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Conservation Officers (COs) Byron Parks, Brian Lasanen, Phil Helminen, and Cpl. Tom Peterson conducted a marine patrol of the Portage Canal and Torch Lake as part of Operation Dry Water (ODW). ODW is a national year-round campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of boating under the influence. The COs patrolled the waters of the Portage Canal until dark, then made their way over to Torch Lake for the fireworks. Throughout the patrol, stops were conducted on boats with no navigation lights, navigation lights not visible, persons being towed by personal watercraft (PWC) without an observer, and no registration numbers or decals. None of the operators of the boats being stopped appeared to be impaired or under the influence. The patrol ended with 10 verbal warnings and two citations being issued, one for no navigational stern light and the other for failing to attach registration decals and numbers. 

CO Zach Painter was off duty when he received a call to assist with the search for a missing subject with dementia in Ontonagon County. CO Painter responded and assisted other local agencies along with search and rescue. After several hours, the subject was located by searchers, unharmed.

Sgt. Brian Bacon and CO Steve Sajtar observed two individuals fishing from shore. Sgt. Bacon and CO Sajtar contacted the two individuals fishing. One subject stated, “I did not want to buy a $300 non-resident fishing license in Michigan, because I’m a nonresident.” The second subject claimed that they were only ‘catch-and-release’ fishing and did not need a fishing license. CO Sajtar advised them that an annual non-resident fishing license in Michigan is only $76 and that a license is needed to fish, whether you keep any or not. Citations were issued to both individuals for fishing without licenses.

CO Anna Viau and Sgt. Brian Bacon patrolled Paint Lake in northwestern Iron County one weekend. While talking to an angler, CO Viau observed a boat that was pulling a couple juveniles on a tube. The operator was the only person on the boat, and he was looking back at the tube almost as much as he was looking where he was going. The COs stopped the boat and issued the operator a citation for towing the tube without an observer on the boat.

CO Alex VanWagner was contacted by local dispatch well after dark on the night of the 4th of July regarding a stranded subject on a personal watercraft (PWC) who was lost out on the Michigamme Reservoir. The subject had gotten turned around prior to dark, ran out of fuel, and had been stranded for a few hours. CO VanWagner responded up one of the rivers that flowed into the reservoir where the subject was thought to be and was able to locate him. The subject was safely transported back to his vehicle.

CO Alex VanWagner was called out for a car versus moose crash in northern Iron County early one morning. The two subjects in the vehicle did not suffer any injuries after the collision with a young bull moose. The moose was brought to a local processor and the meat will be donated after processing is completed.

CO Phil Helminen was on marine patrol when he contacted two people fishing from kayaks in Dickinson County. After checking fishing licenses, CO Helminen asked if they had personal flotation devices (PFDs) on the kayaks and both people stated that they did not have any with them and did not realize that they needed them. A citation was issued for not having a PFD.

CO John Kamps checked an angler along a trout stream. The CO determined that the owner did not have a fishing license in his possession and had two minnow traps in the water without owner identification. Additionally, the individual had a trap net in his possession, which is not allowed on a designated trout stream. A citation was issued.

CO Cody Smith was patrolling Lake Michigamme near Van Riper State Park when he contacted a stalled out PWC on the lake with two occupants. The PWC had mechanical issues due to a rope on the back of the vessel getting sucked into the jet. CO Smith towed the occupants back to shore and assisted getting the vessel onto a trailer at the launch site.

CO Jackson Kelly conducted a marine patrol on Lake Michigamme on the 4th of July weekend. The CO contacted a boat with an expired registration and during the check, determined that there were no PFDs on board. The CO issued a citation for no PFD. Later in the patrol, CO Kelly checked a group of anglers who didn’t have fishing licenses. They were issued citations for no fishing licenses and multiple warnings for various other violations.


CO Andrea Dani observed three anglers brook trout fishing on the AuTrain River. Upon contact, one angler was found to not have purchased a fishing license. The angler admitted to just purchasing the bait they were using at a nearby store that sells fishing licenses. The angler was ticketed for fishing without a license.

CO Brandon Maki was patrolling Pete’s Lake when he contacted a vessel with four anglers. CO Maki asked how fishing was and they replied that it was very good. They stated they had five pike that they had kept. CO Maki asked to see them, and they pulled a stringer out of a five-gallon bucket. One fish appeared to be much shorter than the 24-inch minimum. CO Maki had them hand over the short fish which measured out at 18 inches. One of the anglers stated that it had died before they could release it so they kept it so it wouldn’t go to waste. After measuring all the fish, the biggest was only 23 inches. CO Maki issued a ticket for the undersized pike. 

CO Justin Vinson was patrolling the Les Cheneaux Islands when he observed a PWC being operated with an expired registration. A stop of the PWC was conducted revealing that the operator was 14 years old. CO Vinson followed the juvenile to their residence. Once at the residence, CO Vinson ticketed the parent of the operator for allowing a juvenile under the age of 16 years to operate a PWC without supervision. A warning was given for operating a PWC with expired registration.

CO Cole VanOosten was on marine patrol when he contacted two anglers fishing. Upon contact, one angler stated that he was unable to purchase his fishing license because he had lost his wallet, which contained his driver’s license. The man also stated that he always buys his license every year. A background check was run on the subject, and it was discovered that he hadn’t had a valid driver’s license for over 10 years and had not purchased a fishing license since 2016. CO VanOosten issued a ticket for fishing without a license.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten were on marine patrol on a lake in Alger County when they contacted two anglers. Upon seeing the COs, one angler reeled in and placed his fishing poles on the bottom of the vessel. Upon asking for fishing licenses, the one man presented a non-resident license. The other man stated he had just renewed his but left it in his truck. A license check revealed that the man with the non-resident license did not have a valid fishing license. A ticket was issued for fishing without a license.

COs Steve Butzin, Cole VanOosten, and Cpl. Mike Hammill were on marine patrol when they observed a man fishing. Upon approaching, the COs watched the man reel in a fishing pole and put it on the bottom of the vessel. Upon contact, the man still had three fishing lines in the water and admitted to fishing more than three lines. A ticket was issued to the man for fishing with more than three lines.

