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Conservation Officer (CO) Jenni Hanson hosted an off-road vehicle (ORV) safety course at the Gogebic Community College. Twenty-seven students successfully passed the course and earned their ORV safety certificate.

CO Jenni Hanson assisted the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Office in instructing a marine safety course at the Wakefield-Marenisco school.

CO Jenni Hanson taught an ORV Safety course to the 6th graders at the Ewen-Trout Creek and Watersmeet schools. Twenty students successfully passed the course and earned their ORV safety certificate.

CO Brian Lasanen conducted a patrol targeting spring smelt run activity in Houghton and Baraga Counties. CO Lasanen set up and observed a subject using a cast net to harvest smelt. After a short time observing, CO Lasanen contacted the individual. The subject was found to be in possession of a large over-limit of smelt. The subject was cited for possessing more than the two-gallon limit of smelt.

CO Brian Lasanen received a complaint of a landowner using large brush piles to disguise his illegal burning of a mobile home on the property. CO Lasanen contacted the individual and addressed the violations of unattended burning and the illegal disposal of solid waste.

CO Phil Helminen assisted the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office with the search for a 25-year-old mother and her 5-year-old child. The mother was suffering from a mental health crisis and had left her residence and taken her child into the woods with her at night. The child did not have a jacket or proper clothing for the just above freezing temperatures. After searching for several hours, both the mother and child were located.

CO Phil Helminen attended a hunter safety field day held in Dickinson County. CO Helminen taught the law and ethics portion of the class and answered numerous questions from the students and parents in attendance.

CO Phil Helminen was contacted by a homeowner who was concerned someone was turkey hunting with a firearm inside of the safety zone around their residence. CO Helminen located the hunting blind and found it to be well within the safety zone and the blind was pointed back towards the residence so the hunter would be facing the homeowners house when shooting. The next day, CO Helminen located the hunter in the blind and informed him of the safety zone violation. The hunter said they thought they were far enough away and that they were being safe. Enforcement action was taken for the safety zone violation.

COs Alex VanWagner, Zach Painter, and Pete Shambaugh instructed a hunter education class at the Ontonagon School with the 6th grade class. The students were very interactive and participated well throughout the day.

CO Anna Viau, partnered with the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission and presented to approximately 50 staff members of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Sea Lamprey Control Program in Marquette about methods of verbal de-escalation on the job. Sea lamprey control staff often deal with members of the public who are unhappy with various natural resources issues, even if the issues are unrelated to lamprey control.

COs John Kamps and Jackson Kelly assisted the Michigan State Police (MSP) with a fleeing domestic violence suspect. After violating a personal protection order and committing a domestic violence assault, the suspect fled on foot into the forest as CO Kamps and the MSP arrived on scene. K9 was called in, and after a mile long track they recovered the suspect’s GPS ankle monitor hidden in a tree. It was determined that the suspect was picked up by a vehicle and not in the area. A short time later, the officers received a tip that he was at a residence several miles away. Before the officers arrived on scene, the suspect again fled on foot into the woods. Another K9 track was started and after a two-mile long foot pursuit, the suspect was located. He was taken into custody without incident. The suspect was lodged in the Marquette County Jail on several violations.

COs Jeremy Sergey and Jackson Kelly were instructing a hunter safety class when they received a report that an individual was fishing on the Silver Lead Creek before trout season began. The COs quickly responded and located the individual on the Silver Lead Creek. The COs explained to the individual the stream was closed until April 27th. When asked for his fishing license, the individual stated they thought they only needed a license if they kept any fish. A citation was issued along with a warning for fishing on a closed trout stream.

COs Jeremy Sergey, Jackson Kelly, Cody Smith, and Sergeant (Sgt.) Mark Leadman conducted a field day for hunter safety at the Marquette Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Customer Service Center. Corporal Doug Hermanson tested and certified the 24 students who attended.


CO Michael Evink responded to a small brush fire near his residence. The fire was started by a downed powerline. CO Evink contacted dispatch and the power company and stayed on scene until fire personnel and Cloverland Electric were present.

