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Conservation Officer (CO) Jenni Hanson received information that a resident on a local lake was building a boat launch. After checking with the Gogebic Conservation District’s Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Office and the Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), CO Hanson discovered the landowner had not pulled any permits for the construction. CO Hanson responded to the location and contacted the landowners. She took photographs, documented the boat launch, and turned the information over to EGLE.

CO Jenni Hanson received a complaint from Station 20 regarding the self-reporting of two out-of-state subjects who took a rock from Lake Superior greater than 25 pounds. The subjects were on their way back to South Carolina when they reported it. The subjects advised CO Hanson that the rock had not left Michigan but was left at their relative’s home. Simultaneously, the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office took a call from an Airbnb owner reporting the theft of a 2-ton Yooper Light rock that was stolen from their shoreline. After a quick investigation it was deemed that the South Carolina residents were the suspects of the rock theft. The case was turned over to the Houghton County Sheriff's Office.

COs Alex VanWagner and Anna Viau patrolled Chicaugon Lake for marine activity. A few verbal warnings were issued for marine violations. The COs observed two male and two female subjects on a boat and the male subjects were fishing. They did not have fishing licenses and admitted to fishing another lake the night prior. Citations were issued for the violation.

CO Alex VanWagner checked Sunset Lake in Iron County for marine activity. Several boats were contacted, and one citation was issued for a subject fishing without a license.

COs Alex VanWagner and Anna Viau visited the senior center in Iron River to speak with a local group, the Golden K volunteer organization, about the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) laws and regulations. The COs also talked about their career and answered a lot of questions that the group had.

CO Phil Helminen and Sergeant (Sgt.) Brian Bacon were on marine patrol when they contacted three men fishing on kayaks and two of them had been using electric motors with no registration on the boats. They stated they did not realize they needed to register a boat with an electric motor. When COs asked if they had personal flotation devices (PFDs) with them, all three stated that they did not have a PFD with them. Citations were issued for not having a PFD and they were given a warning for not registering the watercrafts.

CO Phil Helminen and Sgt. Brian Bacon were on marine patrol when they contacted a group of four kayakers. While speaking with the group, it was determined that none of the kayakers had a PFD with them and they stated they were unaware that a PFD was needed on a kayak. A citation was issued for not having a PFD.

CO Phil Helminen and Sgt. Brian Bacon contacted a boat that they had observed two men trolling along shore casting. When the COs asked if they had fishing licenses, one man stated he wanted to be honest and that he did not get a license yet this year. The other man provided a nonresident fishing license. When asked if he had a Michigan license, he stated that he has not had one for a few years. A license check showed neither had a Michigan fishing license. Both were cited for fishing without a license.

At Shakey Lakes Park in Menominee County, CO Steve Sajtar contacted two individuals fishing from a canoe. When asked to exhibit their licenses, both individuals claimed to have left their wallets at home. Both individuals insisted they had purchased their 2023 fishing licenses for Michigan. When CO Sajtar checked their license purchase history, it revealed that neither individual had ever purchased a fishing license. After confronting the individuals, both admitted to fishing without a license. CO Sajtar issued citations to both individuals for fishing without a license.

On Resort Lake in Menominee County, CO Steve Sajtar observed a PWC towing an individual on a tube with no spotter. After stopping the personal watercraft (PWC), CO Sajtar contacted the operator. The operator stated, “I didn’t think you needed a spotter if you had mirrors.” CO Sajtar asked the operator where he had read that regulation. The operator stated that he had read it “somewhere on the internet back in 2010”. CO Sajtar informed the PWC operator that a spotter is still required on a PWC equipped with rearview mirrors. A citation was issued for towing with no spotter.

On the Menominee River in Dickinson County, Sgt. Brian Bacon, and CO Steve Sajtar observed two individuals fishing from a boat. When Sgt. Bacon and CO Sajtar contacted the two individuals, the male subject stated, “We both got our licenses.”  The male subject showed the COs his fishing license. When the female subject was asked to exhibit her fishing license she stated, “I wasn’t fishing.”  CO Sajtar informed the female subject that he had observed her fishing before the two individuals noticed the COs watching them. The female subject replied, “I wasn’t fishing, I was just pulling in the line.”  The female subject was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

On the Menominee River in Dickinson County, Sgt. Brian Bacon, and CO Steve Sajtar observed a female subject fishing from a dock. When Sgt. Bacon and CO Sajtar approached the female subject, she reeled in her line and set her fishing rod down. CO Sajtar asked the female subject if she had a valid Michigan or Wisconsin fishing license. The female subject stated she did not have a Michigan or Wisconsin fishing license but did have a fishing license in Minnesota. The female subject was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CO John Kamps taught at a hunter safety class at the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club. The CO spoke to 50 students about conservation laws.