COs Brandon Maki and Andrea Dani were patrolling past the Forest Lake Basin when they observed a vehicle parked near the dam. COs Dani and Maki walked up to the dam and observed two adults and one juvenile fishing in a canoe. CO Maki checked their fishing licenses and asked to see their PFDs. The juvenile was wearing a PFD; however, the two adults stated they did not have any on board with them. CO Maki issued a ticket to one individual for no PFD.

CO Mike Olesen and Sgt. Calvin Smith patrolled the St. Mary’s River checking anglers and boaters. During the patrol, a vessel was checked on Lake Huron fishing for lake trout. During the check, it was determined that the boat was not displaying proper registration along with there not being the required number of PFDs for the passengers on board. The operator of the vessel was ticketed for failing to provide PFDs and a warning was given for not displaying a valid registration.


CO Adam LeClerc was on marine patrol on Pickerel Lake in Emmet County over the holiday weekend when he observed a skier being towed without an observer onboard. CO LeClerc made a stop on the vessel for the infraction. The operator stated that they were going to pick up an observer as they were stopped, but were pointing in the wrong direction, and this was their second pass along the lake without an observer. A ticket was issued for towing a skier without an observer.

CO Adam LeClerc was headed out for marine patrol on Lake Michigan from Petoskey Marina while two PWCs launched from the boat launch. The operators of the PWCs drove through the marina at a high rate of speed ignoring the slow no wake area inside the marina. Tickets were issued for operate faster than slow no wake.

COs Adam LeClerc and Chad Baldwin were on marine patrol for the Walloon Village fireworks. While patrolling the lake, they checked a couple anglers. One angler did not purchase a license for fishing. A ticket was issued for fishing without a license.

While conducting a marine boating under the influence (BUI) patrol on Torch Lake, CO Andrea Albert observed a subject having a difficult time docking his pontoon boat at the boating access site on the Fourth of July. CO Albert contacted the operator and the five passengers onboard. There were alcohol containers strewn about the boat and CO Albert noticed the operator was slurring his speech and was having a difficult time standing. The operator and CO Albert were trying to hold the boat at the dock when CO Albert noticed he still had the motor in reverse. CO Albert put the boat in neutral and turned off the motor for the operator. The operator initially attempted to tell CO Albert that he was not operating the boat. After CO Albert advised she observed him driving up to the dock he admitted he was the operator. Further investigation found the operator to be highly intoxicated by alcohol. After failing sobriety tests, he was placed under arrest for BUI. The pontoon was turned over to a sober driver. The Antrim County Sheriff’s Department also assisted with the incident.

CO Duane Budreau was patrolling on a lake in Emmet County when he encountered a couple of anglers and asked for their licenses. The individual of whom it appeared the boat belonged to advised CO Budreau that his license was back at the cottage. The second man advised he was from another country and had not purchased a fishing license. CO Budreau checked the fishing license status of the owner of the boat, and it appeared as though he had not purchased a license in a few years. He argued with CO Budreau and told him that he had purchased it online. When asked why he first told that it was back at the cottage, the man grew more frustrated and told CO Budreau to just give him the (expletive) ticket. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Duane Budreau followed up on an ice shanty that had fallen through the ice in northern Emmet County earlier this spring. CO Budreau attempted to locate the sunken shanty with the use of sonar, both down and side scanning. After searching the shanty’s last known whereabouts for a couple of hours, CO Budreau began checking anglers on the lake. After asking several anglers of their knowledge about the shanty, CO Budreau finally encountered a local angler who stated he observed someone recover the shanty and tow it to shore about a week ago.

COs Chad Baldwin, Tim Rosochacki, Alex Bourgeois, and Sgt. Bill Webster conducted a radar speed patrol on marine traffic during the Boyne Thunder Boat Race on Lake Charlevoix. Multiple marine stops were made, and three tickets issued for speed exceeding 55 mph. The COs witnessed speeds ranging from 60 to over 100 mph on the inland lake.

CO Andrea Albert was on marine patrol with COs Jack Gorno and Dan Liestenfeltz during the busy Torch Lake Fourth of July holiday weekend. The COs observed two subjects on a PWC operating near the sandbar area. The two subjects fell off the PWC and due to the fact, the shutoff lanyard was not attached to the operator the watercraft was still under power going in circles near the two subjects in the water. After several tries, the male operator was able to reach up and grab the shut off lanyard to disable the watercraft. The COs contacted the boaters while they were still in the water to check on their welfare and to address the shutoff lanyard violation. CO Albert noticed immediately that the operator was slurring his speech and had blood shot eyes. The female passenger also showed signs of heavy intoxication and initially refused to identify herself. The operator tried to tell CO Albert that he was not operating the PWC, but once he was advised that he was observed with binoculars operating prior to falling off the machine, he acknowledged that he was the driver. The operator failed sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for boating while under the influence (BUI) by CO Albert. The Antrim and Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Departments assisted with the incident.

CO Andrea Albert attended the annual Elk Rapids Harbor Fish Expo put on each year by local anglers to teach the public how to fish and to grow interest in the sport of fishing. The Expo had over 200 participants. CO Albert answered numerous fish and wildlife related questions.

COs Jack Gorno, Andrea Albert, Dan Liestenfeltz and Sgt. Mark DePew contacted a vessel with incorrectly displayed registration numbers. After investigation, the operator was arrested for BUI, zero tolerance - less than 21 years of age.

CO Jack Gorno contacted anglers on Douglas Lake during the holiday weekend. CO Gorno observed a boat full of people actively fishing. During contact, two anglers on board admitted to fishing without a license. CO Gorno asked the reason for fishing without a license, and they both admitted it was their first time out. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Tim Rosochacki, Dan Liestenfeltz, Kyle Cherry, and Sgt. Mark DePew were assisting local officers patrolling Torch Lake prior to the Fourth of July. CO Tim Rosochacki observed a vessel not bearing any registration numbers, occupied by three people. Upon contact with the operator, he observed a strong odor of intoxicants. Additionally, there was only one PFD for three occupants. The operator stated he had consumed ‘a couple of beers.’ The operator was given standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) and a preliminary breath test (PBT). The subject blew a .149 and was arrested for BUI and lodged at the Kalkaska County Jail.

CO Tim Rosochacki was on marine patrol prior to the Indian River Fourth of July fireworks. A vessel was contacted for failing to display navigation lights after sunset. The vessel was loaded with an excessive amount of people and upon requesting PFDs there were five more people than there were PFDs. A ticket was issued to the operator for failing to provide adequate PFDs.