COs Michael Evink and Andrea Dani participated in a fundraiser for the Munising High School Senior class. The game consisted of local law enforcement versus the Seniors from Munising High School. The game was close with the seniors winning on free throws with no time left on the clock.

CO Robert Freeborn volunteered at one of the local schools for their annual school carnival. The carnival is open to the public and consists of several activity stations for the kids to play throughout the school and gym. CO Freeborn along with local law enforcement took shifts running the “jail” where kids could place a person of their choosing in “jail” for three minutes. This is one of the most popular games offered at the carnival and was a great chance for law enforcement to interact with their community.

CO Brandon Maki observed a vehicle parked at the Rock River after dark and believed someone may have been taking steelhead illegally. CO Maki walked down to the river where he observed two headlamps in the open section of the stream. Then CO Maki watched the two individuals fish from a distance before they walked towards him. The two anglers walked right by CO Maki without noticing him and one began fishing in the closed section of the stream. CO Maki issued a citation for fishing in a closed stream for spawning purposes. 

Sgt. Mark Zitnik was off duty and on his way to go fishing when he observed two individuals fishing in the closed section of the Rock River. Sgt. Zitnik identified himself as a conservation officer and contacted the anglers. Sgt. Zitnik called CO Brandon Maki who was patrolling nearby and informed him about the violations. CO Maki made his way to their location. When CO Maki arrived on scene, he issued one citation to each angler for fishing in the closed section of the stream, and seized one steelhead that was caught in the closed area. After receiving the citations, one angler became upset and broke his fishing rod into multiple pieces. 

CO Scott Pankow assisted the DNR Wildlife Division with relocating a nuisance bear from Drummond Island.

CO Scott Pankow assisted the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department after they completed a search warrant on a residence and located multiple DNR snowmobile, ORV, and other directional signs that had been stolen from the trails.

CO Scott Pankow contacted an individual fishing on the closed section of the Pine River. The individual was issued a citation for attempting to take a trout/salmon on designated streams during the closed season.

CO Mike Olesen responded to a call of an illegally harvested turkey within the city limits of Sault Ste. Marie. CO Olesen responded to the scene and contacted two individuals. After a short interview, it was determined that the turkey had been harvested without a valid spring turkey license, had been taken in a manner that was in violation of the safety zone, and in violation of multiple city ordinances. CO Olesen seized the turkey and the firearm that was used. A report is being submitted to the Chippewa County Prosecutor's Office for review.


CO Duane Budreau, while working with “Wardens” – the Outdoor Channel’s weekly show, checked on an illegal campsite that had been set up since the early fall of 2023. When CO Budreau arrived at the dispersed campsite, there was a large fire burning in the firepit. The flames were about three feet high, and the smoke was black. The wind was blowing between 15 and 20 mph. There was no one around the camp. CO Budreau extinguished the fire with a shovel. There were several items made of plastic and rubberized material burning. After further investigation, CO Budreau located a current address where the suspect was staying. CO Budreau explained the irony to the crewmember. On CO Budreau’s first appearance on the “Wardens” the episode was titled “Still on the List.”  In the episode, CO Budreau was attempting to apprehend someone illegally baiting bear. CO Budreau was unable to catch up with the hunters while filming and made the comment that they are still on the list. The suspect with the illegal camp and unattended illegal fire is the same individual that was still on the list. CO Budreau contacted the individual and issued a ticket for unlawful disposal of solid waste. When the cameraman advised him why he was filming, the subject stated that he figured it was for “Wardens” and stated that he had already been on the show before.

CO Adam LeClerc responded to the Sturgeon River in Wolverine to assist with a search for a missing child. The child was found by first responders in the river and life saving measures were started before emergency medical services (EMS) personnel arrived. The child was transported to Otsego Memorial Hospital via EMS.

