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Conservation Officer (CO) Zach Painter was on patrol in Gogebic County checking lakes when he observed a fishing pole on a public dock with nobody around and an undersized largemouth bass lying next to it. After a short time, two subjects walked down to the dock and advised that was their pole and that they had caught the bass. While talking with the subjects, CO Painter determined that they had more fish at their nearby campsite. A check of those fish revealed two more undersize largemouth bass. Enforcement action was taken for the undersized fish.

Sergeant (Sgt.) Marc Pomroy assisted local sheriff departments and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) with a boating incident on Lake Superior. A boat with five anglers on board took on water and sank. A nearby boat was able to rescue three subjects from the water and bring them to the nearest access site. Multiple agencies conducted searches throughout the day for the remaining two subjects. The subjects were not located, and the search continues for the subjects and the vessel.

COs Steve Sajtar and Shannon Wicklund attended a hunter safety class at the Normenco Sportsmen’s Club in Menominee County. COs Sajtar and Wicklund gave a presentation on outdoor ethics and safety. The students were educated on safety zones, hunter etiquette, and safe firearm handling. The COs were able to interact with members of the community and answer various questions from the students.

In Menominee County, CO Steve Sajtar conducted a patrol focused on enforcement of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) violations. CO Sajtar patrolled multiple boat launches throughout the weekend looking for aquatic vegetation on trailers and vessels being towed without their drain plugs removed. In total, CO Sajtar issued seven verbal warnings and one citation.

CO Phil Helminen observed a man and two women fishing from shore, along with a teenage boy fishing near them in a kayak. When CO Helminen contacted the people on shore fishing, the two women stated they did not have fishing licenses. One of the women stated her son was the one in the kayak. He did not have a personal floatation device (PFD) in the kayak as she forgot to give it to him, and she had left it in the vehicle. The boy came to shore to get a PFD from the vehicle. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Alex VanWagner responded to a report of a large plume of smoke near one of the lakes in Iron County. There was a subject outside of a residence with a large fire going. Open burning was not permitted, and he was burning wood debris from the yard, as well as a mattress and other objects. The violations were addressed with the subject and a citation was issued.

CO Anna Viau participated in the DNR’s Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) summer weekend by instructing Self-Confidence, a class which teaches women basic self-defense tactics and helps them become more confident while recreating outdoors. CO Viau also assisted CO Jennifer Hanson with teaching hunter safety to a group of women throughout the weekend.

CO John Kamps and Sgt. Mark Leadman assisted the Michigan State Police (MSP) on a traffic stop in which the driver was experiencing a mental breakdown. The subject advised the MSP trooper that he wanted to drive his vehicle into oncoming traffic. CO Kamps and Sgt. Leadman talked with the subject and were able to further de-escalate his suicidal talk. The subject’s mother arrived on scene and transported the subject to the local hospital for evaluation.

COs John Kamps and Jackson Kelly responded with DNR fire units to an active fire in Marquette County. The COs determined that the suspect set fire to a large amount of trash in an open burn pit. The fire quickly escaped, burning approximately a quarter acre of the surrounding property. An assortment of other solid waste, which included a large pile of tires, also burned in the fire. The suspect was issued a citation for burning solid waste.


Corporal (Cpl.) Brett DeLonge and COs Brandon Maki and Andrea Dani instructed a boater safety course at the BOW event in Big Bay. The students were taught the rules and regulations and were given several hours of one-on-one training in trailering, backing, and boat operation.

CO Steve Butzin assisted teaching Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) cadets at the Northern Michigan University police academy on how to properly conduct traffic stops. CO Butzin also incorporated DNR law into the traffic stop scenarios. This included possession of loaded or uncased firearms in motor vehicles, possession of open intoxicants, and possession of fish and game without the proper licenses.

CO Robert Freeborn instructed at the annual BOW program put on by the DNR. CO Freeborn assisted CO Jennifer Hanson in teaching shotgun safety. The women in the class were first shown the basic safety and operation of a shotgun. The women then put their skills to the test and shot skeet. This was the first time most of the women in the class had handled a shotgun and by the end were very excited to use their new skills in the field.