CO John Kamps responded to the scene of a car versus bear accident. The CO was able to pick up the bear and donate it to a local resident. The bear was placed on a digital scale and determined to be over 300 pounds.

CO Jackson Kelly observed a couple of anglers casting from the shoreline of Deer Lake in Marquette County. The CO overheard one angler mention using worms as bait. When the CO approached the anglers, one of them had just landed a fish. The angler dropped the pole and fish on the bank as soon as they saw the CO. The CO determined that both anglers were using live bait, which is prohibited on Deer Lake, and the angler who had just caught the fish did not have a fishing license. The anglers were issued a citation along with several warnings.


CO Steve Butzin received a complaint of several dumped deer carcasses. When CO Butzin responded to the location, it was discovered that the remains were skeletonized. After a search of the area, evidence was discovered identifying as to whom one of the carcasses belonged. Further investigation found that one individual shot a 4-point whitetail buck and used the license of another. A report has been submitted to the 94th District Court of Delta County.

CO Brandon Maki was patrolling the Au Train River for PFDs, litter, and other violations. CO Maki was speaking with a group of kayakers and canoers and asked if they had all their PFDs with them. They replied they had them; however, CO Maki could clearly see only one PFD in a canoe that was occupied by two men. After confirming there was only one PFD in the canoe, the intoxicated man became irritated and tried to paddle down the river to get away. CO Maki suggested it would be in the man’s best interest to come back to shore or he wouldn’t be finishing the rest of his canoe trip. The subject returned and CO Maki issued the man a ticket for failing to possess a PFD in his vessel. 

CO Cole VanOosten was on marine safety patrol of the Pretty Lake Complex when he encountered two anglers fishing and a third individual standing near a fire at the campsite. The occupants of the campsite had failed to pay the camping fee at their rustic campsite. CO VanOosten contacted the individual on shore regarding the camping violations. While contacting the man, one of the men fishing bent over and put his fishing pole in a patch of cattails before coming out to greet the CO. The other angler continued fishing. Upon asking for their fishing licenses, the man that had hid his fishing pole stated that he was not fishing. The other man stated he did not have a fishing license and it was his first time ever fishing. When questioned about hiding his fishing pole, the man admitted to hiding it and retrieved it from the weeds. The man eventually admitted to fishing without a license, which had already been observed by the CO. A citation was issued to the man who hid his fishing pole for fishing without a license and a warning was given to the first-time angler who was honest about the infraction. CO VanOosten gave him 24 hours to purchase a fishing license.

CO Cole VanOosten and Sgt. Calvin Smith were on marine patrol of the St. Mary’s River when they encountered a man fishing for Atlantic salmon. Upon inspection of the cooler, it was determined that the man had caught four Atlantic salmon, one over the daily limit. The man received a ticket for taking an over-limit of Atlantic salmon. The fish were seized and donated to a local family.

CO Cole VanOosten was on ORV patrol when he encountered a man fishing a trout lake. CO VanOosten contacted the man when he returned to shore, and it was determined that the man had kept four brook trout over 15 inches. A ticket was issued to the angler for taking an over-limit of brook trout in a Class A trout lake.

CO Cole VanOosten and Sgt. Calvin Smith were on marine safety patrol in Chippewa County when they observed a boat towing a tube of children after sunset. The boat did not have any navigation lights illuminated and had an expired registration. A stop was conducted, and it was determined that the driver did not have PFDs aboard. A ticket was issued to the man for failure to provide PFDs.


COs Chad Baldwin and Duane Budreau patrolled Lake Charlevoix during the annual Venetian Festival celebration in Charlevoix. Perfect weather brought out an above average crowd for two-day firework displays, air show, and parachute demonstration. The COs contacted over 100 boats during the weekend and did not witness any major violations. Warnings were given mostly for boaters who were operating without navigation lights after sunset, slow no wake violations, and 100-foot rule violations. 