CO Tim Rosochacki was patrolling Burt Lake when he observed a subject on a PWC who appeared to be wearing an inadequate PFD. Before a stop could be initiated, the subject began traveling at a high rate of speed toward a residence. CO Rosochacki was able to contact the subject near shore and upon closer inspection, determined the subject to be wearing a wakeboarding impact vest instead of a proper PFD. CO Rosochacki pointed out the wording on the impact vest, which stated, ‘This is not a personal floatation device.’ A ticket was issued for failing to wear a proper PFD.

CO Tim Rosochacki was patrolling Lake Michigan, west of the Mackinac Bridge, when he observed a PWC towing a tube with no observer. A stop was initiated, and contact was made with the subject stating that he was aware a spotter was required. A ticket was issued for the safety violation of towing without an observer.

COs Tim Rosochacki and Alex Bourgeois were assisting with the Boyne Thunder Poker Run event when they encountered two separate vessels traveling more than the 55-mph speed limit on Lake Charlevoix. The participants are reminded of the speed limit during a mandatory pre-event meeting. Radar readings of 80 mph and 105 mph were recorded for both vessels. Tickets were issued to drivers exceeding 55 mph on an inland lake.

CO Kyle Cherry was on marine patrol in Otsego County when he checked a boat with three male subjects who were all fishing. Two subjects produced fishing licenses, but the third subject stated he left his fishing license in the truck. CO Cherry checked the licensing system and found the subject had not purchased a fishing license. A ticket was issued.

CO Kyle Cherry and Sgt. Mark DePew were on patrol in Otsego County when they checked an angler fishing from a dock at a public access. A brief investigation revealed the angler had seven warrants for his arrest. The subject was taken into custody.

COs Matt Theunick and Tim Rosochacki were on marine patrol on Burt Lake. During their patrol, they encountered an individual pulling three people on tubes without an observer in the boat. As a result, enforcement action was taken.

Sgt. Mark DePew took three separate ORV crashes that were reported at Otsego Memorial Hospital over the busy Fourth of July. Operator inexperience was a contributing factor in each crash.

CO Jon Sklba obtained a warrant for a resident in California who had been illegally purchasing Michigan resident hunting and fishing licenses. The magistrate in Alpena County authorized 17 charges. The warrant was served when the subject came to the area to vacation for the holiday.

CO Jon Sklba contacted a subject fishing without a fishing license in Presque Isle County on Lake Huron. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Otsego County when a vehicle came up behind him at a high rate of speed. The vehicle then proceeded to pass CO Liestenfeltz as well as a full-size semi-truck with a trailer in a no passing zone. This portion of the roadway was also headed up a steep hill. The vehicle crested the hill and then moved over into the original lane of travel. A vehicle coming the other direction was only approximately 100 yards away. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and issued the driver a ticket for passing in a no passing zone.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was headed back to his residence from Torch Lake when he observed a vehicle drive off the roadway and cross the center line multiple times as it came at him. CO Liestenfeltz turned around and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. CO Liestenfeltz immediately observed signs of intoxication and performed standardized field sobriety tests (SFTS) on the driver, which were not passed. The subject was over twice the legal limit of alcohol in their system. CO Liestenfeltz placed the subject into custody and lodged them for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI).

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling East Twin Lake on his patrol boat when he observed a PWC operating at a high rate of speed while within touching distance of docks. CO Liestenfeltz then observed the PWC travel very close to kayakers. CO Liestenfeltz activated his emergency lights and stopped the PWC. Upon speaking with the operator, CO Liestenfeltz immediately observed signs of intoxication. SFSTs were conducted and not passed. The operator blew a .126 on the PBT and was also under the age of 21. CO Liestenfeltz placed the subject into custody and lodged them for BUI and minor in possession of alcohol.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Montmorency County when he responded to a call about a pontoon boat being overturned on East Twin Lake. Upon arriving, it was determined that the boat had sunk when no one was on board, and everyone was safely out of the water. It was determined that there was a crack on the pontoon causing one of them to fill with water, eventually sinking it. The investigation is still ongoing.

COs Paul Fox and Jack Gorno conducted an evening patrol on Black Lake and the lower stretches of the Black River. Multiple boaters and anglers were contacted. Several kayakers were contacted and were found to be offshore without PFDs on board. While the COs were addressing the PFD violations, another vessel was observed navigating the Black River near their location. The vessel was illegally operating at a greater than no wake speed, so they attempted to contact the operator - who then proceeded to cut right in front of them without yielding the right of way. When contacted, the operator, who insisted he had 30 years of boating experience on the river, knew all the marine rules, and did nothing wrong, was subsequently unable to provide the required throwable PFD. When the COs advised they would be issuing a ticket for the wake violation and would issue warnings for the other violations the subject became irate and starting yelling profanities. A ticket was issued.

COs Paul Fox and Jack Gorno were patrolling Black Lake when they encountered several kayakers who did not have any PFDs on board. When the COs asked if the subjects knew they needed PFDs, the subjects stated they knew they needed them, but just forgot and didn’t go back to get them. They even joked about the odds of them getting ‘checked by the DNR (Department of Natural Resources).’ A ticket was issued for the violations.

CO Paul Fox was on patrol around midnight in Presque Isle County over the holiday weekend when he observed a subject burning a couch. The couch was fully engulfed, and it appeared other household items had been burned as well. CO Fox pulled into the residence and contacted the subject responsible for the fire. The subject stated he was not from the area originally and thought it was legal to burn household items, such as couches. The subject also stated that he did not think the ‘DNR’ had authority on private land. The subject was instructed to put the fire out and was issued a ticket for unlawful disposal of solid waste.

COs Paul Fox and Matt Theunick, along with the Presque Isle Sheriff’s Department Marine Patrol, Presque Isle County Sheriff Deputies, emergency medical services (EMS), and local fire units, responded to a death on Black Lake over the holiday weekend. A subject was operating a watercraft on the lake when they suddenly lost consciousness and died. The incident is under investigation.

CO Paul Fox attended two separate Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) landing blitzes on Black Lake and Lake Nettie. Several boaters were contacted and educated about the importance of AIS prevention and regulations. Overall knowledge and compliance with AIS regulations was high.