COs Duane Budreau and Andrea Albert conducted a basic compass familiarization and orienteering course at Camp Dagget for the annual Mother-Daughter weekend. There were about 60 participants at the event. The COs also used this opportunity to explain the role of a CO.

CO Nathan Beelman participated in a two-day search and rescue exercise at Porcupine Mountain State Park. The exercise focused on a simulated search for a group of missing boy scouts in the park.

CO Nathan Beelman gave two presentations to the sixth grade East Jordan classes at their end of the year campout. CO Beelman presented on the numerous animals we have in Michigan and the job duties of a CO.

CO Nathan Beelman assisted the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Department on a call with a suicidal subject who had discharged a firearm twice. CO Beelman assisted with securing the firearm used in the incident and securing the subject so they could be transported to medical treatment.

CO Duane Budreau was invited to teach a class of fourth grade students on how to use a compass for orienteering and land navigation. CO Budreau instructed a group of students at a local elementary school on how to properly utilize a compass in a more advanced fashion than simply determining the cardinal directions. Students were taught the difference between magnetic north and true north, or geographic north. CO Budreau explained the difference between an azimuth, a heading, and a bearing. Students were taken outside to follow a pre-established course utilizing both the compass and a pace count. Compass reading is part of the fourth and fifth grade curriculum. CO Budreau was asked to help with the instruction by a teacher who had participated in the annual Mother-Daughter weekend at Camp Daggett, in which CO Budreau taught orienteering to the group.

CO Duane Budreau participated in the annual Petoskey Department of Public Safety Open House. The event is intended to open the doors to the public so they can come see what public safety law enforcement is about. The public is allowed to climb in and on some of the emergency response equipment and they are shown some of the training that officers go through. CO Budreau had his Great Lakes patrol boat on display in the Petoskey Marina for people to check out. CO Budreau explained to many participants the role of COs on the Great Lakes.

CO Jack Gorno stopped a vehicle on the rail trail in Cheboygan County. CO Gorno advised the subject the rail trail was closed to motor vehicles. The subjects admitted they were in a rush to get to a baseball game, taking the shortcut from fishing. The operator admitted he knew they weren’t allowed on the rail trail. CO Gorno issued the operator a ticket for operating a motor vehicle in an area not designated for use.

CO Kyle Cherry was on patrol in Otsego County when he overheard radio traffic that an Otsego County deputy was attempting to locate a sports car that was observed going approximately 150 mph in a 55-mph zone. CO Tom Oberg informed CO Cherry of a possible address the suspect vehicle would be heading to. CO Cherry and a second Otsego County deputy responded and were able to intercept the suspect vehicle. The driver was turned over to the Otsego County deputies for charges.

CO Jon Sheppard responded to a grass fire north of Alpena. The fire burned multiple acres of grass and began to enter a wooded area. After several hours, several fire departments were able to suppress the fire. After a brief investigation and interviewing the suspect, it was determined that he was burning brush and the fire spread to the grass nearby. He was unable to stop the spread of the fire and did not have any way to extinguish it. CO Sheppard issued a ticket for failure to prevent spread of a forest fire.

CO Jon Sklba spoke with a second-grade class at an Alpena County Elementary School. CO Sklba brought furs, skulls, and shed antlers for the kids to handle. Topics ranged from wildlife, conservation, and the job functions of a CO.

CO Alex Bourgeois received a complaint of a family with a pet baby raccoon. CO Bourgeois arrived at the home and inquired about the raccoon. CO Bourgeois was eventually able to seize the raccoon from the family and educated them on the law regarding rehabbing animals and possessing a wild animal. Enforcement action was taken.

While checking walleye anglers at the harbor in Alpena, CO Alex Bourgeois observed a boat enter the harbor at a speed greater than no-wake and without a stern navigation light. CO Bourgeois contacted the boat and the driver stated that he just didn’t want to put the stern light on and that there was no equipment failure. CO Bourgeois issued a ticket to the operator for no navigation lights and a warning for speed greater than no wake.