Sgt. William Webster was patrolling on Walloon Lake when he stopped a subject on a personal watercraft (PWC) who was pulling a person on a tube with no rear observer. Once stopped, the operator knew what he was doing was wrong but said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go out on a calm morning. A ticket was issued for the violation.

CO Jack Gorno responded to assist with a pursuit, called in by a Tuscarora Township officer, of a road bike going more than 140 mph. After the pursuit was terminated, CO Gorno checked the nearby area. CO Gorno located a road bike matching the description of the bike that had fled. It had pulled down a dirt road and parked under some trees. The subject had removed his motorcycle license plate and took off at a high rate of speed when he saw CO Gorno. CO Gorno relayed updated information to the responding units that were searching for the bike. Eventually, the suspect ditched the bike on state land and ran from the township officer. CO Gorno was second on scene and assisted taking the suspect into custody. CO Gorno confirmed the bike, the clothing description, and backpack. The subject was lodged at Cheboygan County Jail.

CO Tom Oberg presented at a hunter safety class at Northland Sportsman’s Club in Gaylord. CO Oberg gave a presentation and spoke about fish and game laws to the students. CO Oberg also explained the importance of practicing safety when engaged in hunting, fishing, and recreation.

CO Tom Oberg participated in the annual Alpenfest Grand Parade in Gaylord. CO Oberg helped represent the four law enforcement agencies in Otsego County: the Gaylord City Police Department, Otsego County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan State Police (MSP), and Michigan DNR.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol when he responded to a call of a domestic situation that was quickly escalating. Shortly after the initial call, Otsego County Central Dispatch advised there was now a knife involved and a few moments later advised someone had been stabbed. CO Oberg arrived on scene with MSP troopers and Otsego County Sheriff’s deputies and began the investigation. Luckily, there was no actual stabbing and was just a miscommunication. It was determined to be only a verbal argument.

CO Tom Oberg was patrolling a closed area to ORVs. CO Oberg watched three four-wheelers go around some snow fencing and a ‘No ORVs’ sign. CO Oberg conducted a stop and spoke with the lead operator. CO Oberg explained to the operator that he must have known the area was closed to ORVs since he maneuvered his machine right around the sign that stated it was closed. The operator stated he knew it was closed. A ticket was given for operating an ORV in a closed area.

CO Matt Theunick received a complaint about someone burning illegal material. CO Theunick arrived and found treated lumber and painted trim being burned. Upon contacting the property owner, the owner admitted to burning the material. A ticket was issued.

CO Matt Theunick attended a hunter’s safety class in Indian River. There were about 35 students.

CO Paul Fox was returning home after spending the day working on various department issued equipment when he observed a disabled vehicle with a flat tire. CO Fox stopped and assisted the motorists change the flat tire.

CO Paul Fox received a complaint on Lake Nettie in Presque Isle County regarding high-speed boating, which is prohibited during the evening hours. Most of the boats operating at high speeds were participants in a bass tournament. CO Fox followed up with the tournament organizer and advised that Lake Nettie has local watercraft controls pertaining to speed and operation. The organization was unaware of the local watercraft controls and stated they would correct things in the future.

COs Alex Bourgeois and Jon Sheppard responded to a complaint that a homeless man was threatening to shoot people at the Ossineke State Forest Campground in Alpena County after some campers refused to give him a lighter. The COs found the man and contacted him. It was discovered that the man was illegally camping at the campground and was being disorderly earlier in the week to other campers. A weapon was never found and the campers who reported the incident did not see the man with any weapons. The COs decided that due to his situation, a ticket was not appropriate. The man was trespassed from the campground due to his ongoing behaviors.

CO Sidney LaLonde reached out to several elk hunters who had questions referencing their hunt this fall or winter. Questions included: size of gun and bullet grain recommendations, hunting with a disability, and areas to hunt.

CO Jon Sheppard responded to a vehicle crash on Long Rapids Road to assist the MSP in a search for a possible ejected driver in Alpena County. Upon arrival, it was determined that nobody was ejected. The driver and only occupant was transported to the hospital for his injuries.

