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Conservation Officer (CO) Jenni Hanson received information from a Wisconsin conservation warden that a Michigan resident was in possession of a snapping turtle out of season. CO Hanson interviewed the suspect with the turtle, who admitted his friend had shot the turtle in May. CO Hanson seized the turtle shell and meat. A subsequent interview with the other party led to a confession, that he did shoot the snapping turtle out of season. Charges for both parties are pending through the Gogebic County prosecutor’s office.

CO Jenni Hanson trapped a nuisance bear in Bergland. CO Hanson relocated the bear to a more desolate area away from homes.

CO Jenni Hanson and Recreation Safety Corporal Doug Hermanson attended a town hall meeting in Watersmeet regarding a local watercraft control investigation on the Cisco Chain of Lakes.

CO Byron Parks gave a presentation for the Copper Country Intermediate School District (CCISD) at Camp Nesbit. The CCISD runs a summer program at Camp Nesbit that helps people who are cognitively impaired experience camping for an entire week. CO Parks talked about what a conservation officer is, their duties, answered questions, and even brought his patrol boat to show the campers.

CO Zach Painter was on patrol in Ontonagon County and assisted the Michigan State Police (MSP) troopers with the arrest of a subject who had a warrant for domestic violence. The subject was taken into custody without incident.

CO Alex VanWagner checked Swan Lake in Iron County for marine activity. The CO observed a boat drifting with three subjects fishing near the launch. The subjects were contacted and checked for fishing licenses and marine safety equipment. The subjects told the CO they had two fish in the live well, a pike and a walleye. When asked how big the fish were, they asked how big walleye must be to keep and if there was a slot limit. One of the subjects said he measured the pike, and it was over 24 inches. CO VanWagner measured both fish – the walleye was 13 inches, and the pike was 23 inches. Citations were issued for the short fish and the CO educated the anglers on laws and answered questions they had.


COs Steve Butzin and Rob Freeborn, along with Escanaba DNR Secretaries JoAnn Alexander and Kari Diffenderfer conducted a hunter safety field day at the Pocket Park in Escanaba. The class led to 17 students successfully completing the course and receiving their hunter safety certificate.

CO Steve Butzin received a complaint of an individual who was believed to have taken several turkeys out of season. A search warrant was obtained and served on the individual which uncovered several wildlife violations. After collection of evidence and several interviews, it was determined that three individuals were involved in taking a total of four turkeys out of season, one 8-point whitetail buck without a license, and loaned or borrowed several whitetail deer hunting licenses. A report is being submitted to the prosecutor’s office in both Delta and Dickinson Counties where these violations occurred. If found guilty, these individuals could face a restitution amount totaling $10,000.

CO Steve Butzin was off duty when he received a complaint from the DNR dispatch center around midnight regarding a car versus moose accident near Shingleton. MSP troopers from the Schoolcraft Post handled the traffic crash. CO Butzin responded to the location and was able to field dress the moose with the help of an MSP trooper. CO Butzin’s winch was not strong enough to pull the moose onto a trailer to transport the animal. CO Andrea Dani responded and was able to assist. With the use of two winches, the animal was placed on a trailer and transported to a local meat processor where the animal will be processed and donated to families in need. The driver of the vehicle was treated at the local hospital and released.

COs Brandon Maki and Andrea Dani were on patrol west of Grand Island when CO Maki noticed an angler reeling in a hidden fourth fishing line. The COs contacted the angler and cited him for fishing with more than three lines.

Sgt. Mark Zitnik and CO Andrea Dani were on patrol in Munising Bay when Sgt. Zitnik observed a vessel without legible MC numbers. The COs followed the vessel to the dock, where the vessel did not come off plane until approximately 50 feet from the dock. The COs found the vessel to have an expired registration for which the operator was ticketed. The operator was also warned for operating greater than no wake speed within 100 feet of a dock on the Great Lakes.

Sgt. Mark Zitnik and CO Andrea Dani were patrolling on Lake Superior near the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore when they observed a PWC operating at high speeds very close to the rocky shoreline. The COs stopped the jet ski, and the operator admitted to travelling at speeds of 50 miles per hour (mph) within 50 feet of the shoreline. The operator was ticketed for operating a PWC at greater than no wake speed within 200 feet of the Great Lakes shoreline.