CO Sidney LaLonde contacted some anglers fishing a dam in Montmorency County. CO LaLonde was watching the two anglers from a distance actively fishing. When CO LaLonde moved closer to the subjects, one of the anglers set his pole down and off into the weeds. When asked to check the subjects’ fishing licenses, one of the subjects stated he was not fishing. CO LaLonde then explained she had been watching them for some time. The subject then admitted to fishing without a license. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Sidney LaLonde, Alex Bourgeois and Dan Liestenfeltz put on an ORV safety class at the Atlanta Field Office. Students were shown proper and safe ORV use, ways to get unstuck using a winch, and how to use various ORVs. The class had a great turn out and was very appreciated by the students.


COs Zack Walters, Bill Haskin, and Josh Wright assisted in the Cedar Rod and Gun Club’s Hunter Safety Field Day in Leelanau County with 45 students completing the course and on their way to enjoying Michigan’s great outdoors. 

CO Amanda Weaver attended the Special Olympics Summer Games in Mount Pleasant. During the two-day event, CO Weaver had the pleasure of awarding medals to athletes after the completion of their sporting events. The event was an extremely rewarding thing to watch, and CO Weaver was grateful for the opportunity to witness such positivity and support amongst a diverse group of individuals.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was assisting a Lake County deputy with an ORV stop and observed an ORV coming towards them. The oncoming ORV swerved into a mud puddle in the roadway and began fishtailing and tearing the roadway up. As the ORV approached, CO Killingbeck motioned for the ORV to stop. The ORV slowed down and CO Killingbeck gave a loud verbal command to stop. The driver looked at CO Killingbeck and then fled. A pursuit was initiated and after a short distance, the ORV pulled into a residence. The driver exited and ignored CO Killingbeck’s commands. As CO Killingbeck attempted to take the driver into custody, the suspect began resisting. With the assistance of a Lake County deputy, the subject was taken into custody. CO Killingbeck learned the suspect had a revoked driver’s license and outstanding warrants from downstate. The subject was lodged in the Lake County Jail on charges of flee and elude, resisting and obstructing, driving while revoked, and reckless driving.

CO Josh Reed was returning from training and heard a call about an armed suspect in the village of Mecosta. CO Reed responded to the village and contacted Mecosta County deputies who were speaking to a female at one of the village businesses. The female said her boyfriend had assaulted her in her home and threatened to shoot any responding law enforcement. The female was able to provide CO Reed with a Ring Doorbell video of the male suspect placing a scoped bolt action rifle with a bipod on the front lawn and stating to the female that he “was ready.”  CO Reed contacted the elementary school across the road from the suspect’s home, locked the school down, and moved the kids in the school to a safe area. A perimeter was set around the home. CO Reed assisted with the perimeter while the deputies cleared the house. The suspect had fled the home and left the rifle which was collected by deputies. The suspect was later apprehended by the deputies down the road from the original call.

CO Jeff Ginn was launching his patrol boat along the Muskegon River when he contacted a large group of kayakers preparing to launch. CO Ginn discovered two of the kayakers did not have an approved PFD. CO Ginn removed two PFDs from his patrol boat and provided them to the subjects to use for their float. CO Ginn asked they return the PFDs to the MSP Post in Newaygo when they were done. The following day, CO Ginn reported to the MSP Post and picked up the two PFDs prior to patrol.

CO Micah Hintze received a complaint that two men in a white truck had just shot at a turkey from the roadway and sped away. Upon arriving, CO Hintze observed shotgun shell hulls and a decoy turkey fan lying in the roadway that the suspects had likely dropped. CO Hintze left the decoy fan where it was found as “bait” and hid in the woods to see if the suspects would return for it. After approximately 40 minutes, a vehicle with two men matching the descriptions given returned, slowly came to a stop and picked up the decoy fan before continuing away. CO Hintze conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and found a father and son who said they were looking for turkeys. The father stated he owned the property his son had shot at a turkey on and figured he was going to get a complaint called on him for doing it. When asked if the shotgun was still loaded in the vehicle, both confirmed it was loaded in the back seat. The shotgun was retrieved from the backseat from an open case and four shotgun shells were removed from it. A citation was issued to the father for possessing a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.