CO Jon Sheppard responded to a residence in Alpena County for a small kestrel hawk that had fallen from its nest. CO Sheppard transported the kestrel to a local wildlife rehabilitator who said that it was not injured. It will be released after a few days at the rehabilitation facility.


CO Logan Turner responded to South Bar Lake in Leelanau County for a report of a possible drowning. Once on scene, CO Turner was met by the Grand Traverse regional dive team and National Park Service who were already on the water. Upon further investigation, it was found that the victim was riding on an electric wakeboard, also known as an E-Foil, but did not have a personal floatation device (PFD) on. CO Turner used his patrol vessel to tow the divers on planer boards off the rear of his vessel. After a few hours, the victim’s body was located and recovered by the dive team.

CO Logan Turner was notified by the Paradise Fire Department of a wildfire that started in Manistee County and had spread to Wexford County. Once on scene, CO Turner used his patrol truck to locate better access to the fire down a pipeline. After directing fire departments to the access point, CO Turner and other officers on scene evacuated homes within the area. Once the fire was contained, it had burned 225 acres and several houses. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

CO William Kinney was patrolling Arbutus Lake in Grand Traverse County for fishing and marine activity. CO Kinney observed several individuals fishing from a boat near the shoreline. Upon contact, CO Kinney had a good conversation with the anglers who stated they had been fishing for several hours with no luck. One angler stated the fishing had been slow this summer. After the conversation was over regarding the slow summer fishing activity, CO Kinney asked to see their fishing licenses. The one angler who carried on most of the conversation with the CO, stated he did not have a fishing license for the year. The angler was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Amanda Weaver worked alongside the Boardman River Clean Sweep organization to clean numerous litter sites on state land in Benzie County. These locations generated dozens of complaints over the last several months and included large items such as furniture, refrigerators and even an inflatable doll. The Boardman River Clean Sweep group donated their time to assist CO Weaver in cleaning the sites and properly disposing the items.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to a report of an ORV crash with injuries. CO Killingbeck arrived and found the injured party had been transported to an ORV staging area, but the ORV involved in the crash was left at the scene. The subjects didn’t know the location of the actual scene. CO Killingbeck, using his knowledge of the area, was able to locate the scene of the crash and discovered that the ORV had rolled over and was on its roof. Interviews were conducted and it was determined that speed and inexperience were the likely cause of the crash. A report is being sent to the Lake County prosecutor for review.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was sitting at a marine access site when a motorcycle drove by in the wrong lane and at a high rate of speed. As CO Killingbeck pulled out of the access site, CO Killingbeck observed the motorcycle disregard a stop sign. CO Killingbeck attempted to stop the motorcycle, which fled. CO Killingbeck pursued the motorcycle to a residence where the subject gave up after realizing that he could not escape. The offender was found to be a juvenile. The subject told CO Killingbeck that he did not want to stop because he was afraid of having his motorcycle impounded for no plates or insurance. The subject was turned over to his father and a petition is being requested through the Lake County Trial Court for flee and elude.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on patrol, observed a vehicle travelling in front of him displaying expired plates. CO Killingbeck stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver had an expired driver’s license and there was no insurance on the vehicle. Further investigation showed that the driver had a warrant out of Osceola County for a stolen vehicle. Upon doing an inventory search of the vehicle, CO Killingbeck located methamphetamine (meth). The driver was arrested for the warrant and the vehicle was impounded. A report was sent to the Lake County prosecutor for possession of meth, operating without insurance, and expired driver’s license.


COs Brad Bellville, Kyle Bader, and Probationary Conservation Officer (PCO) Elliot Worel responded to a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint of a person possibly shooting wild turkey and deer out of season from his yard with a firearm. The COs contacted the subject and upon further investigation it was determined the subject had two active warrants out of southern Michigan. The COs confirmed the warrants and arrested the subject. The subject was lodged at the Ogemaw County Jail. No other violations were discovered.

CO Phil Hudson was contacted by the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department to request assistance locating a group of intoxicated subjects who were having a medical emergency on the Rifle River in Arenac County. CO Hudson was able to locate the group through triangulation and was also able to route other emergency personnel to the correct area for rescue. One of the intoxicated subjects had passed out in the river and was in and out of consciousness during the rescue. In addition to an extremely high blood alcohol content, the subject was suffering from early stages of hypothermia. CO Hudson assisted with extricating the intoxicated subject through some difficult and steep terrain for the waiting ambulance.