COs Mike Evink, Cole VanOosten, and Andrea Dani attended search and rescue training presented by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) in Houghton. The COs learned more about incident command details, primary search areas, and human behavior and how it relates to lost or missing persons, as well as the assets available upon request from the AFRCC.

CO Robert Freeborn assisted the MSP in a fugitive arrest who had fled from local officers on several occasions and had several misdemeanor and felony warrants. The officers received a tip on his location and surrounded the house. The suspect was apprehended shortly after without incident this time.

CO Robert Freeborn was advised by dispatch of a sinking vessel on Indian Lake. The angler was reportedly in the water with a PFD. CO Freeborn coordinated efforts with the local city police who brought their rescue boat. CO Freeborn located the angler in distress and confirmed that the vessel was sinking in large waves, but the angler was still in the boat bailing water. A good Samaritan observed the vessel in distress and towed it to the launch. CO Freeborn and the local city police assisted the angler and loaded his boat on the trailer.

CO Robert Freeborn was asked by the MSP to assist in a welfare check on an individual who lived in a remote section of Schoolcraft County. The officers eventually located the subject’s residence and found him in good health. Since the subject lived in such a remote location off the grid, his extended family was unable to contact him.

COs Rob Freeborn and Cole VanOosten assisted local law enforcement in the annual St. Ignace Car Show. While patrolling the area the first day, the COs observed a large group of vehicles impeding traffic and drag racing on I-75. The COs were unable to contact the vehicles because of their high rate of speed down the highway. The following evening, the COs set up a discrete stationary patrol to observe the stretch of interstate. At approximately the same time the group returned and began drag racing, two vehicles were observed drag racing northbound before exiting and returning southbound where they stopped traffic right in front of the COs vehicle and again started a drag race down I-75. The COs immediately initiated a traffic stop on the two vehicles and tickets were issued.

CO Mike Olesen was on patrol in Chippewa County when he observed smoke coming across a roadway. CO Olesen approached the area and observed the open burning of debris in a yard adjacent to a state highway. CO Olesen contacted the owner of the residence who said that they were just burning old wood. When asked what they had to put the fire out in case it escaped, the homeowner pointed towards a five-gallon bucket of water. They were informed about the current burn restrictions put in place and that burn permits were not being issued. A ticket was issued for burning without a permit and the homeowner was directed to extinguish the fire which took several buckets of water.


CO Chad Baldwin received a complaint about a large amount of trash, children’s toys, and a bicycle left on state land after the owner departed their dispersed campsite on state land. CO Baldwin located a name and address in the trash and interviewed the suspect and her mother about the garbage left behind. Neither the suspect nor her mother would admit to leaving anything behind, nor did they admit to dispersed camping on state land. CO Baldwin gave them 24 hours to clean up the site and upon inspection the following day, all the contents had been removed.

COs Chad Baldwin and Jack Gorno patrolled Lake Charlevoix during the East Jordon Freedom Festival. Numerous marine contacts were made, and several warnings and tickets were issued for expired watercraft registrations. Overall, the warm weather brought out many boats to watch the fireworks show and spectators enjoyed the presentation.

COs Andrea Albert and Charlie Jones assisted with a high-speed vehicle pursuit that was initiated by the Antrim County Sheriff’s Department during a traffic stop. The fleeing subject was wanted on several felony warrants and had rammed two police vehicles including disabling one cruiser. CO Albert called out the 25-minute pursuit which continued through three counties. During the pursuit, the officers were advised the subject had stolen the vehicle from its owner while at gun point. After fleeing through rough seasonal roads, the subject’s vehicle became disabled, and he was taken into custody by COs Jones, Albert, and Kalkaska County Sherriff’s Deputy Brian Creighton. The driver, who showed signs of being highly intoxicated, was turned over to the Antrim County Sheriff’s Department for charges.

CO Jack Gorno stopped a vessel on Burt Lake for towing a skier without an observer. The subject stated he owned the boat and knew the violation present. After running law enforcement information network (LEIN) on the registration, CO Gorno advised the subject that he also did not renew his registration. CO Gorno ticketed the subject for expired registration and warned the subject about towing a skier without an observer.

CO Matt Theunick received a complaint of a stuck Canada goose along one of the piers in Mackinaw City. Upon arrival, the goose was found to be caught by the wings, having pieces of rebar above and below both wings. The goose was released without issue rejoining its family group.