COs Adam LeClerc and Duane Budreau interviewed a person at the last known address for an abandoned vehicle on state land. The individual was cooperative at first, but later became stand-offish and argumentative with the COs, even though they claimed to have no ownership of the property in question. Upon investigation of the property on state land the following day, the vehicles had been removed by unknown persons.

CO Nathan Beelman was patrolling the area around Black River when he observed multiple sets of headlights in a planted DNR food plot. CO Beelman activated his emergency lights as he approached the vehicles that were doing donuts and burnouts in the field. One of the trucks ignored CO Beelman’s commands to stop and exited the field past CO Beelman. CO Beelman contacted the other two trucks who admitted to tearing up the field and denied knowing they weren’t allowed to be in the field despite it having a berm around it to prevent entry. Both drivers were ticketed and given multiple warnings for other violations. One of the drivers was also arrested for multiple outstanding warrants. COs Beelman and Tim Rosochacki were able to determine the identity of the third driver who fled due to having a description of the vehicle and an SOS image of the driver. Charges are being filed for the third driver for multiple violations.

CO Chad Baldwin had been attempting to locate an individual who abandoned a travel trailer and had an excessive amount of trash on state land. After he and several other COs had searched for the individual for several months, CO Baldwin finally located the individual at an address in northern Emmet County. CO Baldwin interviewed the suspect who stated he was on his way to pick up the trailer “the other day” but he blew the engine in his truck. The suspect was ticketed and given until the following weekend to clean up the site.

Sgt. William Webster was checking anglers on the opening day of trout season at a local hot spot. As he approached one of the seven anglers on the bank, an angler a few yards away quickly packed up and started to head for his vehicle. Sgt. Webster advised the man that he would need to see his fishing license and the man said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s in my truck.” Sgt. Webster finished his first check and followed the man to his truck. At the vehicle, the angler made up all the excuses for not having his license with him and advised that his license was good until May 1st. Sgt. Webster ran his file and noted that he didn’t have a valid fishing license and issued the man a ticket and explained the fishing license expiration date to the angler.

CO Jack Gorno responded to a wildfire in Cheboygan County. Upon contact, the subject was discovered to have burned construction materials and was open burning during a burn ban. The subject could not contain the fire and it spread to the neighbor’s property. CO Gorno investigated the fire and issued a ticket and several wildfire related warnings to the subject.

CO Tom Oberg assisted the DNR Forest Resources Division (FRD) at the Gaylord District Office by putting on a presentation for a group of homeschoolers. CO Oberg set-up a booth and presented to three different groups. CO Oberg presented to the children on what a conservation officer does and what a day in the life can consist of. CO Oberg also explained how the Law Enforcement Division (LED) and FRD work together, especially during forest fire season.

COs Kyle Cherry and Tom Oberg participated in the annual Otsego County Fun Fair. The COs set up a booth where kids could win prizes for correctly naming different wildlife.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was conducting a stationary ORV patrol in southern Montmorency County. CO Liestenfeltz was monitoring the speed of ORVs due to the high activity area and constant complaints. During his patrol, CO Liestenfeltz observed a truck traveling his direction at what appeared to be a high rate of speed and had driven off the roadway onto the shoulder. CO Liestenfeltz used his RADAR unit and observed the truck traveling approximately 71 mph in a 55-mph zone. CO Liestenfeltz then observed the truck disregard a stop sign. CO Liestenfeltz caught up to the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. While speaking with the operator, CO Liestenfeltz noticed obvious signs of intoxication. CO Liestenfeltz administered standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) which were not passed. The subject blew a .171 in the preliminary breath test, which was over twice the legal limit. CO Liestenfeltz placed the subject into custody where they were lodged and charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI).

CO Jon Sklba closed a case where a nonresident was purchasing resident hunting and fishing licenses illegally for several years. The subject was ordered to pay over $1,500 in reimbursement to the State of Michigan.