No report 


COs Travis Dragomer and Zach Bauer conducted a patrol upon the St. Joseph River in St. Joseph and Berrien Counties. The COs located three undersized bass and three anglers fishing without a license. Citations were written for the undersized bass and for the anglers who were fishing without a license. Multiple other warnings were given.

CO Travis Dragomer conducted a marine patrol upon the Galien River in Berrien County. One citation was issued for not having PFDs upon the vessel and another citation was issued for fishing without a license. Four other marine and fish related warnings were issued.

COs Casey Varriale, Anna Cullen, and Justin Ulberg worked marine patrol on Muskegon Lake, the Muskegon Channel, Lake Michigan, Grand River Channel, and Spring Lake for the Rock the Coast event on the Lake Michigan waters. Several verbal warnings were issued to current registered boats that were displaying an expired decal.

CO Jackie Miskovich was patrolling Dalton Township when she witnessed an individual riding a four-wheeler without a helmet. CO Miskovich stopped the ORV and found that the driver did not have ORV stickers and they were driving on a revoked license. A citation was issued to the individual.


CO Thomas Jaakkola was working marine patrol in Jackson County and observed a boat without a registration decal. The driver of the boat stated that he just bought the boat and was taking it for a test drive. The driver was asked about all the fishing gear in the boat and said they weren’t fishing. He was asked why he had a fresh container of worms, then the driver stated that the kids were fishing. He was unable to produce a bill of sale and the boat had not been registered since 2015. CO Jaakkola issued a citation for failing to display number/decal and multiple other warnings were given.

CO Marc Mankowski responded to a reported house fire, but upon arriving on scene noticed it was just a large bonfire. The suspect was found to be burning many household items including rubber, electrical wires, and other household items. A citation was issued for open unlawful disposal of solid waste.


CO Keven Luther patrolled Belleville Lake with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Marine Unit. During the patrol, a jet ski was stopped for a local watercraft control violation. During the stop, CO Luther discovered that the operator and another jet ski operator were leasing the vessels from an illegal livery. The vessels were impounded, and a case report was generated for formal charges.

During one of CO Cody Bourgeois’ patrols, he observed several vehicles parked on private property where he has had trespassing issues in the past. He walked into the property where he observed seven people fishing in the ponds. When the CO asked the individuals how they got into the property, they all stated they jumped the fence with the no trespassing signs to get in. CO Bourgeois gathered up the trespassers and issued citations to the individuals.

CO Cody Bourgeois was working ORV patrol when he observed an ORV coming down the road. He observed the driver not wearing a seatbelt. The CO initiated a traffic stop and further observed the ORV did not have proper registration. The driver was issued a citation for no ORV registration.

CO Chris Knights was patrolling the Holly area and checked one of the lakes. After arriving, CO Knights witnessed a jet ski approaching with no MC numbers. After talking to the operator and running the numbers, the jet ski had not been registered for seven years. The individual was issued a citation for not having a valid registration.

CO Joshua Salas was on patrol when he came across two individuals fishing. Upon checking the individuals, the CO noticed a bucket of fish with a couple of bass that looked short. The CO spoke with both individuals and asked whose fish they were. One individual claimed ownership of the bass and upon being measured, the CO discovered two of the three bass in the bucket were short. The CO asked to see fishing licenses and only one individual could provide a fishing license. Both individuals were cited for their violations.

CO Joshua Salas was on patrol when he observed an individual walking back to their car with a bag and a fishing pole. The CO contacted the individual and asked how the fishing was and the individual stated that “It was good” and he had a full bag of fish. The CO asked how many fish and the individual stated, “I’m not sure, I wasn’t keeping track”. The CO had the individual count them and the individual had 40 panfish, 15 over the legal limit. A citation was issued for an over-limit of panfish.

CO Brad Silorey was checking state access sites for aquatic invasive species (AIS) compliance. CO Silorey contacted a boater who he observed power load a vessel that had 1,350 horsepower. The vessel owner directed his teenage son to power load the vessel with him standing in the water at the bow of the boat. CO Silorey contacted the owner and advised him of the violation. The subject refused to produce his license and drove his vehicle away and out of the access site during the contact, snapping his ratchet straps in the process. CO Silorey conducted a traffic stop on the road outside of the access where the subject had pulled onto, blocking the road. The subject was operating his vehicle without a license, failed to identify himself, power loaded his vessel in a careless manner, and failed to remove his drain plug. Citations were issued for failing to remove drain plug and power loading.