CO Tim Rosochacki conducted a joint patrol aboard United States Coast Guard (USCG) Station St Ignace vessel on the Inland Waterway. While patrolling, a vessel was observed towing a subject without an observer. A stop was made by Federal Boarding Officer Chief Jeremy Sergey. CO Rosochacki made contact and a ticket was issued for towing without an observer.

CO Tim Rosochacki assisted the Tuscarora Township Police Department with executing a search warrant for a subject with a felony warrant who was known to be inside a residence but refused to come out. The subject was taken into custody without incident.

CO Tim Rosochacki assisted a Cheboygan County sheriff’s deputy with an in-custody subject who was being extremely difficult during transportation to the jail. CO Rosochacki assisted the deputy in securing the subject safely in a seatbelt with a seatbelt locking mechanism to stop the subject from releasing the seatbelt on his own.

Sgt. Mark DePew took four separate ORV crashes that were reported at Otsego Memorial Hospital over a busy June weekend. After investigating the crashes, it was determined that operator inexperience was the determining factor in each crash.

While Sgt. Mark DePew was completing paperwork in the front parking lot of the Gaylord DNR office, he saw an ORV cross M-32 and enter the DNR parking lot. As the ORV passed his position, he noticed that the ORV did not have a valid ORV license. The sergeant conducted a traffic stop and discovered that the operator had a revoked license due to five prior operating under the influence arrests. The suspect was subsequently arrested.

CO Jonathan Sheppard assisted the MSP in locating a vehicle whose occupant had assaulted another person with a knife. While looking for the vehicle along Long Rapids Road in Alpena County, the vehicle was spotted less than a mile away. CO Sheppard arrived on scene and assisted with scene security and the eventual arrest of the suspect for assault with a deadly weapon and possession of narcotics.

CO Jon Sklba was contacted by a Presque Isle County sheriff’s deputy about a local landowner who arrived at their cabin after a long winter to discover damage to their windows. It appeared that the cabin had been shot, possibly by waterfowl hunters.

CO Paul Fox and Acting Sgt. Sidney LaLonde followed up on an investigation involving a subject who was in possession of a captive fawn. The subject was contacted and interviewed. The subject had received a fawn by another individual who believed it to be abandoned. The fawn was surrendered, and enforcement action was taken for possessing captive wildlife.

CO Alex Bourgeois was patrolling north on CR 487 near Atlanta when he observed a dirt bike rider weaving on the road. CO Bourgeois initiated a traffic stop and contacted the operator. CO Bourgeois ran the operator’s information through LEIN, and it was discovered that he had a warrant out of Montmorency County. Montmorency County stated that they would pick up on the warrant and CO Bourgeois put the operator into custody. The operator was transported to the Alpena County Sheriff’s Department where he was lodged.


CO Jeff Ginn responded to a fire in the Muskegon State Game Area (SGA). Upon arrival, he was able to assist responding fire units to the location and assist with containment. CO Ginn and a DNR fire officer investigated and were able to determine the fire originated from an unattended campfire.

CO Jeff Ginn was checking anglers at a US Forest Service (USFS) campground when a camper approached CO Ginn and explained a tree had fallen and gotten hung up in another tree at their site. CO Ginn investigated and found a large oak tree had fallen into another oak tree and was hanging dangerously close to their site. CO Ginn assisted the camper with moving their tents and belongings away from the area. CO Ginn contacted the USFS who responded and removed the hazardous tree.

CO Jeff Ginn assisted the MSP on a complaint of a subject with a gun along the Muskegon River. CO Ginn responded to the area where a suspect had allegedly pointed a rifle at a group of tubers and discharged the firearm into the ground before running into the woods. CO Ginn responded by boat to the area and conducted a foot patrol of the wooded area along the river searching for the armed subject. Unfortunately, the suspect was not located, and the incident is still open pending further investigation.

CO Jeff Ginn was on marine patrol along the Muskegon River when he was dispatched to a possible drowning on the Muskegon River. CO Ginn arrived by boat and located several subjects on shore and all parties were accounted for. While loading a female subject into the boat for medical treatment, another large group of inner tubers were caught in the same log jam and needed assistance. CO Ginn quickly navigated the patrol boat to the log jam. He was able to cut lines attaching the inner tubers together, freeing half of the group. Two kayaks were pulled from the trees and sent down river. Also, one male subject who was clinging on the tree was pulled to the boat and transported to shore. While evaluating their injuries, another large group became trapped in the log jam. CO Ginn again responded to their location and pulled two more subjects from the trees and brought them to shore. Boats from the Newaygo Fire and Croton Township Fire Departments responded to assist with their rescue boats and personnel. In total, 23 subjects were either removed from the log jam or transported to the nearest boating access site for medical treatment. Their injuries were reported to range from a fractured arm, dislocated shoulder, near drowning, and various cuts and scratches.