CO Jon Sheppard assisted the Air Force Combat Readiness Training Center with route planning for a future ORV training exercise. CO Sheppard showed them a route that would provide decent experience on the way to the training area.

COs Jon Sheppard and Alex Bourgeois conducted a marine patrol on Long Lake in Alpena County. Multiple vessels were contacted. A ticket was issued to an angler who was fishing without a license.

CO Alex Bourgeois was patrolling Beaver Lake when he observed a wake boat with no registration decal. He stopped the vessel and conducted a marine safety check after addressing the violation. It was discovered that the vessel only had four PFDs onboard for 12 people. A ticket was issued for not having enough PFDs and a warning was issued for not displaying the registration decal.


CO Richard Stowe contacted two anglers while on marine patrol in Benzie County. After a brief conversation about their unique kayaks and inquiring if they had any luck fishing, it was discovered that one of the subjects did not have a fishing license. The subject was ticketed for failure to display a fishing license.

COs Richard Stowe, Zackary Walters, Logan Turner, Amanda Weaver, and Sgt. Grant Emery participated in securing the safety zone for the Air Force Thunderbird demonstration at the National Cherry Festival.

CO Josiah Killingbeck and a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy were watching for illegal ORV activity when they observed a vehicle turn in front of them with several motor vehicle code violations present. CO Killingbeck then observed the passenger throw a can out the window. A traffic stop was initiated, and contact was made. The passenger admitted to throwing a pop can out the window. While speaking with the subjects, CO Killingbeck detected the odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. The deputy who backed up CO Killingbeck walked to the passenger side of the vehicle and observed a liquid running out from underneath the door that smelled like intoxicants. The passenger was asked about having alcohol to which the passenger denied. CO Killingbeck spoke with the driver outside of the vehicle who admitted that the passenger had an open beer. CO Killingbeck walked over to the passenger door and told the subject to get out. The passenger side door opened and out rolled an open beer can with beer spilled all over the floor of the vehicle. Interviews were conducted and the passenger admitted to having open intoxicants. CO Killingbeck determined that the plates on the vehicle were expired and there was no insurance. Citations were issued for the violations.

CO Josiah Killingbeck received a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint of a subject living on public land. CO Killingbeck was familiar with the subject from previous violations of living on state land. CO Killingbeck had also been looking for the subject due to leaving a dead dog at his last campsite that appeared to not have been properly cared for. CO Killingbeck and a US Forest Service officer went to the complaint and interviews were conducted regarding the dead dog. CO Killingbeck also observed another dog that was in very poor health. CO Killingbeck called the Lake County Animal Control who responded and dealt with numerous violations regarding animal neglect. Further interviews indicated that the subject was in possession of methamphetamine (meth). A complaint is being sent to the Lake County prosecutor for charges.

CO Josiah Killingbeck took a complaint of a vehicle sitting in a boat access site that was blocking parking spaces. CO Killingbeck located the vehicle and discovered that the vehicle had been involved in an unreported accident. CO Killingbeck contacted the owner, and a confession was obtained of failing to report an accident. CO Killingbeck also discovered that the vehicle did not have insurance. The vehicle was impounded, and a report was sent to the Lake County prosecutor for charges of operating without insurance and failing to report an accident.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was watching an access site at a local lake in Lake County. A boat that CO Killingbeck had been watching took off from a dock at a high rate of speed after high-speed boating hours had ended. CO Killingbeck was able to contact the boat operator when he pulled back into the dock. CO Killingbeck asked the subject if he was familiar with the regulations pertaining to high-speed boating. The subject said he was not and shouldn’t be expected to know since he recently moved into the area. CO Killingbeck pointed out the large sign in front of the dock which clearly indicated the rules. The subject told CO Killingbeck that he should be allowed to have fifteen minutes after the high-speed time is over. The subject also told CO Killingbeck that numerous people had been yelling at him for speeding, but he believed that he should be granted extra high-speed time. CO Killingbeck issued a citation, to which the subject told CO Killingbeck he would now sell his boat because of getting the citation. CO Killingbeck educated the subject of the regulations, to which the subject said he would never come back to the lake again.

CO Scott MacNeill received a complaint of several individuals trespassing on top of Tippy Dam in Manistee County. CO MacNeill and a Manistee County deputy responded to the area and observed a young male behind the fence on top of the dam. After further investigation, it was determined the 18-year-old Indiana male was intoxicated. CO MacNeill opened the fence, and the subject was issued a citation for trespassing, being intoxicated, and underage.

CO Ben Shively received a call on the radio from an Oceana County deputy who was patrolling federal land and checked a camp that had two young raccoons in a cage under their camper. CO Shively responded to the campsite and recognized the subject as someone he had dealt with two times prior on other issues. The subject stated he had received the raccoons to raise from his sister who is ‘wildlife rescue.’ The subject was cited for possession of wildlife without a permit and the raccoons were transported to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. The information of the subject’s sister was passed along to CO Anna Cullen in Muskegon County for follow up.

CO Ben Shively was headed to Golden Township in Oceana County to work ORV traffic and was northbound on US 31 when he was passed in his marked patrol truck by a small blue passenger car. CO Shively activated his radar and obtained a speed of 95 mph in the 75-mph zone. The vehicle sped up after passing CO Shively and reached a speed of 104 mph as CO Shively was catching up to it and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver stated she was trying to make it to her friends place up north before dark. She was cited for the excessive speed.

CO Ben Shively was working ORV traffic around Silver Lake State Park ORV Area when he observed a 1980’s Chevy Blazer do a burnout in the middle of an intersection causing the vehicle to spin sideways with pedestrians and other vehicles nearby. CO Shively conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and the subject was cited for careless driving.

COs Ben Shively, Anna Cullen, and Cpl. Troy VanGelderen participated in the 4th annual Oceana County Water Safety Day in Pentwater, which is put on by the Oceana County Sheriff's Office. The event hands out PFDs to children at no cost through donations by local associations and businesses. Over 100 PFDs were distributed, and families got to throw life rings, see dive equipment from the Michigan State Police (MSP) and the Oceana County Sheriff’s dive team, see different styles of wearable PFDs, and walk around on Great Lakes patrol boats at the docks.

