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CO Steve Sajtar observed two individuals fishing the Menominee Marina after dark. CO Sajtar observed the male subject catch and keep two walleyes within a few minutes of each other. The daily possession limit at this time was one walleye. CO Sajtar watched the female subject carry a third walleye over to the male subject. Both subjects looked around, then placed all three walleyes in a net to carry back to their vehicle. CO Sajtar contacted the two subjects and discovered the female was not licensed. A citation was issued to the female for fishing without a valid license and a citation was issued to the male for taking an over-limit of walleye. 

CO Anna Viau presented at Northern Michigan University’s Conservation Law Enforcement class about the challenges and advantages of being a woman in law enforcement. CO Viau focused on a career with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Law Enforcement Division (LED). The class had several questions for CO Viau and some of the females met with her after the class.

CO Jeremy Sergey gave a presentation at a science class at Kingsford High School. Topics discussed included the duties and responsibilities of Michigan conservation officers, as well as what students could be doing right now, if they are interested in a career as a conservation officer.

CO Jeremy Sergey was interviewed on the TV6 News morning show regarding the current hiring process for the LED’s 2025 training academy.


COs Brandon Maki and Andrea Dani investigated a report of a possible illegally taken antlered deer from the 2023 firearm deer season. The COs interviewed the suspect’s father and later, the suspect. Both interviews, as well as photo evidence, verified the suspect had been hunting and had harvested a 7-point buck prior to purchasing a deer license. The deer was seized, and a report will be submitted to the Alger County Prosecutor's Office.

CO Steve Butzin responded to a call of a fully engulfed structure fire in Delta County. CO Butzin was the first on scene and was able to relay to dispatch that the building on fire was an unoccupied barn and not a residential house as reported. CO Butzin directed additional responding units to the fire and aided the responding fire departments.

CO Mike Evink, shortly after starting his patrol for the day, observed a single set of tire tracks in the fresh snow-covered road. After a few miles, the tracks turned onto state land. CO Evink followed the tracks and located an individual cutting standing live trees for firewood. The individual was issued a ticket for cutting trees on state land.

CO Michael Evink contacted an individual who had a warrant issued related to taking a deer from his residence at night. The individual was cooperative and met CO Evink at the county jail to post bail and receive an arraignment date.

CO Jason Ruth received a complaint of several cedar trees being cut down at a local boat launch in Mackinac County. CO Ruth responded to the scene and found several cedar logs cut into lengths for making lumber. It wasn’t long before an individual pulled into the launch and confessed to CO Ruth that he was the one who had cut down the trees and was going to saw them into lumber to make a sauna. A report will be submitted to the Mackinac County Prosecutor's Office for the illegal cutting of trees.


COs Kyle Cherry and Tom Oberg received notification that a misdemeanor warrant was authorized by the Otsego County District Court referencing off-road vehicles (ORV) issues involving extensive damage to state land that was filmed and posted on YouTube. The COs travelled to Genesse County and located the subject, who was arrested without incident.

CO Kyle Cherry responded to a report of a dead bald eagle in Otsego County. Upon arrival, a brief investigation revealed that the eagle was electrocuted by a powerline and there was no poaching activity involved. The eagle was turned over to the Wildlife Division for delivery to the national repository in Colorado.

CO Kyle Cherry responded to assist Otsego County deputies with a report of a domestic issue at an apartment in Otsego County. During the altercation, the female subject was reported to having tried to break into her neighbor’s apartment and had punched out a windowpane. After investigation, the female was determined to have been experiencing a mental health episode and was transported to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment. No charges have been requested.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol when there was a call of a vehicle on fire in the driveway of a residence. CO Oberg was close by and responded. CO Oberg arrived on scene shortly before the fire department and observed a dump-truck, fully engulfed in flames, sitting in the driveway in front of a pole barn. CO Oberg contacted the resident/owner who was inside of the pole barn at the time the dump truck started on fire. Luckily, the fire didn’t spread, and no injuries occurred. The fire department arrived on scene shortly after and was able to extinguish the fire.

