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Michigan the Beautiful

A wetlands scene with blue sky above

Michigan the Beautiful

Michiganders know nature is one of our most precious resources because we live it every day. From the Great Lakes and sandy dunes to our old growth forests and farms, Michigan’s natural beauty defines our state and supports our health, quality of life and economy. The nature that defines what we love about our state is facing extraordinary challenges that can only be solved if we work together in new ways so future generations can continue to enjoy, appreciate, and benefit from nature.

Michigan the Beautiful is our collective journey to conserve, connect and restore at least 30 percent of Michigan’s lands and waters by 2030.

To start this journey together, we’ll map Michigan’s outdoor spaces and ask residents across the state where and how we can all work together to improve conservation for a better tomorrow. Where are there opportunities for more or expanded parks or forests? Where can these lands and spaces be improved and made more productive?

Michigan the Beautiful is:

couple sitting at campfire at dusk

Laughter with friends around a crackling campfire, the memory and smell lingering in your heart and your clothes.

The wonder you felt during your first childhood field trip to a state park.

Two viewers at Milliken State Park with people using them to look over the Detroit River

Community built along our riverfronts, with trails and greenways that reconnect us with each other.

Taking photos of your favorite spaces/something unique.

Two children look closely at a plant and insect inside a glass jar with a grassy field in the background

Getting up close and noticing something small in the forest, at a lakeshore, or along a trail that might seem insignificant at first can lead to a whole new path of discovery.

Michigan the Beautiful includes all of us and the actions we take today to shape our environment, and what our relationship with it will look like tomorrow. It's choosing a path together that will lead us to a brighter future for all of us and the nature that we are a part of.

The benefits of healthy lands and waters should be available to everyone, from backcountry regulars in the Porkies to urban adventurers in Detroit, and everyone in between.

The outdoors is for all of us to enjoy and are an essential part of the fabric of our state, which is why Michigan the Beautiful will seek out opportunities to expand access to the outdoors for all. You know your community and what is important to you, which is why we’re looking for local guidance on where to focus this work.

Ready to join us? Here's how to get started:

Join one of our upcoming community workshops. Information on these will be coming soon. Sign up to receive more information once it is available!

How have you appreciated and benefited from the outdoors? We want to hear from you! Please email us at

MI Healthy Climate conference

Join the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy for the 2024 Michigan Healthy Climate Conference at the Lansing Center on May 16-17, 2024.