the suspect who advised that he sets out foothold traps to protect his chickens from coyotes and raccoons. CO Benedict educated the suspect on who to contact to obtain a permit for certain nuisance animals.


CO Les Bleil received a complaint regarding an angler that had kept a smallmouth bass while out of season at Elizabeth Park. When CO Bleil arrived, he immediately was able to identify the subject. CO Bleil contacted the subject and found that on his stringer of nineteen white bass, there was in fact a smallmouth bass among the bunch. The fish was seized, and a citation was written for taking bass during closed season.

COs Les Bleil and Ariel Young conducted a paired patrol along the Detroit River. The COs arrived at Del Ray Park and conducted checks of anglers. Upon fish checks, CO Bleil observed one angler that was in possession of one white perch, one walleye, and two smallmouth bass. The angler also did not possess a fishing license. The angler was issued a citation for possessing fish out of season and taking bass during closed season.

Checking vessels on Belleville Lake, CO Dan Walzak observed a personal watercraft (PWC) heading toward the Belleville East launch ramp after sunset. Contacting the PWC operator at the dock, CO Walzak asked the operator how the water was during his ride. The operator answered that the water was great, and he was coming in because the sun is going down. CO Walzak explained that the sun had already gone down and sunset had passed 15 minutes earlier. When asked for his registration certificate, the operator produced a handful of unreadable wet paper. The subject was issued a citation for operating after sunset and a warning was given for the registration certificate.

CO Ariel Young was patrolling Wayne County when she checked in to see how anglers were doing at Elizabeth Park. CO Young observed several anglers for a few minutes and then made contact. CO Young talked to many anglers who were having a tough time finding fish but were finding small successes. CO Young also encountered several subjects fishing without a license, possessing fish without a license, and possessing largemouth bass out of season. Fish were seized and tickets were issued for all the violations.

At the United States Fish and Wildlife fishing pier in Trenton, CO Ariel Young checked angling activity on the Detroit River. After talking to several anglers, CO Young found four subjects who were fishing without licenses, one of which was convinced it was fine to fish under their friend’s fishing license and did not need their own. All subjects were issued citations.

COs Ariel Young and Danny Walzak participated at the Lake Erie Kid’s Fishing Tournament organized by Lake Erie Metropark. There were many kids who participated and were having luck catching fish. There were prizes to be won and hotdogs to be eaten. Overall, the event was an exciting time for the COs to talk to youth about fishing.

CO Christopher Knights stopped an ORV while on patrol in Springfield Township. The individual was issued a citation for operating on a public highway, which is illegal in Oakland County.

CO Christopher Knights assisted MSP with a loose cow in the Holly area. The cow ran across northbound I 75 and then crossed the southbound lanes into the field. A couple of individuals were able to rope the cow and it was picked up and taken away by trailer.

CO Christopher Knights used the Boatsetter application to see who is using the app to rent boats illegally. CO Knights found multiple boats on the site renting in Oakland County. He messaged them directly and advised them of the legalities. Each person contacted emailed CO Knights back to confirm they have disabled the app for now. CO Knights also gave them direction on how to comply.

CO Luke Robare worked a dedicated patrol on Memorial Day at Pontiac Lake Recreation Area. During the patrol, a ranger stopped a vehicle at the entrance booth for a strong odor of alcohol. Upon further investigation the driver was found to be very intoxicated. CO Robare assisted the park ranger with the arrest and lodging of the individual.

CO Joseph Deppen was checking anglers coming into the Clinton River. CO Deppen found a family fishing and asked how many fish they caught. One angler responded we got our three-man limit. CO Deppen asked a noticeably young angler who was all smiles on the boat how many fish he caught, and the honest kid replied, “None, I don’t like to fish.” CO Deppen checked the fish and found an undersized walleye in the group of fish. CO Deppen spoke to the parents and told them if they are going to keep their child’s limit of fish, he needs to be the one catching and reeling them in. The family got to keep their full limit of fish, but one adult angler was cited for possession of undersized walleye.

CO Joseph Deppen worked marine patrol during Memorial Day. Citations were issued for operating vessels without proper registration, fail to provide PFDs, and slow no wake violations.