CO Jon Sheppard received a complaint of several young kids who were fishing illegally at the 9th Street Dam in Alpena. According to the complaint, the kids had caught several fish including a walleye. CO Sheppard responded to the area and located the kids riding bikes away from the river carrying a bucket and fishing equipment. CO Sheppard spoke to the kids and observed a walleye in the bucket. Walleye season in inland waters was closed at this time so CO Sheppard seized the walleye and educated the kids regarding season dates for different species. CO Sheppard called the parent of the child in possession of the walleye and explained how to look up the fishing digest and suggested that she and her son review the guide so they can enjoy fishing while following the regulations. The walleye was donated, and no citations were issued.

CO Alex Bourgeois was patrolling down Wolf Creek Road when he observed two men fishing on Wolf Creek, which is closed during this time of the year. CO Bourgeois contacted the individuals and advised them that the stream was closed. CO Bourgeois conducted a routine check on the individuals and discovered one of the anglers was also using illegal gear. CO Bourgeois issued both anglers a ticket for fishing on a closed trout stream and gave a warning for illegal gear.

Sgt. Paul Fox closed out an illegal deer case that occurred in Presque Isle County during the 2023 firearm deer season. An individual harvested a buck without a valid deer tag. The subject was ordered to pay over $2,000 in fines and restitution. The subject lost hunting privileges for two years.

Sgt. Paul Fox assisted CO Justin Ulberg, from Kent County, follow up with an illegal deer case that occurred in Presque Isle County during the 2023 firearm deer season. The subject harvested two bucks without having a valid deer tag for either animal. The subject was ordered to pay over $5,000 in fines and restitution and lost hunting privileges until 2029.


COs Josh Wright, Logan Turner, Zack Walters, Amanda Weaver, and Acting Sgt. Ryan Andrews participated in an interagency training with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The training simulated an inland rescue of an injured hunter who needed to be air-lifted from his location. Half of the COs flew with the USCG to the incident site, where a series of drills were conducted to practice hoisting patients into the helicopter. Following the drills, the other half of the COs were flown back to the base, so all COs had a chance to get familiar with the helicopter and its rescue capabilities.


CO Jacob Hamilton was requested by Kalkaska County Central Dispatch to respond to a residence in Oliver Township for someone burning while burn permits were not being issued. CO Hamilton responded to the scene along with multiple fire departments. The landowner was burning three large piles of stumps and tree debris. There was also a chunk of foam board burning in one of the fires. A citation was issued to the landowner for burning without a burn permit and a warning was issued for unlawful disposal of solid waste.

COs Charlie Jones and Jacob Hamilton were patrolling the Manistee Lake area in Kalkaska County the day before the walleye opener. CO Hamilton observed two anglers fishing from a dock. The anglers were observed catching multiple fish before dark. COs Jones and Hamilton contacted the anglers at their residence and a walleye was found in a live well box next to the angler’s dock. A citation was issued for possessing a walleye during the closed season.

CO Matthew Zultak was patrolling kayaking locations on a closed trout stream in Roscommon County. While patrolling, he observed a subject fishing with a spinning reel and artificial bait. The angler was also observed fishing with a fly and rod. CO Zultak contacted the angler who advised he just wanted to test out his new rod. Upon further investigation, the angler had not purchased a valid Michigan fishing license. The subject was cited for fishing without a license and given a warning for possession of fishing gear on a closed trout stream. The next day on the same stretch of river, CO Zultak observed another angler fishing the closed trout stream. The angler was contacted. He stated he was only trying to catch suckers and only cast a couple of times. Upon further investigation, it was determined the angler had multiple past contacts with COs for snagging and fishing without a license. The angler was issued a citation for fishing a closed stream.

CO Charlie Jones and F/Lt. Mark DePew were dispatched to a fire in Garfield Township, Kalkaska County. When they arrived, they saw a large plume of smoke and flames and noticed that over five acres of land were on fire, close to several residences. While fire officials fought the fire, the COs contacted the residents in case of an evacuation. Fortunately, the fire officials were able to control and suppress the fire. The COs then began their investigation finding the fire’s point of origin near the back of a residence which led them to a suspect who was interviewed and eventually, admitted to starting the fire. A criminal report will be submitted to the Kalkaska County Prosecutor's Office for review.