CO Angela Greenway was on marine patrol and observed a vessel operating greater than slow no wake in a designated slow no wake area on the Muskegon River. CO Greenway attempted to stop the vessel by activating the emergency lights and providing hand signals to the operator to stop. The female operator seemed confused and continued to operate away from CO Greenway. CO Greenway was eventually able to stop the vessel and quickly determined the operator was intoxicated. CO Greenway requested the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol assist with transporting the vessel to shore to complete sobriety testing. It was determined that the operator was under the influence. The operator was arrested for operating a boat while under the influence of intoxicants and transported to the Mecosta County Jail.


COs Matt Zultak, Jeremy Cantrell, Charlie Jones, Ben McAteer, James Garrett, Breanna Reed, and Jacob Hamilton attended the Roscommon County Youth Academy. The COs spent the morning presenting to 13-year-olds on the topics of Aquatic Invasive Species, Marine Safety, Hunter Safety, Trapping, Fishing, and ORV Safety. In the afternoon, the students were given the title of ‘Temporary Conservation Officer’ and conducted multiple scenarios to test their knowledge and skills as a CO. After the training was complete, all the COs remained at the academy and conducted physical fitness training with the students.

CO Jacob Hamilton was on marine patrol on Bear Lake in Kalkaska County when he contacted two anglers fishing from a dock. One of the anglers had a rainbow trout in his hand and was putting it on a stringer when CO Hamilton approached. CO Hamilton asked the angler how long the fish was, and the angler said it was about nine inches. CO Hamilton educated the anglers on the size limit requirements for trout on Bear Lake and the angler successfully returned the undersize trout back into the water. CO Hamilton showed both anglers how to look up trout lakes so that they could properly locate size limits on various lakes in Kalkaska County. CO Hamilton asked both subjects for their fishing licenses, one of the anglers stated that he was only sixteen and the other angler did not have a 2023 fishing license. The subject was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Casey Pullum received an anonymous Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint regarding a suspect who had some reptiles and a racoon in captivity. CO Pullum enlisted assistance from the local USFS law enforcement officer (LEO). The two officers arrived at the address of the suspect and spoke to a male occupant. The suspect admitted to having a few turtles, a hognose snake, and a racoon inside the apartment. CO Pullum gained consent to look inside and found a large eastern snapping turtle on the floor of the bathroom and a baby racoon inside a glass aquarium. CO Pullum asked about the snake and was informed by the suspect that it had recently escaped from its cage and its whereabouts inside the apartment was unknown. CO Pullum also located 41 snapping turtle eggs in a cardboard box as well as two wood turtles and a painted turtle. While on scene, the COs determined the female resident at the apartment had multiple misdemeanor warrants including one originating from the DNR LED for camping without a camp card out of Cheboygan County. She was taken into custody on the warrant and lodged in the Oscoda County Jail. In total two wood turtles, a painted turtle, eastern snapping turtle, 41 turtle eggs and a raccoon were seized from the suspect. Charges are being sought through the Oscoda County prosecutor.

COs Jeff Goss and Josh Russell located an illegal ORV hill climb and river crossing in Gladwin County. The COs posted signs marking the area closed. When they returned a few days later, they waited on a hill where they could observe activity. The COs were impressed at the number of people who saw the signs and left the area. Unfortunately, just as many people ignored them. Several tickets were issued for operating ORVs in a closed area along with warnings for wetlands violations.

CO Ryan Weakman recently patrolled through a busy access site in Clare County where he found two ORVs sitting near the launch. CO Weakman asked both operators why they drove past the ‘No ORV’ signs at the entrance to the launch. They claimed they just drove down to check to see if the lake had been sprayed for weeds. Further investigation revealed open intoxicants in one of the ORVs. Both operators were issued citations one of them for possessing open intoxicants upon an ORV and the other for operating on a public access site where prohibited.


Nothing to report.