CO Joseph Deppen was checking Macomb County for AIS activity. CO Deppen observed a subject catching live AIS and putting them at his feet. The subject grabbed another rod and was casting out live gobies as bait for fishing. While observing the angler fishing with three lines out, he grabbed another rod and started fishing with it close to the seawall, for a total of four lines. CO Deppen observed the angler for over an hour and decided to make contact. As CO Deppen approached, the angler reeled in the fourth line and set it down. CO Deppen asked about his fishing luck and the angler said he had caught a few nice fish. CO Deppen asked what was on the three lines as bait? The angler responded, “Just worms today, sir.” CO Deppen had him reel in all three lines and all three lines had live gobies hooked through the back and the angler had more live gobies in a beer can. The angler said, “Okay, you got me.” CO Deppen asked the angler if he knew what he was doing was wrong, and the angler admitted “Yes, but I didn’t think I would get checked out here.” The angler was issued citations for possessing live prohibited species and another citation for fishing with more than three lines.

COs Joseph Deppen, Brad Silorey, and Chris Knights were on marine patrol in Macomb County. They observed a vessel with extremely loud exhaust driving at high rates of speed and turning sharply followed by a jet ski with two young females. The operator of the vessel was creating large wakes and the jet ski was jumping them less than 40 feet from the back of the boat. The COs motioned for the boater to slow down and after another near head-on collision, the COs pulled over the vessel and the jet ski. The driver was questioned about his actions and lack of safety for himself and the jet skiers. When questioned about their age, the boater said they are 16 and have boaters’ safety. The COs spoke with the girls and learned they were 14 and did not have boaters’ safety. The boat operator was issued a citation for operate a watercraft without due caution with damage to persons/property (careless operation). He was given verbal warnings on operating a vessel without exhaust cutoffs, slow no wake violations less than100 feet from a dock, allowing a minor to operate a PWC without boater’s safety, and failure to properly register his vessel in Michigan.

CO Robert Watson assisted Lakeport State Park in serving an eviction notice to a visitor who had multiple complaints filed against him. The visitor was known to verbally assault other visitors and yell obscenities to vehicles passing by. The eviction was served and will be in effect through December 31, 2023.

COs Brandon Hartleben and Les Bleil worked a patrol on Belleville Lake in Van Buren Township. Several contacts and checks were made throughout the patrol. One vessel was stopped for having an occupant outside of the seating area while underway. A further check of the vessel revealed it was short two wearable PFDs and a Type IV PFD. A citation was issued for failure to provide PFDs and the operator was warned about the bowrider.
CO Nicholas Ingersoll observed two jet skis operating at greater than slow no wake within Sandy Creek near Sterling State Park. CO Ingersoll met both operators at the launch and spoke with them regarding the violation they just committed. After a lengthy discussion and safety check, it was determined that one of the operators did not have boater safety and both jet skis had their MC numbers improperly displayed. CO Ingersoll issued citations for the improper display of MC numbers to both operators, warned them for the slow no wake and boater safety violations.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll and Sgt. Shane Webster worked the Woodtick Island festival on Lake Erie.  The COs contacted several vessels enjoying the sunny weather. One citation was issued to a vessel with an expired registration.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll assisted Sterling State Park rangers with an ORV that was operating on the beach. When CO Ingersoll arrived, it was determined that the three individuals who were testing their new ORV out on the beach were all from Mexico. CO Ingersoll was assisted by US Border Patrol (USBP) agents on scene who were able to determine that all three individuals were in the US illegally. Ultimately, all three individuals were arrested by USBP agents on warrants for drug smuggling and deportation violations.


COs Cullen Knoblauch and Jacob Robinson responded to a be on the lookout (BOL) on Belle Isle for a possible suicidal subject who had taken several pills. The subject was located on Jefferson Avenue near the MacArthur Bridge. COs Robinson and Knoblauch stood by with the subject until the Detroit Police Department arrived. The Detroit Police Department transported the subject for medical attention.