CO Tyler Sabuda received a call from Station 20 late one night for anglers suspected to be bow fishing on a trout stream and attempting to harvest pike in Iosco County. CO Sabuda located a suspect vehicle at a boat launch down the road from the complaint. CO Sabuda located the boat and observed one of the anglers attempt to harvest fish multiple times with their bow. CO Sabuda contacted the anglers who were in possession of carp, dogfish, and suckers. One of the anglers stated they accidentally hit a pike but had released it. Enforcement action was taken for bow fishing in a designated trout stream.

CO Casey Pullum was responding to an illegal debris burning complaint in Oscoda County and while enroute, witnessed a vehicle lose two roof-mounted kayaks that were poorly secured to the roof. Both kayaks landed in the lane of travel and slid to the shoulder. The CO activated his emergency lights to warn oncoming traffic of the hazard while the vehicle that lost the kayaks turned around. It appeared that once the driver noticed the emergency patrol truck lights, the vehicle turned down a side road. Thinking the driver was attempting to flee the area the CO followed and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. During the traffic stop, the CO detected signs of intoxication. After conducting SFSTs, the driver was arrested and lodged in Oscoda County for OWI, driving while license suspended (DWLS), open intoxicants in the vehicle, and unsecured load.

CO Kyle Bader was patrolling northern Ogemaw County for turkey hunting activity when he observed a vehicle disregarding a stop sign. The vehicle never even slowed for the intersection. CO Bader conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver was dressed in turkey hunting attire. During his contact with the driver, CO Bader observed an uncased shotgun between the seats of the vehicle and a solo cup in the cupholder. Further investigation revealed that the cup contained an alcoholic beverage, and the 10-gauge shotgun was loaded with 3 ½ inch magnum shells. The driver was cited for possessing a loaded and uncased firearm in a motor vehicle and disregarding a stop sign. Verbal warnings were issued for two other violations.

CO Joshua Jobin investigated suspicious activity observed in the DNR Fur Registry Database. After contacting the suspect, CO Jobin obtained a confession from the trapper that he had obtained otter tags after trapping the otter. CO Jobin's investigation also revealed that the trapper had failed to return the skulls when he had the otters sealed. Charges are being sought through the prosecutor's office.

CO Ryan Weakman was patrolling an area of state land in Clare County during opening weekend of turkey season when he spotted a pick-up truck parked suspiciously among some trees off the main trail. Suspecting it may be a turkey hunter, CO Weakman approached the vehicle. Two male subjects exited the vehicle upon CO Weakman’s approach. When questioned about what they were doing, one of the males said they were just hanging out and smoking some marijuana. CO Weakman further questioned the subjects and inquired about any firearms in the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle told CO Weakman there was a handgun under the driver seat where he was sitting. CO Weakman confirmed the subject did not have a concealed pistol license (CPL) permit for the firearm and detained both occupants. CO Weakman searched the vehicle and located a loaded .380 caliber pistol under the seat. The owner of the vehicle also had an outstanding arrest warrant out of Clare County. CO Weakman arrested the vehicle operator for carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) and the outstanding warrant. 

COs Josh Russell and Mike Haas were on patrol in Gladwin County when Gladwin Central Dispatch asked for their assistance on a personal injury accident not far from their location. The COs arrived on scene to find two vehicles had been involved in a head-on crash. The COs were first on scene and assessed the minor injuries of everyone involved. During the investigation process, the COs located alcohol containers that were nearly empty in one vehicle. The investigation was turned over to the Gladwin County Sheriff’s Department.

COs Cheyanna Rizor and Ryan Weakman attended a hunter safety field day at the Harrison Sportsman’s Club in Clare County. The COs put on a presentation about hunting laws, hunter ethics, and the job duties of a conservation officer. About 18 students were present for the field day.