COs Joseph Deppen and Brad Silorey were working marine patrol on Lake St. Clair. During the patrol, the COs checked an out-of-state vessel that was targeting smallmouth bass. The COs checked safety equipment and fishing licenses and the COs asked about fish in the live well, with the anglers stating they had fifty rock bass. The COs checked the live well and the anglers had more than fifty rock bass. A citation was issued for overlimit of rock bass.

CO Sydney Griffor was patrolling in Marysville when a vehicle passed her patrol truck at a high rate of speed. CO Griffor paced the vehicle traveling approximately 63 mph in a 40-mph zone. CO Griffor conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver was issued a citation for speed.

CO Sydney Griffor checked vessels coming off the St. Clair River in Marysville. CO Griffor contacted an individual who stated he caught his limit of walleye. Before checking the fish, the individual admitted to keeping seven walleyes, making him one over the daily possession limit. CO Griffor seized the walleye and issued the angler a citation for possessing an overlimit of walleye.

Sgt. Seth Rhodea was just clearing a traffic stop with several ORVs when he observed additional ORVs approaching his location. Sgt. Rhodea conducted another stop after observing that one of the ORVs was carrying a passenger when it was not designed to hold more than one person. Upon stopping the ORV, it was also found that the operator did not have a driver’s license or an ORV license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Mike Drexler worked marine patrol throughout the busy holiday weekend. During the patrol, the CO observed one vessel displaying a registration that expired two years prior. A radio check confirmed the vessel was expired and a citation was issued. Several other verbal warnings were issued throughout the multi-day marine patrol.

CO Brandon Hartleben was patrolling Bruin Lake in front of the state campground when he observed a PWC towing several subjects on a tube without an observer. CO Hartleben contacted the operator and educated him on the requirement to have an observer onboard when towing. A citation was issued for Towing with No Observer.

CO Brandon Hartleben was patrolling Baseline Lake when he observed a small pontoon being operated near the shore without a registration. CO Hartleben contacted the subject, who was less than thrilled to see the CO. He was even less excited when confronted with the fact that he was operating an unregistered watercraft and was in line to receive a citation. A citation was issued for Operating an Unregistered Vessel.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll and PCO Elliot Worel attended Career Day at Raisinville Elementary School in Monroe. They talked to kindergarten through sixth grade students on what a Michigan Conservation Officer is and what they do. The students were thrilled to have a chance to see and touch some of the animal furs that were brought.

While conducting checks on anglers at DTE Hot Ponds in Monroe County, CO Nicholas Ingersoll and PCO Elliot Worel overheard radio traffic that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office had one female running from them on foot. The COs made their way to the area and located the female. The female again ran from the Monroe City Police and COs. After a short foot pursuit, the female was captured by the Monroe City Police and the COs were able to help arrest the female who gave up after being caught. The female was turned over to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and transported to jail.

During a patrol through Sterling State Park, CO Nicholas Ingersoll and PCO Elliot Worel observed a person throwing a cast net from the docks at the boat launch. The COs observed the individual for several minutes as he took fish from his net and placed them in his bucket. The COs then observed the person illegally dump a large amount of fish offal back into the water. The COs confronted the suspect as he packed up his vehicle. The suspect was honest, admitted his guilt and told the COs that he had gotten “too greedy.” The violator was cited for taking game fish by unlawful methods and given warnings for disposing of fish offal in public waters and for using a cast net in an unlawful location.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll and PCO Elliot Worel conducted a marine patrol on Lake Erie over the Memorial Day holiday. The COs issued several verbal warnings for failure to provide fishing licenses, no Type IV PFDs, failure to re-title vessel within 15 days, and improper display of registrations. They also issued citations for vessels operating without a registration, operation of watercraft in a no wake zone at greater than no wake, and failure to provide enough PFDs on a vessel.


Sgt. Kip Maher and CO Jason King were patrolling Belle Isle Park when they received a complaint from Station 20 regarding a freighter that was approximately 20 feet from the island shore. The freighter had lost power and began drifting sideways and into the island. The freighter was able to drop anchors before running into the shore. CO King and Sgt. Maher contacted the ship and its crew members. They notified Station 20 that there were no injuries and no damage to the island. The Harbor Master and the local United States Coast Guard station were notified.

While at Belle Isle, CO Ariel Young and Sgt. Kip Maher were patrolling when they encountered a vehicle travelling the wrong direction down a one-way. After initiating a traffic stop, the COs were surprised to simultaneously stop two more vehicles almost immediately for the same reason. All three drivers were cited for impeding traffic.