Acting Sgt. Ben Shively, Cpl. Troy VanGelderen, and CO Micah Hintze instructed 43 students at Grace Adventures in Oceana County for a Hunter Safety Field Day.


CO Jacob Hamilton received a complaint of a subject driving a four-wheeler without a helmet and dumping multiple loads of brush on state land near Bear Lake in Kalkaska County. CO Hamilton patrolled to the location of the complaint. CO Hamilton observed a subject on a four-wheeler coming out of a section of state land. The subject was hauling a trailer and was not wearing a helmet. CO Hamilton caught up to the subject and stopped the operator of the four-wheeler. CO Hamilton began questioning the subject who eventually admitted to dumping yard debris and brush on state land. CO Hamilton issued the operator a citation for having no helmet on the ORV and a written warning for no ORV license. The subject agreed to clean up the debris he had dumped on state land.

CO Charlie Jones was on patrol in Kalkaska Couty when he received a call for an ORV crash with possible injuries by a passerby on M 72. CO Jones arrived on scene and observed a Polaris side-by-side with the entire front right wheel and control arms missing. Upon further investigation, the driver was operating the ORV on the highway and then into a ditch. The ORV then struck a culvert causing disabling damage and injuries to the front passenger. CO Jones educated the driver on where to ride and where not to ride. A citation was issued for failing to license ORV and multiple warnings were given. The injured passenger denied EMS, but later sought medical treatment for minor injuries.

In Kalkaska County, CO Charlie Jones received a call of an overturned canoe in the Manistee River with two small children. CO Jones, along with Kalkaska County deputies, responded to the emergency.  CO Jones arrived on the scene at the nearest road by the bank of the river. Through the thick vegetation, the officers heard them crying for help. Upon arrival, the officers observed a couple and two small children on the bank. The COs assisted the canoers to the road and checked for any injuries. The Springfield/Fife Lake Fire Department arrived on the scene to assist and recover some belongings left in the river. No injuries were reported, and the family left without further incident.

COs Matthew Zultak, Ben McAteer, and Jake Hamilton worked in the St. Helen area over the Gambler 500 Weekend conducting patrol as a visual deterrent. Citations were written for operation in a closed area, careless operation, and open intoxicants.

While on marine patrol in Roscommon County, CO Matthew Zultak smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from a boat as he passed it. CO Zultak observed the subjects in the vessel fishing for a significant time. The subjects were contacted at the launch. The subjects were not impaired by marijuana but had been fishing without a license, operating an unregistered watercraft, and using marijuana in a public place. The subjects were cited for operating an unregistered watercraft and received warnings for the other violations.

COs Jesse Grzechowski and Jeff Panich received a call for assistance from the Alcona County Sheriff's Office that they were trying to rescue two people who had struck the rocky bottom of Black River and were hard aground. The Sheriff's Office stated they had swamped their boat attempting to rescue one person and had to return to the harbor. COs Grzechowski and Panich passed the sheriff's boat while enroute to Black River. Once on scene, officers realized the one remaining person on the boat was safe and secure and they decided to observe the scene until the United States Coast Guard (USCG) arrived with a vessel having a draft shallow enough to rescue the one passenger. All three rescue boats and both people from the grounded boat were safely returned to Harrisville Harbor. The grounded boat remains to date and recovery efforts are underway.

CO Casey Pullum assisted the Oscoda County Sheriff's Department with a domestic violence 911 call about a male and female involved in a physical altercation. The male subject involved in the disturbance was the caller. Once the deputy and CO Pullum arrived on the scene, it was determined the female had assaulted the male, but the male had outstanding misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. Both subjects were taken into custody by the Oscoda County Sheriff's Office and CO Pullum assisted with transporting the male to the local jail. The female subject was held on domestic violence charges.