CO Mark Siemen received information and a video from a local resident in Sanilac County of some minors leaving a school parking lot after school on ORVs. In the video, it shows two of the ORVs colliding causing one operator to fly off his ORV and crash into the ditch just off the roadway. With this information, CO Siemen investigated and was able to obtain names of all minors involved. Contact was made with parents and charges are being submitted for allowing a minor to operate an ORV on the roadway. CO Siemen also responded to the school and educated administration of the state’s ORV laws.

CO Chris Kravitsky received a recreational trespass complaint of two subjects turkey hunting who shot a turkey on private property without permission. CO Kravitsky spoke with the complainant who had witnessed two subjects shoot a turkey from public land onto privately owned land. CO Kravitsky was able to identify the hunters after the complainant got a license plate number from the suspects’ vehicle. The suspects admitted to going onto privately owned land to retrieve the turkey. Charges are being sought against the hunters for recreational trespass through the Tuscola County Prosecutor’s Office.

While on patrol, COs Adam Schiller and Michael Lator contacted two turkey hunters on state land. The turkey hunters handed the COs private property only turkey kill-tags. When asked why they were hunting state land with private land only turkey tags, they did not have a legitimate response. Further investigation revealed two shotguns that were inside their vehicle, both loaded. Citations were issued to address the loaded firearms in a motor vehicle and warnings were given for the licensing violations.


CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling for ORV activity in the Allegan State Game Area (SGA) in Allegan County when he observed four ORVs traveling down a dead-end county roadway. The CO followed the ORVs to the dead end where a foot traffic trail in the Allegan SGA begins. The CO only located three of the four ORVs sitting stationary at the dead end. The CO initiated a stop on these three ORVs after not being able to see ORV licenses on any of them. While checking these ORVs for proper licenses, the CO observed the fourth ORV operating in the SGA foot traffic trail. The fourth ORV operator saw the CO’s emergency lights and decided to flee the area by operating further into the SGA. The subjects on the COs stop quickly gave up the fourth subject’s name and contact information. After walking the trail searching for the fourth subject, the CO was advised he had returned to the COs truck and was waiting. The CO returned to his patrol truck and positively identified the fourth operator who was subsequently issued a citation.

Jackie Miskovich was patrolling Muskegon County when she was called to assist the White Lake Fire Department on a fire that had gotten out of control. After investigating and talking with DNR FRD, it was found that the individuals were trying to burn some untreated lumber, and the fire jumped to some dry leaves, burning approximately a half-acre of adjacent forest land. A citation was issued for failing to prevent the spread of fire.


CO Olivia Moeller assisted an MSP trooper in keeping a cow off I 69 in Branch County. The cow had escaped from its pasture and was grazing next to the highway. CO Moeller and the trooper were able to keep the cow from entering the highway and eventually coaxed it back over the fence. The cow’s owner was contacted and it, along with its other escape artist friends, were moved back to the pasture.

CO Marc Mankowski was checking anglers at Crandell Lake in Eaton County when he received a report of a man without pants at the other end of the lake. CO Mankowski located a man, in the woods in his underwear, and obtained a confession for fresh human waste and wipes located nearby. The man was ordered to clean up the area and leave the park immediately. The subject is now banned from all Eaton County parks.


CO Les Bleil retrieved a 10-foot alligator skin that was confiscated from a Detroit resident who went to Mississippi and illegally hunted it. CO Bleil assisted the Mississippi Game Wardens, and the alligator hide was transferred from state to state.

CO Keven Luther conducted a ride-along for a hopeful conservation officer candidate. During the patrol, a group of anglers were in possession of several unprocessed walleye. A field investigation was conducted, and an overlimit of walleye was determined. Forty-eight walleye fillets were seized and donated. The anglers were issued citations on scene. Before concluding the ride-along, another citation was issued to an angler in possession of an undersized walleye.

COs Cody Bourgeois, Joseph Closser, and Keven Luther assisted local and federal agencies secure a safety zone on the Detroit River for the 2024 National Football League (NFL) draft. While in route to the safety zone detail, the three COs contacted a vessel with three males fishing. An angler check was conducted resulting in an overlimit of walleye. A citation was issued on scene. After the conclusion of the NFL draft detail, COs Bourgeois and Luther patrolled the Detroit River for angler activity. Several vessels were contacted throughout the patrol with two undersized walleye citations being issued.