During their Belle Isle patrol, CO Ariel Young and Sgt Kip Maher patrolled near the beach where many people were taking advantage of the nice weather. One group of park goers had open and visible alcohol at the beach and did not have a permit. After talking with the group, they received a warning for the issue. Back at the vehicle, the COs were observing the rest of the crowd and noticed that the group just warned had opened more alcohol. The subject was cited for having open intoxicants without a permit.

Conducting a rolling patrol of Belle Isle, CO Ariel Young and Sgt Kip Maher observed a vehicle operating carelessly and driving fast. The COs turned around, followed the vehicle, and witnessed the driver fail to stop at a stop sign. A traffic stop was initiated, and a records check showed twelve warrants for the driver. The warrants were confirmed, and of the twelve warrants, only one of the departments with an active warrant wanted the subject taken into custody. The COs transported the subject to a local meeting point where the subject was handed over and issued their citation for fail to stop at the stop sign.

After clearing out several vehicles and issuing parking tickets for being in the fire lane, COs Ariel Young and Sgt Kip Maher conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that passed by the COs with an infant being held in the mother’s lap, obviously not correctly restrained in a car seat. Upon stopping the vehicle, it was observed that there were two small children in the vehicle and only one car seat. The occupants were educated on the importance of appropriate seating for children and cited for the offense.

CO Griffin Korican worked an afternoon shift on Belle Isle. CO Korican issued a citation for disobeying a traffic device as well as a citation for no proof of insurance.

CO Mike Drexler worked a busy afternoon Belle Isle shift. Shortly after checking into service, COs were dispatched to an accident that had just occurred near the beach. After arriving on scene, the COs determined the driver was distracted, ran off the roadway, and struck a sign and an electrical box. The operator and passenger were both suspended several times over and had outstanding warrants. CO Drexler issued a citation for Drive While License Suspended 2nd or More Offense and completed the traffic crash report. The vehicle was impounded.

Sgt. Shane Webster issued citations for speed and disregarding a stop sign while working a Belle Isle shift. Several other warnings were given for other more minor traffic violations. He was also approached by a citizen who stated a person was having a medical emergency on the Detroit side of the bridge. Sgt. Webster responded and located the subject which turned out to be a person taking a nap under a tree in the shade.

CO Brandon Vacek worked two afternoon shifts over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The park was extremely busy. Citations were issued for parking violations, remaining in the park after hours, and alcohol possession.


Corporal (Cpl.) Pat Hartsig worked with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) officer Jared Kreeger in giving a presentation to United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employees at Metro Airport regarding passengers possibly carrying or shipping prohibited items.

Cpls. Troy Van Gelderen and Justin Vanderlinde, with CO Sam Koscinski, patrolled Manistee Lake for the Tightlines for Troops fishing event. For the first time ever, the event was cancelled for inclement weather after the officers were staged. They patrolled Manistee Lake and Lake Michigan for the few boats that still decided to fish.

Cpl. Troy Van Gelderen and CO Sam Koscinski patrolled Lake Michigan from Manistee to Whitehall. Many fishermen were checked, and nets were located and recorded. There were a few citations and warnings given to salmon fishermen.

Cpl. Mike Hammill responded to the scene of a wildfire that was started by a homeowner burning without a permit. The owner accepted full responsibility for his actions. Cpl. Hammill issued a citation for burning without a permit.

Cpl. Mike Hammill was contacted by a local trapper in the Big Bay De Noc area. The trapper constructed over 100 mink box sets equipped with rat traps to be given away at the Trappers Convention coming up at the State Fairgrounds in July. Cpl. Hammill is in the process of contacting the appropriate people in charge of the event to give the boxes away.  

Cpl. Jon Busken received a complaint of a gill net set in Lake Michigan south of the Grand River in Ottawa County. Cpl. Busken contacted the complainant who said a vessel named the “Steelhead” had set the gill net several days before. The Steelhead is a DNR Fisheries research vessel out of Charlevoix.

Cpl. Jon Busken followed up in-person on multiple wholesale delinquencies in Cass and Kent Counties. Inspections of pet shops were also conducted in Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, and Ottawa Counties. Warnings were given for operating unlicensed pet shops as well as delinquent wholesale reports.