CO Anna Cullen was patrolling back to Muskegon County during the early hours of the morning when she observed a vehicle in her rearview mirror. The vehicle was operating at a high rate of speed and did not have any headlights on. CO Cullen stopped the vehicle and determined the driver had been drinking. CO Cullen directed the driver through standard field sobriety tests, along with a consented preliminary breath test. It was determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The driver was lodged for operating while intoxicated (OWI) and charges were submitted to the appropriate court. 

CO James Nason was patrolling in Kalamazoo County for marine activity. During his patrol, near the Kalamazoo River in Comstock Township, CO Nason found a subject working on a broken-down vehicle at a popular access site. Upon investigation, CO Nason found that the subject had multiple felony warrants from Kalamazoo, Allegan, and Van Buren Counties. The subject fled on foot from CO Nason, and after a lengthy foot pursuit through Comstock, CO Nason and Kalamazoo County K9 Deputy Sgt. Kline were able to catch and apprehend the individual. CO Nason lodged the subject on his warrants and a report was submitted to the Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for resisting and obstructing a police officer.

CO Zach Bauer was on patrol when Berrien Central Dispatch put out a complaint of a shooting nearby. CO Bauer responded to the location where the victim was pronounced dead upon arriving on scene. The suspect fled the scene prior to CO Bauer’s arrival. CO Bauer assisted the MSP in securing the scene and the residence. The suspect was arrested by the MSP shortly after.


While patrolling between lakes, CO Chris Reynolds heard a BOL for a subject who had escaped from police custody along with another individual who had multiple parole violations. CO Reynolds assisted the MSP and Hillsdale County units in setting up a perimeter while K9 units tracked the individuals. One of the individuals was caught, while the other was able to get away.

Sgt. Rich Nickols received several complaints about a vehicle frequenting the Rose Lake State Game Area (SGA) and parking in a couple different places. Sgt. Nickols had previously contacted the occupants and let them know they could not camp or stay in their vehicle overnight. After the most recent complaint, Sgt. Nickols checked the areas the vehicle had been parked and located trash and several hundred cigarette butts. The driver was found parked in one of the spots again and ordered to clean up the trash and cigarette butts. He was also evicted from the game area.

CO Ed Rice responded to two separate domestic abuse/disturbance calls with the MSP. During each investigation, it was determined a physical altercation occurred resulting in minor injuries. A female from the first call and male from the second call were taken into custody and arrested for domestic assault.


CO Dan Walzak provided instruction for Basic Marine Enforcement Training at Camp Grayling. CO Walzak was also shadowed and provided information regarding Law Enforcement Division’s Basic Marine Enforcement Training to a member of training staff from the Wildlife Protection Agency of Quebec, Canada. Quebec is looking to pattern their marine enforcement training after the Michigan DNR’s program. The Quebec officer stated that he learned much about the operation of small patrol vessels and will be able to significantly improve his own agency’s program with the information that he gained by attending the training.

While patrolling Wayne County, CO Ariel Young stopped in at a local boat access site and checked a pair of anglers. After showing off a very large and personal best northern pike for the anglers, CO Young checked the walleyes that were still in the bucket, finding one nearly three inches shorter than the minimum length requirement. After discussing this with the anglers, they were certain that the size limit was 12 inches and that the size must have changed recently. Assuring the anglers that the size had been the same for several years on the Detroit River, they were issued a citation for possessing an undersized walleye and the walleye was seized and subsequently donated to a family in need.

While checking boaters at a local boat access site in Wayne County, COs Ariel Young and Danny Walzak encountered one angler who had nearly caught their limit of walleye. After the COs measured the fish, it was determined that he possessed one that was too short. Not believing the CO, the angler measured it against his own measuring device and exclaimed that he had made a mistake and that there was no argument that it was short. The angler was cited for possessing an undersized walleye.

Patrolling Wayne County, CO Ariel Young was in route to check a local boat launch when she was passed by a vehicle that chose the turning lane to pass. CO Young initiated a traffic stop and the individual immediately started yelling at CO Young that she was not even a police officer and that she didn’t have the authority to stop him and didn’t have jurisdiction to pull a traffic stop. CO Young informed the driver that she was indeed a fully commissioned state officer with statewide jurisdiction and could in fact pull individuals over. The driver kept arguing with CO Young and was unable to provide all the documents necessary when asked. CO Young issued a citation for the improper passing and a written warning for failing to provide proof of insurance. When CO Young handed the citation to the driver, she was instantly met with ‘of course I’m getting a ticket, you’re on some power trip’ before exclaiming that he would be fighting his ticket and that CO Young was just wasting away taxpayer money. 