CO Jack Gorno stopped a vehicle in Presque Isle County for traffic violations. Upon contact with the driver, the subject admitted he had revoked driving privileges. The vehicle had no insurance with an expired registration. CO Gorno issued a ticket to the subject for driving while license suspended and warned the subject on other violations. The vehicle was removed from the scene by a family member.

CO Jack Gorno Participated in a career day at Inland Lakes Elementary School in Cheboygan County. CO Gorno interacted with kindergarten through fifth grade students and displayed a fur kit while discussing job related questions.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was off duty when he observed a vehicle crash into a guardrail at a high rate of speed causing extreme damage to the vehicle and full airbag deployment. CO Liestenfeltz was able to contact emergency services and monitored injuries to the subjects involved until on duty law enforcement and emergency medical services (EMS) arrived on scene. 

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Vienna Township in Montmorency County when he observed a vehicle travel past him very slowly with an active turn signal. There were no roadways or driveways in this area. CO Liestenfeltz also observed that the operator of the vehicle was not wearing their seat belt. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and determined that the driver had open containers of alcohol that they were actively drinking while driving. CO Liestenfeltz conducted standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) on the subject which were passed. CO Liestenfeltz determined that the subject was not impaired by alcohol at that time and issued the subject a ticket for possessing open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

CO Sidney LaLonde responded to a trespassing complaint in Montmorency County. A camp owner reported seeing a male subject on their camera at their hunting camp porch out in the middle of nowhere. CO LaLonde responded to the scene but was unable to locate any persons. Nothing appeared to be stolen or broken into.


CO Amanda Weaver received a complaint through the Report All Poaching (RAP) hotline of four individuals snagging fish on the Platte River. CO Weaver responded to the area and located the subjects. She observed their activity for some time and eventually contacted the anglers. The subjects were utilizing illegal tackle but did not have any fish in their possession. Citations were issued for the illegal gear and education was provided about their fishing techniques.

CO William Kinney followed up on a complaint in Grand Traverse County of someone building an illegal ORV trail through the woods on state land. CO Kinney followed orange dots on the base of trees through the woods from one forest road to another. As CO Kinney walked back towards the patrol truck, he heard ORVs operating off in the distance. The sound grew closer, and before CO Kinney knew it, two motorcycles were riding through the woods near the trail he just investigated. CO Kinney stopped one of the ORVs and the operator stated he knew nothing of the trail, he was riding through the woods checking raccoon traps. CO Kinney advised the operator he was riding in a closed area and did not have an ORV license on the motorcycle. The operator was cited for operating without an ORV license.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to a complaint of an illegal burn. CO Killingbeck arrived and found a large pile burning with plastic and other building materials. While CO Killingbeck was talking with the suspect, CO Killingbeck observed a mineral block with corn near a tree stand. The suspect admitted that he was feeding the deer. Violations were addressed, and a citation was issued.

CO Josiah Killingbeck heard Lake County dispatch advise of a reckless driver near his location. CO Killingbeck responded to the area and observed the suspect vehicle swerving all over the roadway and into oncoming lanes of traffic. CO Killingbeck stopped the vehicle and contact was made. SFSTs were conducted, and the driver failed and showed signs of impairment from drugs. The driver was arrested and lodged in the Lake County Jail.

COs Kevin Bunce and Angela Greenway assisted the Michigan State Police (MSP) and local agencies at a juvenile detention center in Osceola County in locating several juveniles who assaulted staff members and attempted to destroy facility property. The juveniles later absconded into the facility’s woods. All individuals were eventually located and turned over to the staff members of the facility.

COs Kevin Bunce and Josh Reed responded to a two-vehicle personal injury accident in Mecosta County where a vehicle had pulled out in front of another vehicle resulting in a T-bone crash. The COs were the third and fourth units on scene and assisted the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office with the scene which had resulted in one driver being pronounced dead and the other being transported to the hospital for injuries.

CO Jeff Ginn assisted DNR Fisheries Division with the annual walleye egg take on the Muskegon River in Newaygo County. The egg take on the Muskegon River allows Fisheries Division to provide stocking of walleye for the whole Lower Peninsula.