COs Kevin Bunce, Zackary Walters and Scott MacNeill presented at the Carl T. Johnson’s Hunters Safety Program. The COs were able to educate over 40 students on the game laws of the state, while also providing useful information involving tree stand safety, compass/navigation work, firearm safety, and other useful information at the Center’s Field Day portion of the program.

CO Tim Barboza heard a call for a runaway juvenile in White Cloud that CO Barboza had dealt with several times prior. CO Barboza responded with officers from the White Cloud Police Department and the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office to the area where the boy was located, wading through the White River. The juvenile then sat on the opposite side of the river with a knife, carving on a piece of wood. CO Barboza joined a White Cloud officer on the riverbank behind the juvenile and CO Barboza began to talk with the juvenile. The juvenile put the knife away and CO Barboza was able to escort him out of the woods where he was turned over to officers from the White Cloud Police Department.

CO Tim Barboza assisted the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office in locating subjects involved in an ORV accident on the motorcycle trail. The rider of the ORV struck a tree and flipped over the machine possibly breaking her collarbone. CO Barboza and a member from the White Cloud Fire Department assisted by walking the female patient to the main trail where she was loaded into the fire department’s ORV and transported back to the ambulance.

CO Tim Barboza was participating in a holiday parade in White Cloud and received a complaint of a plane that had crashed into the Muskegon River near Big Bend Park; the pilot and passengers were able to get out of the plane. CO Barboza patrolled to the location to assist the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office and Big Prairie Fire Department. The plane was recovered by the sheriff’s department’s dive team, with the assistance of a local wrecker service. The Federal Aviation Administration and the sheriff’s office are investigating the crash.

CO Tim Barboza received a call from off-duty conservation officer, Sgt. Chris Holmes who was fishing at Croton Dam and observed a male with a large over-limit of rainbow trout. CO Barboza responded to the dam where he located the suspect who was in possession of 16 rainbow trout. The suspect had two prior violations out of Newaygo County for possessing undersized trout and possession of trout during the closed season. The angler was issued a citation for the over-limit and the fish were seized.

CO Josh Reed was contacted by a deputy from the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office. The deputy was investigating a domestic assault and noticed a juvenile raccoon in the residence of one of the witnesses. CO Reed responded and contacted the homeowner about the raccoon. The female said she had picked up the raccoon on the side of the road about a month ago and brought it home. While speaking with the female, her kids brought out the raccoon and were playing with it. CO Reed explained the laws regarding captive wildlife and attempting to rehabilitate the raccoon without a permit. The raccoon was collected, and the female was issued a citation for rehabilitating wildlife without a permit.


CO Charlie Jones was on patrol in Kalkaska County when he was dispatched to assist local law enforcement in a pursuit out of Antrim County. The operator appeared to have multiple felony warrants and fled a traffic stop for a minor violation. During the pursuit, information came out that the suspect car-jacked a truck at gunpoint. CO Jones joined the pursuit once it entered Kalkaska County. After 30 minutes, the truck came to a stop in a gas well site due to mechanical issues. COs Jones, Andera Albert, and a deputy attempted to conduct a felony stop. The suspect did not comply with commands and had to be removed from the vehicle to be secured. The suspect was checked for weapons and placed in custody. The suspect was turned over to the Antrim County Sheriff’s Department without further incident.

COs Charlie Jones and Jacob Hamilton were assigned to Torch Lake for the Annual Torch Fest at the South Sand bar. The COs were patrolling the Torch River just past the Torch River Shack when they observed a PWC operator not wearing a PFD. CO Jones contacted the PWC operator and noticed blood shot, glossy eyes, and slurred speech. Sobrieties were conducted and it was determined that the PWC operator was under the influence of alcohol. The operator was arrested for BUI and transported to the Kalkaska County Jail for booking.

On July 4th, COs Charlie Jones and Matt Zultak were on a designated patrol at South Higgins Lake State Park. The COs were notified that a male subject assaulted a park ranger and took off into the water. The COs waded into the water and into a crowd of people. CO Matt Zultak located the suspect and attempted to place the male into custody. The male resisted arrest and spit on CO Zultak’s face. The suspect then used a glass beer bottle in attempt to assault CO Zultak. The male suspect was taken into custody by COs Zultak, Jones, and one of the park rangers. The remainder of the shift at the park continued with the COs needing to assist local park rangers and Roscommon County deputies with multiple assaults taking place at the park. The park was ultimately ordered closed for the remainder of the day to control the situation. Charges are being sought through the Roscommon Prosecutor’s Office.

While patrolling Roscommon County, CO Matt Zultak responded to a RAP complaint of an ORV operating in a closed area. CO Zultak patrolled to the location. While there, CO Zultak observed an ORV operating carelessly in the closed area. The ORV was stopped and upon further investigation, the operator was showing signs of intoxication. The operator failed the SFSTs and was arrested. The operator was lodged in the Roscommon County Jail.

COs Matt Zultak and Charlie Jones conducted a marine patrol around South Higgins Lake State Park. CO Zultak contacted a vessel showing an expired registration. Upon further investigation, the vessel did not have enough PFDs for everyone onboard. They also failed to have a throwable PFD, and a fire extinguisher. The vessel registration was expired by multiple years and there was no certificate of registration available. The operator received a citation for failing to provide enough PFDs and was directed to beach his vessel until enough PFDs were obtained.

COs Breanna Reed and Jacob Hamilton patrolled the Torch Lake Sandbar on the Fourth of July. The COs contacted an individual who was being towed by a PWC on a tube without a PFD. The subject stated he always put a PFD on the kids but did not think about it for himself. The COs advised the tuber on the importance of wearing a PFD. The subject was issued a citation for person being towed, no PFD.

COs Breanna Reed and Jacob Hamilton observed four kids bow riding on a vessel that was operating at more than a slow no wake speed on Torch Lake. The COs contacted the operator of the vessel. The operator stated, he did not know the kids couldn’t be riding there while the boat was underway. The COs stressed the importance of knowing the boater safety laws. Enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling Budd Lake during Harrison’s 4th of July fireworks, COs Jeff Goss and Ryan Weakman met up with two Clare County sheriff’s deputies at the boat ramp. The deputies informed the COs that a report came into their office about a boat collision near the island on Budd Lake. It was further reported that the operator was possibly intoxicated. The COs patrolled back out on the water and located a boat matching the description just as it was nearing the boat launch. The operator of the vessel was escorted to shore and showed signs of intoxication. He was turned over to the deputies and subsequently arrested for BUI.