COs Cody Bourgeois, Griffin Korican, and Joshua Salas patrolled the opening day of trout season on the Huron River in the Proud Lake State Recreation Area. During the patrol, CO Salas took up a hiding spot along the river while the other two COs conducted surveillance elsewhere. CO Salas observed one angler chumming the river with cat food and contacted CO Bourgeois to come to his location so he would not have to abandon his hideout. CO Bourgeois observed the suspect and quickly recognized the angler from the year prior when CO Bourgeois gave him a warning for chumming. CO Bourgeois observed the angler chumming the river with the cat food and then made contact. When the CO broke through the woods, he observed the angler quickly stuffing a bag into his coat pocket and start walking in the opposite direction downriver. The CO caught up to the angler and questioned him on how the fishing was; the angler responded that the fish weren’t biting. The CO followed up by stating he saw all the trout surfacing for cat food. The angler laughed and stated, “Yeah now if only they would bite the hook with the cat food on it.” CO Bourgeois asked the angler for his identification and then proceeded to explain that he would be receiving a citation for chumming in a designated Type 1 trout stream. The angler frantically asked for a warning and stated he never heard of such a law. The CO kindly reminded the angler that he was the one who warned him last year about the chumming situation. The angler hung his head and stated he was hoping the CO would have forgotten about that.

CO Joshua Salas responded to an active complaint of individuals using a cast net to take trout from the Huron River. Upon arriving at the river, the CO located the individuals walking from a trail back to their vehicle. The CO asked the individuals if they had any fish, one individual stated that they did not, and the other stated that they did. The CO asked the owner of the vehicle if he could search the car to which he consented. The CO located a cooler in the trunk with five rainbow trout located inside it and a loaded BB gun sitting along the side of the driver's seat. The CO secured the weapon in his patrol vehicle and asked the individuals where the cast net that they used to catch the fish went. One of the individuals stated that it had broken, and they threw it in the trash. The CO had them walk him towards the trash can where it was located. About 50 yards down the trail, the two individuals stopped and pointed at a bush and said it was located underneath it. The CO had the individuals grab the large cast net and bring it back to the vehicle, where it was then seized. One individual admitted using the cast net and received citations for using illegal gear on a trout stream, possessing fish during the closed season, and possessing an over-limit of trout. The other individual was issued a citation for possessing a loaded pneumatic gun (BB gun) in a motor vehicle.

COs Dave Schaumburger, Dan Walzak, and Mike Drexler were on marine patrol when they approached a Kentucky marked fishing boat. While checking the angler’s walleye, one of the anglers said he had a 14-inch walleye, but he was not sure what the size limit was. The angler stated he was “Just about to look up the regulations.” CO Schaumburger asked him how long the fish had been in the live well and the angler stated it was about five minutes. The angler was issued a citation for possessing an undersized walleye.

While in a meeting at the district office, F/Lt. Todd Szyska, Sgt. Jason Becker, and CO Joshua Salas got a report from a bystander that there was a shooting outside the Detroit district office. The COs responded to the area and checked for any injuries and got statements from a few witnesses. Apparently, the suspect pulled up to a subject walking on the sidewalk and opened fire at the pedestrian and then got out of the vehicle to chase him. The suspect suddenly stopped firing and fled away in his vehicle. The COs located shell casings and other evidence dropped by the suspect in his haste to leave the scene. Detroit Police arrived on scene and took over the investigation.

CO Sydney Griffor was checking fishing vessels coming off the river at the North Channel Boat Launch in Algonac. When checking one vessel that had two anglers aboard for the required safety equipment and fish, CO Griffor counted nine walleyes in the live well of the boat. Before asking for fishing licenses, one angler advised CO Griffor he did not have his 2024 fishing license. He began explaining he attempted to purchase it a few times but was unsuccessful. He then stated he knowingly went out fishing a few times without the required license. The other angler showed his 2024 fishing license and was able to keep his daily limit of six walleyes. The remaining three walleyes that belonged to the angler without a license were seized and he was issued a citation for possessing fish without a license.