COs Josh Russell and Jeff Goss were on patrol in Gladwin County when they observed an ORV operator not wearing a helmet on the roadway. The COs contacted the driver who was suspended as well as operating the machine without an ORV license. The operator had several warrants out for her arrest. A citation was issued for the violations and the operator was turned over to the Gladwin County Sheriff’s Department for the warrants.

CO Josh Russell was almost home for the night when he observed a vehicle nearly strike another vehicle and then continued to swerve back and forth in their lane of travel. CO Russell stopped the vehicle to check on the driver. The driver appeared intoxicated. CO Russell administered standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) and the operator was subsequently arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI).


COs Mike Haas and Josh Russell witnessed ORV tracks leave the roadway and enter an area of state forest closed to motor vehicles. The COs followed the tracks and located a subject with a dirt bike preparing his fishing gear along the Tobacco River. The subject stated he was glad the COs caught him before he started fishing since he didn’t have a fishing license. The COs recommended that the subject purchase a fishing license before fishing and issued a citation for the various ORV violations.

CO Dan Robinson swore to an arrest warrant for a subject who dumped materials in the Chippewa River. The CO started the investigation after receiving a complaint of a large amount of trash bags floating in the water. The initial investigation showed 18 bags of trash and a large amount of construction materials. COs Robinson and Josh Russell retrieved a few of the bags but could not get them all by wading through the water. An address was located amongst the materials that suggested the trash came from a local, illegal marijuana grow site. The MSP Marine Services (dive team) assisted CO Robinson with removing the remaining bags and trash from the river totaling 1,400 pounds. CO Robinson and the MSP Marijuana Investigation team conducted a search warrant on the residence and grow operation which resulted in interviews, evidence, and the seizure of $33,000 in assets. An additional trash dump site was also investigated by COs Mike Haas and Kyle Romzek which was linked to the same address. Felony charges were issued for discharging hazardous/injurious materials in the waterway and misdemeanor illegal disposal of waste materials. The felony charges could result in two years in prison, up to $25,000 in fines, and an additional $25,000 each day the hazardous discharge into the water occurred.

CO Jacob Robinson was on patrol in Montcalm County when he spotted a subject emptying a truck bed of old rotten firewood onto state land. The CO made contact and the subject admitted to dumping five more sizable piles of rotten firewood on state land. A citation was issued for dumping unwanted rotten firewood on state land.

CO Dan Robinson had left Belle Isle and was traveling in downtown Detroit when he witnessed a vehicle cross several lanes of traffic and crash into a median. The CO stopped to investigate and discovered the individual in the driver seat was unconscious and the vehicle was still running and in drive. CO Robinson gained access to the inside of the vehicle by breaking a window and discovered the person was suffering from an active seizure. The CO took steps to wake the individual and checked the person for breathing. The individual came out of the seizure but was still in distress, confused, and was unable to communicate clearly. The patient was ultimately transported to the hospital and the Detroit Police took the crash report and requested a tow for the vehicle.


CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Lake Michigan out from Allegan County for marine safety issues when he located a vessel trolling for salmon. The CO noticed as he was getting closer to the vessel that one subject was frantically reeling in a line. When the CO approached the side of the vessel, he observed three subjects onboard and 12 fishing lines still in the water. When the CO asked to see fishing licenses, none of the three subjects onboard could produce a valid 2024 fishing license. All lines were reeled up and enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling the Allegan State Game Area (SGA) for turkey hunters, CO Sam Schluckbier located a truck parked on the side of the road. No one was occupying the vehicle, but the driver door was left open. CO Schluckbier located an untagged turkey carcass in the bed of the truck. Shortly after, two hunters from Mississippi emerged from the woods. Neither were in possession of a firearm but were attempting to call to some turkeys observed nearby. CO Schluckbier requested their hunting licenses and neither had a kill-tag in their possession. After further questioning, it was discovered that both hunters had purchased their licenses online several days prior to arriving in Michigan but were unaware of the requirement to have them in possession while hunting. A loaded uncased shotgun was found in the back seat and none of the firearms were properly enclosed in a case. The untagged tom turkey was seized, and a citation was issued. Warnings were given for the firearm related violations. The hunters were disappointed but accepting of the enforcement due to their lack of preparation.