COs Jeff Goss, Craig Neal, Ryan Weakman, Brad Bellville, and Kyle Bader conducted an ORV group patrol in Gladwin County. The COs were assisted by a DNR pilot from the DNR’s Aviation Division. The patrol was arranged with the intent to crack down on illegal trail usage and ORV operators causing damage to county roads, rivers, and other protected areas. Although the ORV activity was light, the COs wrote several tickets in an attempt the protect these areas from illegal use. 


While on marine patrol on the Saginaw River on July 4th, Sgt. Jason Smith, along with COs Nick McNamee and Adam Beuthin, made multiple stops for boats with expired registrations. While performing a stop, CO Beuthin noticed that two small children were not wearing PFDs; a citation was issued.

CO Jason King was in route to the Bay County USCG station to conduct a marine patrol with CO Adam Beuthin on the district patrol vessel. While in route, CO King heard traffic from central dispatch of a personal injury vehicle accident at a nearby intersection. COs King and Beuthin diverted from their planned marine patrol and responded to the two-car accident with six injuries reported. Both COs arrived on scene in their separate patrol trucks and immediately began assessing the scene. Sgt. Jason Smith was already on scene and was assisting medical personnel with the multiple victims. COs King and Beuthin began rerouting traffic at the busy intersection until all the injured were transported, and Bay County Sheriff Department Traffic Crash Investigator Unit completed their on-scene investigation.

While patrolling areas of the Stanton State Game Area (SGA), CO Mike Haas located fresh tire tracks that went over a berm and past ‘no motor vehicle’ signs. CO Haas located multiple vehicles parked well off the legal road and along a popular fishing site. The operators of the trucks had created large ruts around the lake and destroyed numerous trees. The group was issued various warnings and citations to address the operation of motor vehicles in a closed area, creating erosive conditions, destruction of vegetation, and camping where and when prohibited without a required camp card.

COs Adam Schiller and Michael Lator conducted multiple BUI patrols on several lakes in Gratiot and Montcalm Counties over the Fourth of July holiday and the weekend leading up to it. While no arrests were made for BUI, the COs observed many marine and fishing violations and issued eight citations and more than 10 warnings. Violations included failing to register a vessel, failing to provide a PFD, towing skiers/tubers without an observer, and fishing without a license. The COs contacted many boats and reminded everyone to be safe while they enjoyed the holiday on the water.


While assisting DNR Parks and Recreation with patrols at Holland State Park, CO Sam Schluckbier responded to a medical call of a beachgoer experiencing an anaphylactic reaction to ingesting peanuts. CO Schluckbier was able to assist the patient with application of her epinephrine injection. The patient’s condition improved gradually, and her condition was monitored closely until additional emergency medical staff transported her to the hospital.

While patrolling Lake Monterey in Allegan County, CO Sam Schluckbier watched from a distance as one boat containing four teenagers and one adult were fishing. Each subject was casting and reeling in for several minutes before CO Schluckbier contacted them. When requesting to see fishing licenses, the adult claimed he did not need a license because he was just helping his 14 year old daughter learn to fish. The daughter appeared confused when he made the claim and was located on the opposite side of the boat. CO Schluckbier informed him of his fishing activity observed through binoculars and issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Lake Allegan in Allegan County by boat when he observed two subjects operating PWCs, one of which did not display registration numbers or a registration decal. A stop was conducted, and the CO discovered both the operators were 14 years old and neither of them had a boater safety certificate. Since Michigan law requires an operator of a PWC to be 16 or older to operate a PWC unsupervised, the CO escorted the subjects back to their residence. When the CO arrived at the residence, the father of one of the subject’s was on the dock with a fishing line in the water. The CO explained why he had to return the young ladies to the dock and requested to see the father’s identification and a fishing license. The father told the CO that he was not fishing and that the full-sized adult pole belonged to his three year old son who just went back up to the house. The CO explained all the violations present and issued the father a citation for allowing youth to operate PWCs unsupervised.

CO James Nason is investigating vandalization that has taken place at a remote DNR boat launch within Kalamazoo County. After obtaining trail camera footage of subjects caught in the act, CO Nason was able to positively identify the suspects thanks to Fort Custer Recreation Area staff. Multiple interviews have been conducted with confessions gained from numerous juveniles. The suspects could face charges such as littering and malicious destruction of property. The investigation is ongoing.

COs BJ Goulette, Rob Slick, and Carter Woodwyk assisted in the recovery of an individual who drowned in Lake Macatawa. The individual reportedly jumped into the water to assist family members who appeared to be struggling with the windy weather conditions. Upon jumping in the water, the subject never resurfaced. The COs utilized side scan technology to assist in searching the area and assisted the Ottawa County Dive Team by keeping a perimeter around the search area.


CO Lisa Taube assisted a family who became stranded in water above the knee on Grand River Avenue in Howell when the road flooded under a railway bridge. The vehicle stalled out and would not move. While waiting for a tow truck, CO Taube helped the parents and baby exit the vehicle due to continuous water filling the car. Other vehicles went around the patrol truck with blue lights on blocking the roadway. CO Taube continued to conduct traffic control until the water level subsided allowing vehicles to safely pass through.

Sgt. Chris Maher and CO Nick Thornton were conducting AIS enforcement in Branch County and observed an individual smoking marihuana at one of the public state boat launches. CO Thornton cited the individual for consuming marihuana at a prohibited location.


COs Les Bleil and Ariel Young paired up for a patrol of the Huron River. The COs stopped at Belleville Dam where they witnessed anglers fishing. Before contact, CO Bleil witnessed two anglers on the opposite side of the river which is private property. CO Bleil contacted the landowner who stated that he wanted to press charges. CO Bleil contacted the anglers only to find that they did not have a fishing license nor Michigan identification. The individuals could not be properly identified so CO Young ran them through US Border Patrol (USBP). The COs found that the individuals were in the US illegally. COs Bleil and Young detained the subjects until USBP arrived to pick them up. CO Bleil issued citations for no fishing license, possess fish/no license, and recreational trespass.

As people were leaving the Sterling State Park fireworks, COs Brandon Vacek and Dan Walzak responded to a hit-and-run accident where a motorist struck a pedestrian. COs Vacek and Walzak provided traffic control while emergency vehicles responded to take the victim to the hospital.