CO Justin Muehlhauser was checking anglers at the Holloway Dam. When one angler noticed the CO, he packed up and tried to leave the area. The CO contacted the subject in the parking lot and asked to see his fishing license. The man searched for his license but was unable to produce it. When the CO asked for his name, he provided a false name and couldn’t remember his birth year. The CO called him out for providing false information and was able to get him to provide his identification. The subject returned with a felony warrant for weapons charges out of the 67th District Court. The subject was taken into custody without incident and lodged at the Flint City lock up.

While checking vessels coming off the St. Clair River in Algonac, CO Sydney Griffor observed a fishing vessel pull up to the launch with unidentifiable MC numbers on the boat. The angler stated they caught a handful of walleyes. While measuring the walleye, CO Griffor measured three walleye that were less than the legal 15-inch size limit. The owner of the boat was issued a citation for possessing three undersized walleye and a warning for having non legible MC numbers on the boat. The undersized walleyes were seized.

CO Sydney Griffor was checking fishing vessels coming off the river at the St. Clair Boat Harbor. While checking one angler, he stated he caught a few walleyes then showed CO Griffor a zip-lock bag with fish fillets. The angler stated he was unaware of the laws surrounding mutilated fish. CO Griffor educated him about the mutilated fish laws. The next day, CO Griffor observed the same angler coming into the launch once again. He was observed dumping something out of a bucket into the river, later determined to be fish carcasses. When CO Griffor checked him, he stated he caught five walleyes. Before CO Griffor had the chance to ask to see the fish, the angler covered his face with his hands and stated, “I did it again.”  He showed CO Griffor a zip-lock bag of fish fillets. When asked why he did it again after given a warning about it the day prior, he stated, “I didn’t think I would see you two days in a row.”  The angler was issued a citation for possession of mutilated fish and a warning for depositing/littering fish offal into the water.

CO Mike Drexler was patrolling an area of Waterloo State Recreation Area that has had an influx of illegal ORV activity. CO Drexler patrolled a two-track that went about 1.5 miles into the woods where he located a Jeep. The owner of the Jeep admitted to thinking he probably should not have driven out there. CO Drexler issued a citation for having an ORV on State Recreation Area which is not open to ORVs.

CO Brandon Vacek assisted with marine patrol in Wayne County during the “Thrill in the ville” boat racing event on Belleville Lake. For the two-day event, Sgt. Damon Owens, and COs Brandon Vacek, Ariel Young, Keven Luther, Christopher Knights, Martin Lawrence, and Michael Drexler assisted with enforcing safety zone boundaries and general boat traffic passing during breaks in racing. Numerous marine contacts were made throughout the weekend. The event had a large turnout and no major incidents. A few vessels were stopped on other portions of the lake during non-event patrol for minor registration violations and were issued verbal warnings.

CO Eric Smither received a complaint from Station 20 about an individual keeping two raccoons in cages at their house. CO Smither contacted the individual and located both raccoons. Enforcement action was taken, and a citation was issued for possessing wildlife without a license and the raccoons were released.


CO Cullen Knoblauch was working a Belle Isle shift when he observed two males fishing in a pond near Fountain and Sunset Drives. CO Knoblauch observed the males make a trip to the trunk of their vehicle with a small bucket and then back to the pond to continue fishing. CO Knoblauch ultimately checked the fishermen who had 111 bluegills. CO Knoblauch allowed the men to keep their limit and return the rest to the water that were still alive. Both subjects were cited for an over-limit of panfish.

While patrolling Belle Isle, CO Les Bleil assisted CO Cody Bourgeois who witnessed a 3-wheeled motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed. CO Bourgeois attempted to stop the vehicle, but the vehicle had no intentions of coming to a stop. The vehicle made it past the beach and almost off the bridge but had crashed into another vehicle. CO Bleil provided care for both subjects on the motorcycle until emergency medical services arrived. The COs placed the driver under arrest after an unregistered handgun was found along with fleeing. COs Bleil and Bourgeois provided prisoner observation at a local hospital until the subject was lodged at the Detroit Detention Center (DDC).