CO Rich Cardenas was patrolling Jordan Lake and contacted several anglers who were fishing from their boat. The anglers were fishing for panfish, and one angler claimed he was not fishing. This angler did not have a fishing license. CO Cardenas had observed both anglers on the vessel fishing from afar with the use of his department issued binoculars. CO Cardenas found that the anglers had 35 fish in their possession. The angler who originally denied fishing without a license admitted he was fishing and that he had caught most of the fish on board. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Kyle McQueer was patrolling the Barry SGA when Barry County Central dispatched a motorcycle versus minivan personal injury accident in Orangeville Township. CO McQueer responded and was the first law enforcement officer on scene. Upon arrival, Orangeville Fire Department was conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and rescue breaths. After a lengthy time of giving the motorcyclist medical attention and when emergency medical services (EMS) arrived on scene, the driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene. Preliminary investigation reveals that the motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed in a 30-mph speed zone when the minivan attempted to pull out on to the road. The motorcycle then collided with the front of the minivan, ejecting the motorcyclist. The incident is under further investigation by the Barry County Sheriff's Office.

COs Justin Ulberg and Casey Varriale investigated a complaint of individuals taking an over-limit of trout in Kent County. The Report All Poaching (RAP) hotline received information obtained from a social media post that showed a video of a couple of subjects with what appeared to be a few hundred small trout spread out across a tarp. Further investigation allowed the COs to obtain a search warrant for one of the subject’s residences. COs Ulberg and Varriale conducted the search warrant and located 75 undersized rainbow and brown trout in the freezer of the house. The angler admitted that most of the fish were given away or had already been consumed. Besides the trout being undersized, it was determined that the fish were all illegally taken from a local river using a cast net. Based on the size of the trout and the recent stocking done by the Michigan DNR Fisheries Division, it was believed that all the undersized trout were stocked by the DNR. The fish were shown to the local fisheries biologist, and it was confirmed based on fin clippings, that nearly all the trout illegally taken were hatchery fish that were intended to be used for a study. A report will be sent to the county prosecutor’s office for pending charges.

CO Zach Bauer was on patrol when he observed a dirt bike fail to stop at a stop sign, pop a wheely, and take off at a high rate of speed. CO Bauer caught up and stopped the dirt bike. The operator had the bike registered but the license plate was expired and the insurance on the bike was expired as well. Multiple citations and warnings were issued.

CO Zach Bauer was on patrol when Berrien County Central Dispatch put out a call of a full arrest of a 14-year-old. CO Bauer responded to the call and while enroute central dispatch advised that the patient had been loaded up in an unknown vehicle and was being transported to the hospital by the family of the patient. CO Bauer located the vehicle on the roadway and the occupants were flagging CO Bauer down. CO Bauer located the patient in the back seat who was having a seizure but conscious. CO Bauer gave medical attention until other units arrived on scene. The patient was transported to the hospital for further treatment.


CO Zack Smith received a RAP complaint about a subject believed to be using another person’s kill tags during the 2023 deer season. After an investigation by CO Smith, it was discovered that the subject had not purchased any kill tags and through social media CO Smith found multiple posts with the subject holding a 9-point and a 10-point that were both harvested in the November 2023 deer season. CO Smith also found multiple self-incriminating posts saying that he harvested the deer. Then CO Smith interviewed the subject who was not truthful at first and said that his wife harvested the deer. After CO Smith showed the subject all the social media posts, the subject admitted to harvesting the deer in November and that he used the kill tags from his wife on the deer. The 9- and 10-point racks were seized, and charges are being submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

CO Jeremy Woods assisted the Charlotte Police Department on an “unwanted person” call. The caller stated there was an intoxicated man, in his underwear, who was throwing objects in the street and yelling. The man was indeed intoxicated, agitated/aggressive, and only in his underwear. He stated he wanted to fight law enforcement and that he did not care about going to jail. However, officers on scene were able to affect an arrest with no force used.