CO Matthew Zultak contacted two subjects trapping in Roscommon County. One of the subjects had received warnings from CO Zultak in the past for illegal trapping activity. The subjects were in possession of multiple beavers, muskrats, and an otter. Upon further investigation, CO Zultak located untagged traps, and the individual did not have his fur harvester kill tags in his possession. The subject was cited for failing to exhibit his fur harvester license and was given a verbal warning for possessing untagged traps.

CO Matthew Zultak issued a citation to a subject who continually failed to follow the state land rules for dispersed camping in Roscommon County. The subject was cited for storing property on state land for longer than 24 hours and received warnings for camping in one spot for longer than 21 days, not having a camp registration card, failing to move over a mile, litter, and improper disposal of solid waste.

COs Matthew Zultak and Ben McAteer assisted the MSP and Crawford County Sheriff’s Office on a search for a 14-year-old suicidal girl who fled her home into the woods. Approximately three hours into the search, she was located and assessed by EMS.

While on patrol in Missaukee County, CO Breanna Garrett noticed a conibear trap set under a bridge. CO Garrett contacted the property owners and asked if they were trapping beaver under the bridge on the other side of their property. The property owner stated he does not trap, and no one has permission to set traps on his property. After assistance from the property owner and further investigation, CO Garrett was able to find the wife of the owner of the trap. Sadly, the trapper had passed away a few years ago. The wife explained that her husband used to place traps all over the area and people would often call him when they had issues with beavers. The investigation revealed that the trap had been left in that location for an extended period. The trap was then returned to the wife.

COs Breanna Garrett and James Garrett were enjoying their morning off when they heard a loud noise outside their residence. Upon investigation, they found that a car had crashed into a tree. CO B. Garrett immediately called dispatch to report the accident while both COs retrieved their fire extinguishers and first aid kits from their patrol trucks. They rendered first aid to the driver and passenger until the arrival of a Missaukee County deputy, MSP trooper, and EMS. Both subjects were then transported to the hospital for further medical attention.

CO Breanna Garrett received court dispositions on a recent case involving two individuals who trespassed onto private property while trapping for muskrat. Both subjects were found guilty of recreational trespass and paid court-ordered fines.

CO Breanna Garrett received a court disposition on a recent case involving an individual who took an 8-point white-tailed deer without a license. The hunter was ordered to pay $2,000 in reimbursement for the deer.

CO Kyle Bader received a complaint of state land that had been posted with “No Trespassing” signs. CO Bader investigated the complaint and found that two adjacent private property landowners had posted the state land. One said he did it because deer hunters were hunting inside his safety zone, and he wanted to keep them away from his house. Both landowners were given time to rectify the situation before charges were pursued.

After finishing his shift, CO Kyle Bader was in his driveway when an Ogemaw County Sheriff's deputy received a call regarding a domestic dispute in northern Ogemaw County. As the only other available law enforcement officer in the county, CO Bader offered to assist the deputy in the situation. While enroute, dispatch informed the officers that one of the parties involved in the assault left the scene in a semi-truck with no trailer and tall chrome stacks. CO Bader coordinated with the deputy to take different routes and try to find the semi on the way to the address. CO Bader took back roads into Rose City and ended up passing a semi matching the description. CO Bader stopped the semi and contacted the driver who said he was assaulted, so he left the house. After contacting the complaining party at the residence, the deputy met CO Bader at the stop and put the driver through SFSTs. The man was cited for refusing to take a preliminary breath test, and the complaining party at the house was arrested for assault and lodged at the Ogemaw County Jail.

COs Josh Russell and Michael Haas checked on a camper that had been left on state. The COs contacted the owner of the camper who stated they had not been there very long. After some discussion, it was determined they had been there for several months. The subject also had an outstanding warrant out of Gladwin County. The subject was arrested and cited for the camping violations.