While patrolling for anglers along the Holloway reservoir, CO Zackary Cardinal noticed two anglers walking back from a common fishing spot to a parking lot along the road. One of the subjects was carrying a bucket that had fish in it. As CO Cardinal exited his patrol truck, the subject carrying the bucket of fish handed the bucket off to the subject behind him and began walking the opposite direction. Upon contact, the subject admitted to CO Cardinal that he was trying to buy his license online before CO Cardinal had reached him. The subject bought his license and received a citation.

CO Brandon Vacek was checking vessels returning from fishing at Bolles Harbor Boat Launch around dusk. Across from the boat launch, at another popular shore fishing location, the CO observed a minivan pull in and park. Several occupants exited the vehicle and gathered near the water. After several minutes observing the group, the CO witnessed one of the subjects toss a cast net into the water and retrieve it. The CO had received a Report all Poaching complaint earlier in the week of similar activity and believed this group was possibly related. CO Vacek contacted CO Nick Ingersoll to assist in contacting the group before they were able to leave. Prior to CO Ingersoll’s arrival at the location, the subjects packed up and the vehicle exited quickly. CO Vacek relayed the vehicle description to CO Ingersoll who located and conducted a stop on it for an unrelated traffic offense. The COs were able to identify the driver as the user of the cast net.  Upon further investigation, it was determined he did not possess a 2024 Michigan fishing license. The driver was issued a citation for fishing without a license and given a warning for using an illegal fishing device on inland waters.


Corporal (Cpl.) Jon Busken was dispatched by Station 20 to a complaint of a bonfire in progress at a state boat launch in Muskegon County. While enroute, Muskegon County Dispatch sent a Muskegon Township Police Department Officer to the boat launch as well for a U-Haul blocking access to the launch. Upon arriving, Cpl. Busken discovered that the woods near the boat launch had become a homeless encampment. Upon a LEIN check for camping without a camp permit Cpl. Busken received a fake identity from one individual and found another inhabitant to possess a valid no-bond, statewide-pickup misdemeanor warrant for possession of methamphetamine from Ottawa County. The subject was taken into custody by Cpl. Busken and turned over to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office for lodging.

Cpl. Tom Peterson was informed of multiple sturgeon and trout that had fallen out of a cooler that had fallen out of a pickup truck on M-26 in Hubbell, Michigan by D1 Sgt. Mark Pomroy. Cpl. Tom Peterson and CO Byron Parks responded to the reported area but found little evidence. Cpl. Peterson was able to locate the spot in the road where the cooler had fallen out by finding some remains of what appeared to be trout. Cpl. Tom Peterson developed further suspect information from the complainant and social media investigation, and COs Byron Parks, Brian Lasanen, and Cpl. Peterson responded to the suspects address for an interview and inspection of the fish. It was determined that the sturgeon were in fact shovelnose sturgeon, only found in the Mississippi and Missouri River. Cpl. Peterson reached out to one of his contacts with the Wisconsin DNR and confirmed that the fish were in fact able to be harvested legally.

Several GLEU officers conducted a saturation patrol of the Metro Detroit area for organisms in trade (OIT) violations. Several overt and plain clothes inspections were conducted. One plant specimen that looked similar to a prohibited species was seized for ID confirmation by the Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) staff.  In a different tropical fish store, questionable crayfish were identified as legal with assistance from Fisheries Division staff. One prohibited species, weatherfish, was seized from yet another shop. Several warnings were given for minor violations.

Cpl. Troy Van Gelderen assisted with the on-water scenario day for the State Marine Training class which trains new marine sheriff deputies. Cpl. Van Gelderen also gave a presentation on aquatic invasive species (AIS) issues during the class.