CO Dave Schaumburger worked with the Outdoor Adventure Center staff during a “sensory friendly”’ day where the staff worked with children to learn how to fish. CO Schaumburger had a great time with the kids showing them some techniques and teaching them how to catch fish.

CO Griffin Korican received a complaint of anglers keeping undersized bass on a lake in Oakland County. Upon checking the launch, CO Korican observed a boat returning to the launch. When CO Korican checked the anglers, they were in possession of two undersized smallmouth bass. The individual who claimed to have caught the fish received a citation for undersized bass.

CO Cody Bourgeois was on ORV patrol when he noticed several vehicles parked in a private stone quarry property where they have trespassing issues. When the CO pulled into the parking area, one of the vehicles tried leaving quickly. Unfortunately for the driver, the parking area did not have enough room for his vehicle to leave while the CO pulled in. Contacting the vehicle and passengers, CO Bourgeois noticed fishing rods and a cooler. When questioned, the suspects stated they were back there fishing and kept a cooler of fish. Then the CO discovered the cooler had 10 largemouth bass with several being undersized. Enforcement action was taken. 

CO Luke Robare witnessed two dirt bikes driving at a high rate of speed and doing wheelies on the roadway. CO Robare caught up to the two dirt bikes and attempted to stop them at an intersection. The riders looked back, noticed CO Robare’s patrol truck with lights and sirens on, and proceeded to flee from CO Robare. The dirt bikes accelerated away from CO Robare and attempted to make a turn at a high rate of speed. One of the bikes slid on its side and contacted the other dirt bike. At this point, CO Robare was able to catch up to the suspects and detain them. One rider was 19 years old, and the other rider was 15 years old. CO Robare contacted the juveniles’ parents to pick the riders up. CO Robare is seeking charges through the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office for careless operation of an ORV and failing to stop for a police officer.

CO Brad Silorey was on patrol when he observed a local officer attempting a traffic stop on a vehicle. CO Silorey turned around to assist the officer from the other agency with the stop which was for a stolen vehicle. While on the stop, the suspect fled in the vehicle. CO Silorey pursued the suspect vehicle in the secondary position as the chase went off road and into a farm field. The vehicle chase ended in a tree line where the suspects fled on foot. The passenger was taken into custody after a brief foot chase by the primary agency and the driver was apprehended a short while later after attempting to run across a large field. 

COs Brad Silorey, Joe Deppen, and Kris Kiel conducted a late-night patrol on the St. Clair River. Shortly after launching their patrol vessel around midnight, a vessel was observed with improper navigation lights. The COs stopped the vessel that had two occupants and asked about their night fishing. The vessel operator stated that they had caught 10 walleye. The boat operator provided a fishing license, however his female passenger stated that she does not fish and didn’t have a license. After some questioning, the female stated that she had caught two of the nine walleye that they were in possession of. In addition, three of the nine walleye were undersized with the smallest being 12 inches. The legal-size limit for walleye on the St. Clair River is 15 inches. The driver was cited for possession of undersized walleye and over-limit possession, and the passenger was cited for possessing fish without a license.

COs Brad Silorey and Kris Kiel assisted COs Luke Robare and Adam Schiller with a walleye over-limit case. The tip was originally sent to CO Dave Schaumburger who was not in the area at the time, but he successfully relayed the information. COs Silorey and Kiel were able to disseminate that information to the units working Belle Isle. The suspect was fishing around the island. COs Robare and Schiller located the suspect and were able to spot him returning to the marina after his second trip. COs Robare and Schiller interviewed the suspect as COs Kiel and Silorey pulled into the marina. Thanks to a group effort, the suspect was found to be in possession of 12 walleye (twice the daily possession limit).