While checking the Crooked Lake public access in Clare County, CO Ryan Weakman noticed a lawn tractor with an empty boat trailer attached to it parked near the launch. CO Weakman waited at the access site for the boater to return. When the boater returned, CO Weakman discovered the vessel was unregistered. CO Weakman also discovered the 17-year-old boater had no personal floatation devices (PFDs) on board. The juvenile told CO Weakman that he didn’t think the boat needed to be registered because of it being a smaller vessel. CO Weakman explained that the vessel needed to be registered due to it having a motor attached. CO Weakman had the subject call his mother and meet him at the boat launch. The violations were addressed with the subject’s mother, and a citation was issued for no PFDs being on board. A warning was also given for operating an unregistered vessel.

While on ORV patrol in northern Bay County, COs Paul Lyden and Jacob Daniel noticed a side-by-side without an ORV license. As the COs got behind the side-by-side, the operator was on the left side of the road and would not maintain the extreme right side of the roadway. The COs made a stop and advised the driver of the multiple issues at hand. The operator was cited for failure to display an ORV license and was given multiple warnings.

While patrolling backroads in northern Isabella County, CO Mike Haas witnessed a subject on the side of the roadway stow items on the back of his four-wheeler and take off when he saw the CO. The CO caught up to the subject and conducted a traffic stop since the machine was operating in the middle of the roadway, lacked an ORV license, and the driver was not wearing a helmet. It was discovered that the subject had been taking gravel from the public roadway and was transporting the buckets of gravel back to his house to fill in his driveway potholes. A citation was issued to address the violations.

CO Jacob Robinson was on patrol in Montcalm County when he witnessed a vehicle loaded with garbage turn down a dead-end road where vehicles don’t normally drive. The CO followed the subjects down the road and upon contact, found the subjects unloading the trash over a berm on state land. A citation was issued for littering.


CO Sam Schluckbier received a complaint of a pickup truck that was stuck in the Allegan State Game Area. Unfortunately, the location of the truck made it nearly impossible to be removed by a towing company. The driver and owner of the truck ventured off the seasonal roads, driving cross country for more than a mile, before burying it in a natural spring at the bottom of a ravine. During operation, the truck ran over multiple young tree saplings and caused significant damage to the terrain. CO Schluckbier responded and investigated the scene. Evidence and driver information was gathered for the violations that occurred. Enforcement action will be taken and plans to have the vehicle removed by DNR personnel are under way. 

CO Sam Schluckbier responded to a stranded boater on the Kalamazoo River near Saugatuck. The boat operator called 911 when his boat was blown off course by strong winds, eventually getting it stuck in a shallow marsh. The location of the boat was inaccessible from shore and required a jet boat from the DNR to respond. CO Schluckbier navigated the strong winds and cold weather to locate the subject. The elderly man was in good spirits but appeared cold and tired from attempting to dislodge himself from the sand bar. It took multiple attempts and over two hours to get the vessel free from the marsh. Eventually he was able to be pulled to safety and escorted back to the public dock.

COs Sam Schluckbier and Ryan Jager were working together in Allegan County when a call from Allegan Central Dispatch went out about a homicide suspect surrendering to the police. The suspect was currently at a local church and still in possession of the firearm used in commission of the crime. The COs responded immediately along with Allegan County Sheriff deputies and the MSP. Once on scene, the suspect was apprehended without further incident. COs Schluckbier and Jager assisted with securing the scene and locating evidence. The suspect was taken into custody and is currently held in the Kent County Jail.

CO Travis Dragomer responded to a 911 call of a full arrest in Berrien County. Upon arrival, CO Dragomer observed a man giving chest compressions to an unconscious woman who had agonal breathing. The family stated she had an opioid addiction and they had already given her two doses of Narcan prior to arrival, with no success. After realizing that it was a suspected overdose, CO Dragomer administered a third dose of Narcan, and she instantly opened her eyes and tried to stand up. She began breathing on her own and was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.


COs Jeremy Woods and Marc Mankowski were on patrol in Eaton County when they saw a person leaving a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) construction site carrying pieces of metal. The COs turned around and stopped the individual who admitted to stealing from the construction site after attempting to hide the metal behind a dumpster. Contact was made with MDOT officials who wanted the suspect charged for the larceny, which he was.

CO Ed Rice responded to a suicidal person near a bridge in Hillsdale County. CO Rice was able to befriend the man and move him away from the bridge. EMS arrived a short time later and transported the man to a local hospital for further evaluation.