CO Justin Muehlhauser worked ORV patrols on Consumers Energy property in Burton. While monitoring the area, the CO observed a small pit bike stop on top of the hill. The CO started toward the bike and the operator quickly turned around and attempted to flee. The CO activated his emergency lights and chirped the siren and the operator seemed to have a change of heart and decided to stop. The CO questioned the operator who turned out to be a juvenile. CO Muehlhauser talked to the operator’s mother and arranged to meet up with her when she returned from work. The CO escorted the juvenile home. There were several ORV violations involved including, ORV trespass, flee and elude, operation on a roadway, and fail to supervise. The mother was cited for failing to supervise a child under 16 operating an ORV.

CO Justin Muehlhauser was stationary monitoring activity on Byram Lake in Linden when he was approached by a child who just came up from the beach. The child stated that he couldn’t find his grandpa and he was scared. The CO introduced himself and talked to the child to calm him down. The child explained that he was nine years old and was at the beach with his grandfather and two sisters. He said he was swimming by himself while the rest of them waited in the car. When he came back to the parking lot, they were gone. He was able to provide a phone number for his grandfather and mother. The CO called both but neither answered. The CO decided to go for a walk with the child to see if they might be nearby. A vehicle then quickly pulled into the parking lot and the child exclaimed, “There’s my grandpa!” The grandfather stated that he just took the other two children to the park which was across the street. He claimed that the child knew he was over there. The CO explained that obviously he didn’t know and pointed out the dangers of leaving a nine year old unattended in the water. The grandfather knew he made a mistake and stated that it wouldn’t happen again.

CO Cody Bourgeois received a complaint in Oakland County about a turkey being shot. The complainant stated he was working on a roof at a house when the suspect stepped out of the garage with a shotgun and shot a hen turkey in the side yard. The CO responded to the house and contacted the suspect. He stated he was sick and tired of the turkeys eating his flowers, so he decided to shoot it. The suspect was cited for possession of a turkey out of season.

CO Sydney Griffor received a complaint of an individual who had a baby opossum for sale on Craigslist in St. Clair County. With help from DNR dispatch, CO Griffor reached out to the seller stating she was interested in purchasing the baby opossum and agreed on a price. A few hours later, COs Griffor and Danielle Zubek responded to the seller’s house, who was quite surprised to see them there. When asked about the opossum, the seller continued to say she did not have one. CO Griffor called the phone number she had been texting about the opossum, and the individual’s phone began to ring, confirming she was the one offering the wild animal for sale. The seller finally told the truth and turned the opossum over to the COs. The individual was issued a citation for rehabilitating wildlife without a permit as well as warnings related to possession of wild animals. The baby opossum was brought to a local wildlife rehabilitator where it could be cared for.

COs Mike Drexler, Brandon Hartleben and Sgt. Shane Webster were patrolling the Portage Lake Chain over the Fourth of July weekend. The COs contacted many vessels over a long patrol for the fireworks detail and citations were issued for towing a person without an observer and fail to provide PFDs.

CO Mike Drexler was patrolling an area of Waterloo Recreation Area that has had an increase of illegal ORV activity. Just as the CO reached the back of the area where vehicles were not supposed to be, he ran into a vehicle with two occupants. When the CO asked them to show him where they entered the area, the vehicle parked right between a ‘NO WHEELED MOTOR VEHICLES’ sign and a large yellow gate. A citation was issued for illegal ORV.

COs Brandon Hartleben, Mike Drexler, and Sgt. Shane Webster were patrolling the Portage Lake Chain prior to the fireworks when they observed a vessel operating at full throttle adjacent to the myriad of vessels anchored at the Baseline Lake sandbar. After coming within 100 feet of the anchored vessels, the vessel continued to weave through other vessels that were under power before getting into the main lake. The COs conducted a stop of the vessel to address the violation and conduct a marine safety check. Besides the vessel being three PFDs short of what they needed; the operator also appeared to be intoxicated. After speaking with the operator and conducting an abbreviated sobriety test, the operator was detained for more thorough follow-up on shore. Once on shore, the operator was administered SFSTs, refused a PBT and refused to submit to a chemical test. A search warrant for blood was obtained and a blood draw was conducted at St. Joseph’s in Ann Arbor. The suspect was then lodged in the Washtenaw County Jail for BUI. Charges are being submitted to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office pending results of the blood draw.

COs Brandon Hartleben and Mike Drexler were patrolling the Portage Lake Chain on the Independence Day Holiday. Activity was high and it was probably the busiest day on the water of the entire holiday weekend with nice weather finally prevailing. Dozens of vessels were contacted throughout the patrol and warnings were issued for minor equipment and licensing violations. In addition, several citations were issued for vessels operating on the chain of lakes with expired registrations.

CO Brandon Hartleben was patrolling Woodburn Lake on the Halfmoon Chain of Lakes when he observed a pontoon boat trolling with several young children onboard. CO Hartleben contacted the vessel for a fisheries and marine safety check. During the check of the marine safety equipment, it was discovered that there were only two wearable PFDs aboard the vessel, and neither fit the children. In addition, there was no Type IV PFD onboard the vessel. A citation was issued for a child less than six not wearing a PFD and warnings were issued for failing to provide enough PFDs and failure to display fishing license.

COs Andrew Monnich and Eric Smither were patrolling Devils Lake at midnight when they observed a boat coming to shore without navigation lights. The COs went out onto a dock and watched the vessel bump into docks before docking at the dock the COs were on. Upon contact, the COs determined the driver was intoxicated. When asked to do sobriety tests, the driver denied all. The COs were able to get a search warrant for a blood draw and he was lodged in the Lenawee County Jail for BUI.

COs Andrew Monnich and Eric Smither finished a late fireworks patrol on Devils Lake and when they were driving home, they observed a driver who was failing to maintain their lane. The COs conducted a traffic stop and upon questioning the driver, the man stated that he probably shouldn’t be driving. The driver completed sobriety tests proving his level of intoxication. He was arrested for OWI and lodged in the Lenawee County Jail.