CO Jaime Salisbury was patrolling to a complaint of target shooting at Hewitt Pit when he observed a subject walking down a set of railroad tracks. CO Salisbury contacted the man and asked for his identification. The individual stated he didn’t have it with him. The man provided a name and birthdate, but they came back as “no record.” After several attempts to identify the man without success, CO Salisbury called for a mobile fingerprint reader to be brought to the scene. St. Clair County deputies arrived and were able to positively identify the man, revealing he had a felony warrant for dangerous drugs out of St. Clair County. The deputies took the man into custody on the warrant. A citation was issued for railroad trespassing. A report is being submitted to the prosecutor's office for obstruction of justice for providing a false name to CO Salisbury.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll responded to a water rescue at Pointe Mouillee SGA. It was reported a boat had lost power to the motors and started taking on water. The occupants of the vessel were able to get to a nearby rockwall. CO Ingersoll met with all occupants of the vessel who were shaken up by the ordeal, but in good spirits. CO Ingersoll transported all three occupants to EMS and fire personnel who were waiting nearby.


While attending a Belle Isle youth fishing event, CO Martin Lawrence responded to a possible suicide. The primary Belle Isle units went to the location where the subject was last seen and were able to locate the subject who was inside his vehicle attempting to leave the location. The subject stated that he would “commit” himself with the assistance of his wife and both went to Detroit Receiving Hospital via Detroit EMS.

CO Martin Lawrence participated in the first annual “Fishing in Faith & Fun” youth fishing event which had taken place on Belle Isle Park.

CO Martin Lawrence participated in the 12th Annual Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Fishing Fest event which had taken place at Milliken State Park. CO Lawrence assisted with helping over 300 future youth anglers enjoy the event. Multiple agencies assisted with the large turnout.

CO Dave Schaumburger stopped a vehicle speeding 52 mph in a 25-mph zone on Belle Isle. When he contacted the driver, she said, “I was speeding, I got a little excited to see my friends.”  She was not excited to receive a citation for the excessive speed that the CO issued her.

CO Dave Schaumburger ran radar on Belle Isle and stopped four different vehicles exceeding the speed limit and wrote tickets for the violations. Two vehicles were stopped doing 52 mph and two more vehicles were stopped doing 46 mph.

CO Cody Bourgeois worked a Belle Isle shift. Using his radar, CO Bourgeois stopped several cars exceeding 50 mph in a 25-mph zone. CO Bourgeois issued speeding citations to multiple drivers.

CO Danielle Zubek worked a shift on Belle Isle. Several citations were written for speeding on the island. While closing the island, two vehicles were parked near the old zoo. The COs were able to locate five individuals inside the zoo after the park closed. Citations were issued for entering the old zoo and for being in the park after hours.


Corporal (Cpl.) Troy Van Gelderen assisted with a hunter safety field day at Grace Adventures in Silver Lake.

Cpl. Troy Van Gelderen heard a call of a suicidal subject down the road from his residence.  Cpl. Van Gelderen went to the scene and calmed the subject down until EMS arrived to transport the subject to get mental health treatment.

Cpl. Jon Busken was conducting checks of boat launches in Newaygo County when he saw a canoe approaching. Near shore, the occupants flipped the canoe, and several lawn chair cushions came out of the canoe. Cpl. Busken assisted the pair with landing the canoe and inquired about the lack of PFDs. The duo stated that since the river was shallow in places, they believed they did not need them. Enforcement action was taken.

Cpl. Jon Busken assisted with a car vs. bicycle personal injury accident in Newaygo County. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Cpl. Tom Peterson and CO Byron Parks attempted to locate a reported ghost net marked by a good Samaritan in Bete Grise. The first attempt was unsuccessful due to heavy fog. They returned a few days later and were successful in locating what was marked. The complainant marked a mooring buoy that was connected to one of the shipwrecks in the area. 

Cpl. Tom Peterson and CO Byron Parks contacted a couple of anglers in Lake Medora during a marine patrol. During the contact, the COs located 7 undersized smallmouth bass. The anglers were also not in possession of their fishing licenses. The two anglers were cited and educated, and the contact was ended. During the same patrol the COs also contacted multiple other vessels being operated by young anglers. Two boats did not have sufficient PFDs for everyone on board, and one angler did not obtain a current fishing license. Citations were issued and the young anglers were educated on the importance of having proper PFDs aboard.