While on patrol at Belle Isle, CO Marc Mankowski spotted a driver driving erratically, speeding, and failing to stop at a stop sign. The vehicle was pulled over and the driver stated she was driving so fast because she had to go to the bathroom. The driver was found to have a suspended license. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Pete Purdy and Les Bleil received a BOL for a suicidal person. The COs located the subject’s vehicle in a parking lot at Belle Isle Park. A cell phone ping showed the individual in the Detroit River. The COs searched the shoreline and located the induvial with his wife, who had filed the report. The subject was checked by EMS and released.

CO Martin Lawrence along with COs in District 9 had the opportunity to work with other entities at the annual Metro Youth Day. Lieutenant (Lt.) Todd Szyska and Sgt. Damon Owens play a huge part in putting this event together for Detroit youths and their families to enjoy every year.

CO Dave Schaumburger stopped a three-wheeled motorcycle traveling 62 mph on Belle Isle. The driver stated that he was just trying to leave the island and did not realize his speed. He said his speedometer was not working right. The driver turned the bike on, and the digital speedometer displayed properly in miles per hour. CO Danielle Zubek arrived to assist and advised CO Schaumburger he also failed to stop at a stop sign on Central and Vista. The driver was cited for the speed, failing to stop at the stop sign, and no proof of insurance. The driver said this was his sixth ticket of the week on his brand-new motorcycle.

CO Dave Schaumburger stopped a vehicle for speeding on Belle Isle. The driver was suspended and had 40 warrants for his arrest from differing agencies. He was advised and released on the warrants and cited for the speeding and driving while license suspended (DWLS).

Conducting a RADAR patrol at Belle Isle, CO Ariel Young observed a driver travelling 47 mph. Upon stopping the vehicle, the driver stated that they were headed to an appointment and didn’t know the speed limit was only 25 mph. CO Young cited the individual for speeding and failing to show proof of insurance.

While patrolling at Belle Isle, CO Ariel Young was waved down by a group of people who had rented a shelter. They exclaimed that a child had broken their leg and needed medical attention. CO Young attempted to calm the family while waiting for emergency medical services (EMS) and helped keep the child’s leg stable. The child was then transferred to Detroit EMS and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

CO Keven Luther worked a very busy Belle Isle patrol with several events occurring throughout the park. The traffic became unsafe resulting in a park closure. During the closure, there were several calls for service with a medical at the aquarium and a large fight at Shelter 12. A case report was generated for the Shelter 12 assault with limited suspect information. The new traffic markings made the island difficult to traverse with several pinch points resulting in traffic backups.

CO Cody Bourgeois worked a Belle Isle Shift. CO Bourgeois wrote several speeding and park pass citations. CO Bourgeois gave out several warnings throughout the day for feeding the wildlife.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was working a busy Belle Isle shift when he observed a vehicle pass him at double the speed limit. CO Ingersoll observed the vehicle weaving in and out of traffic and had a backseat passenger hanging out the window. CO Ingersoll was able to stop the vehicle just before it exited the park and spoke with the driver who knew exactly why he was pulled over. After the driver was run through law enforcement information network (LEIN), it was determined he was suspended. CO Ingersoll issued the driver a citation for DWLS and warned him for his carless operation. The vehicle was parked until a valid driver arrived on scene.


Corporal (Cpl.) Nick Atkin conducted an inspection at a local wholesaler and found them to be selling frozen red swamp crayfish. Though the possession and sale are legal, it sparked a conversation about the level of demand they have for red swamp crayfish and the potential for illegal importation of live crayfish.

Cpl. Troy Van Gelderen and Deputy Simon from the Oceana County Sheriff Department taught a boater’s safety class at the Pentwater Yacht Club. 24 students were certified in boater’s safety.

Cpl. Troy Van Gelderen attended an on-water training on Pere Marquette Lake with COs from District 4 Area 2, Oceana County Sheriff Department Marine patrol, Mason County Marine patrol, and the US Coast Guard.

Cpl. Mike Hammill contacted two sport anglers fishing off a dock in the Garden area.  The anglers claimed to be catching rock bass and perch.  Cpl. Hammill checked the anglers’ bucket to find rock bass, perch, and undersized smallmouth bass.  Cpl. Hammill explained the differences between rock and smallmouth bass in both identification and regulation.