CO Keven Luther responded to a vehicle accident on Belle Isle Park. The property damage accident quickly turned into an OWI case with the driver fleeing the scene of the accident. CO Luther located the driver and began his investigation. The operator of the vehicle was arrested on scene and transported to the DDC. A formal case report has been generated and a complaint warrant will be submitted to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Dan Walzak stopped a subject on Belle Isle who was travelling at 53 mph in a posted 25-mph zone. When CO Walzak made contact, he asked the driver why he was driving so fast. The driver responded that he didn’t think he was driving fast and that he was just trying to leave the island to get his girlfriend to work. CO Walzak advised the driver the speed at which he was driving and the speed limit for the area. The driver gave no response. CO Walzak issued the driver a citation for speeding.

While patrolling at Belle Isle, CO Ariel Young conducted stationary radar patrols to catch speeding motorists at the park. CO Young issued two speeding citations for motorists who were travelling 17 mph and 21 mph over the speed limit. Neither driver ‘had been paying attention’ to their speed. CO Young iterated the importance of travelling at the legal speed as the park is always busy and full of pedestrians.

While patrolling on Belle Isle, Sgt. Seth Rhodea observed a vehicle travelling above the speed limit. Sgt Rhodea followed the vehicle including passing a speed monitoring device that showed the subject was going 46 mph in a 25-mph zone. A traffic stop was made, and the driver was cited for speed and failing to have a Recreation Passport on his vehicle.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll worked an extremely busy Father’s Day out on Belle Isle. CO Ingersoll stopped a car that failed to stop at a stop sign. After talking with the driver, it was determined he didn’t have a driver’s license, wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, had an expired registration, did not have insurance for the vehicle, and the passenger had a cup of wine she was drinking. CO Ingersoll ended up issuing a citation for disobeying a stop sign and a citation for open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

Sgt. Shane Webster worked a very busy Father’s Day on Belle Isle. During the shift, he took a complaint of a stolen motorcycle. The unfortunate victim had been talked into giving a subject a test drive on the machine and when the suspect never returned, the actual intent was realized. The motorcycle was entered into LEIN as stolen.

CO Andrew Monnich was working a Belle Isle patrol when he observed two individuals fishing. CO Monnich contacted the anglers who both had valid fishing licenses and stated they were catching a few fish. While checking the angler’s buckets, CO Monnich counted 55 bluegills in one bucket and 40 bluegills in the other bucket. He advised them that they were both over the limit of panfish. The panfish were seized and citations were issued for over-limits.

CO Andrew Monnich was working a Belle Isle shift when he noticed an angler in Lake Muskoday. CO Monnich contacted the man who produced two fishing licenses but not for the current year. A check of his bucket produced 112 panfish. The angler was advised that even if he had a valid fishing license, he would still be 87 fish over his limit but without the license he was indeed 112 fish over the limit. A ticket was issued, and the fish were seized.


Corporals (Cpls.) Craig Milkowski and Todd Sumbera conducted a joint patrol with the USCG and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary for two days. The patrol covered the shipwrecks, but few divers were in the area over the weekend. Five vessels were boarded for marine inspections by the USCG, and a handful of sport anglers were checked with very good success on lake trout. One diver was checked, who was an individual taking part in a spearfishing tournament. The contacts with participating agencies were very positive and helped build upon good working relationships.

Corporal (Cpl.) Pat Hartsig patrolled Lower Lake Huron for fishing and diving activity.  Not many anglers were out due to salmon moving to deeper water. Little scuba activity was noted during patrols of the more popular shipwrecks.

Cpls. Pat Hartsig and Nick Atkin conducted an AIS patrol at the Caseville Municipal Harbor Landing Blitz event. Many contacts were made. One warning was given to a subject for attempting to launch a watercraft with aquatic vegetation attached. The vegetation was removed, and the Landing Blitz Crew washed the watercraft and trailer before it was launched.
Cpl. Tom Peterson assisted the Environmental Investigations Section (EIS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) with documenting sailboat wreckage on the east end of Manitou Island. The vessel’s owner is under investigation for leaving the wreckage with no plans to remove the boat. Cpl. Peterson provided transportation to and from the wreckage site.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge had an interview with Local 3 WJMN for a segment on being a conservation officer within the local community and the day-to-day functions of a conservation officer.