CO Brandon Vacek was speaking to a group of kayakers at the parking area of Crystal Waters SGA in Monroe County. The CO heard what sounded like small motorcycles headed in his direction and then caught a glimpse of a pair of three-wheelers travelling at a high rate of speed inside the game area. In order to pursue the two subjects, CO Vacek headed to unlock the large gate to access the area with his patrol truck. Prior to unlocking the gate, the vehicles were heard coming back in the opposite direction. The two subjects on three-wheelers came around a turn and up the two-track unknowingly right toward CO Vacek’ s location. After coming to a slow stop upon noticing the CO, the subjects were summoned to pull up to the gate and shut the engines off. Both complied with the request. After a thorough investigation, it was determined the subjects had parked approximately a mile away and operated the three-wheelers on county roadways to get to the SGA. The pair had left for their adventure wearing no helmets, carrying no forms of identification, no cellphones, and completely disregarded several signs at the SGA stating ‘No Vehicles.’ The CO issued both subjects a citation for failure to license ORV, operate an ORV without a helmet, and operate an ORV in a prohibited area. Both subjects were issued verbal warnings for operating an ORV on a public roadway.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was driving on I 75 when he observed a male walking down the shoulder of the roadway. CO Ingersoll stopped and spoke with the individual and advised that he cannot be walking on the interstate and asked what he was doing. He stated he was walking home from his girl’s house and is suspended so he cannot drive. CO Ingersoll ran the individual through the law enforcement information network (LEIN), and it was determined that he had a valid outstanding felony warrant out of Monroe County from a felonious assault from 1982. The individual was arrested on his outstanding warrant and lodged at the Monroe County Jail.


While patrolling Belle Isle, CO Mike Haas was passed by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle appeared to have expired registration and the driver was not wearing his seatbelt. A traffic stop was conducted, and it was discovered that the driver had a warrant for his arrest out of Florida. The man was advised of his warrant and received multiple warnings and a citation to address the speeding, expired registration, no insurance, no seatbelt, and no recreation passport.

CO Joshua Salas was on patrol on Belle Isle on the 4th of July when he overheard a citizen asking another citizen to call 911. The CO contacted the man and informed him that he was the police and asked what assistance was needed. The man frantically stated that an unconscious man is lying between some vehicles. The CO found the unconscious man and immediately contacted central dispatch to start EMS to his location and started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the individual. The CO applied a sternum chest rub on the individual and called out to the individual, but there was no response. COs Les Bleil and Joseph Closser arrived moments later, and the three COs attached an automated external defibrillator and administered Narcan to the individual, as he was showing signs of an overdose. The COs continued life-saving efforts on the individual until EMS arrived on the scene. Once on scene, EMS administered a second dose of Narcan to the individual, and the individual regained consciousness. The individual was checked out by EMS and cleared by them.

COs Les Bleil and Joseph Closser responded to a complaint of a possible hit-and-run on Belle Isle. When the COs arrived, CO Bleil immediately noticed impairment of the male driver and began SFSTs. The male subject did not pass the SFSTs nor the PBT. The subject was arrested and transported to the Detroit Detention Center and issued a citation for OWI.

CO Cody Bourgeois worked a Belle Isle Shift. During his shift, CO Bourgeois observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in the park. CO Bourgeois conducted a traffic stop which led to the CO running the individual through LEIN. The suspect came back with a few warrants. One was out of Oakland County for child neglect, dispatch checked with Oakland County who stated they wanted him. The individual was detained, and Oakland County picked him up and took him to jail.


Corporals (Cpls.) Troy Van Gelderen and Todd Sumbera assisted District 9 with a patrol on the Detroit River outside of Belle Isle for the Ford Fireworks safety zone.

Cpl. Troy Van Gelderen worked an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Landing Blitz event at Pentwater Lake.

Cpl. Troy Van Gelderen worked at a water safety day at the Pentwater Municipal Marina where PFDs were handed out to children, displays were set up, and patrol vessels were on display.

Cpls. Troy Van Gelderen and Jon Busken worked the fireworks safety zone in Grand Haven for the fireworks show.

Cpls. Troy Van Gelderen and Jon Busken patrolled the Muskegon fireworks show on Muskegon Lake.

Cpl. Nick Atkin assisted Districts 3, 5, and 6 by attending multiple AIS Landing Blitz events. Many boaters were educated on AIS, and their boats were washed during the Clean, Drain, Dry initiatives. Several anglers were also checked for marine safety and fishing regulation compliance.

Cpl. Todd Sumbera assisted District 2 CO Mike Olesen with a detail at the Soo Locks during Engineer’s Day. The detail included the USCG, CBP, Bay Mills Conservation and the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office. Due to inclement weather activity was slow on the water, and no issues were encountered.

Cpl. Todd Sumbera worked the AIS Landing Blitz event at Hessel Marina with Three Shores CISMA. Due to inclement weather activity was slower than expected.

Cpl. Mike Hammill was contacted by CO Steve Butzin at approximately midnight July 1st and advised that a vessel had crashed into the municipal dock in Escanaba and the captain of the vessel was currently missing. Cpl. Hammill and CO Butzin searched using FLIR imaging and spotlights along with other emergency responders in the Little Bay de Noc area.  After hours of searching, the Incident Commander advised that the captain of the vessel swam miles to shore and flagged down a motorist.  Apparently, the captain left his seat for the back of the vessel to grab a net.  While reaching for the landing net, he fell out with his vessel still in auto pilot and his girlfriend asleep in the cabin below.

Cpl. Tom Peterson participated in Operation Dry Water during the Fourth of July weekend. During the patrol many vessels were contacted and found to be compliant and not under the influence of alcohol. One individual contacted was under the influence but was not witnessed operating a vessel. The vessel and passenger were reported by concerned bystanders because the vessel was drifting down the canal actively taking on water in downtown Houghton. The individual and vessel were able to safely make it to shore. The owner of the vessel removed the boat from the shoreline early the next morning.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge conducted two marine patrols over the weekend on Lake Superior near Marquette. Several sport anglers were checked along with multiple state commercial trap nets. One elderly sport angler and his grandson were given a verbal warning for trolling with one extra line.

Cpl. Jon Busken observed a vessel operating without a registration sticker. The MC numbers were run via Station 20 and came back no record. Contact was made with the owner, who stated that the online retailer he used for the MC numbers misprinted them. Further investigation showed that the vessel was registered to a different individual. A confession as obtained for failing to transfer the registration within 15 days of purchase. Enforcement action was taken.