While sitting at a boat launch chatting with an MSP trooper in Branch County, CO Olivia Moeller noticed a pontoon boat coming into the dock at a high rate of speed. Assuming they would slow down, CO Moeller and the trooper resumed their conversation until they heard a loud crash. The vessel crashed into the state-owned dock which caused one of the posts to break off. A citation was issued for unreasonable speed causing damage.


CO Justin Muehlhauser observed an angler fishing along the Flint River in downtown Flint. The angler appeared to be targeting walleye during the closed season. The CO monitored the angler for approximately 20 minutes before deciding to make contact. As the CO approached, it was clear that the subject was using a jig and orange twister tail commonly used to target walleye. After some discussion, the angler stated that he was aware of the gear restriction but didn’t know why it was in place. The angler claimed that he was just trying to catch anything that would bite. The CO explained the purpose of the gear restriction and cited the subject for the violation.

COs Brad Silorey and Joe Deppen assisted in a multi-agency search for a lost boater. Two personal watercraft operators went missing the evening prior and authorities were alerted by the family that they had not returned. One subject was rescued by authorities after spending three hours in the water. The second subject was still missing. COs Silorey and Deppen launched a patrol boat the following day after finding out about the situation and assisted in the search. The COs used side scan sonar and a remote operated underwater vehicle to search the area. After four hours of searching the area, the subject was recovered in a joint effort by all agencies involved. The subject who was recovered did not have on a PFD or wet/dry suit. Air temperatures were 40 degrees and water temperatures were approximately 38 degrees.

CO Joseph Deppen was on ORV patrol when he received a complaint of three individuals target shooting in the Hewitt gravel pit. CO Deppen made it to the location and there were plenty of signs indicating target shooting was prohibited in the game area. CO Deppen contacted all three individuals and had them secure their firearms in cases and walk back to their vehicles. As they passed all the “no target shooting” signs, CO Deppen asked them if they saw all these no target shooting signs. All three said they saw the signs but didn’t think that anyone really cared. All three were cited for target shooting in a prohibited area.

CO Jaime Salisbury was driving his patrol truck on M 24 when he noticed the car behind him drifting back and forth in the lane crossing both the fog and center lines. Using his rear-view mirror, CO Salisbury could see the female driver using her cell phone and smoking a cigarette. CO Salisbury pulled off to the shoulder and let the car pass. The CO then made a traffic stop and issued a citation for using a cellular device while driving.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll responded to an incident where an individual was reporting that a male had pulled a firearm on him because he had hit the suspect’s car with his car door. CO Ingersoll was the second unit on scene and with assistance from bystanders, the officers were able to locate the suspect vehicle. The male suspect was still sitting in the back seat of the vehicle. The officers were able to conduct a felony arrest on the male suspect and arrest him without incident. After an investigation was completed by the officers, the suspect was arrested for felonious assault by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and lodged without incident.


While patrolling on Belle Isle, CO Bob Watson observed a vehicle traveling the wrong way down a one-way street. The vehicle was paced at 47 miles per hour (mph) in the wrong direction while traveling in a 20-mph zone. A traffic stop was conducted, and a citation was issued for wrong way in a one-way and for no recreation passport.

Immediately upon returning to the same intersection of a previous incident on Belle Isle, CO Bob Watson observed a second vehicle traveling the wrong way down the same one-way, this time at a speed of about 5 to 10 mph. A second traffic stop was conducted. The driver was unable to produce a valid driver’s license and the only licensed driver in the vehicle admitted to being very high on marijuana. The driver called a friend for a ride and a citation was issued for no recreation passport. A warning was given for operating the wrong way down a one-way.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was working on Belle Isle when he observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. CO Ingersoll utilized his radar unit and was able to verify that the vehicle was traveling 20 mph over the posted speed limit of 25 mph. CO Ingersoll stopped the driver who also had an expired registration, failed to stop at the stop sign, did not utilize her turn signal, and advised her that she was going 45 mph in a 25-mph zone. CO Ingersoll issued her a citation for expired registration and warned her for the other traffic violations.