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Acreage of DNR-managed lands

Type Number of Acres
Statewide total surface ownership 4,592,269
North of Mason-Arenac Line 3,859,188
South of Mason-Arenac Line 733,081
Mineral rights under a development lease 377,353
Land managed by the DNR (including leased lands and conservation easements conveyed to the DNR) 4,958,644
Land open for public hunting on managed lands 4,523,453


Owned and managed by the DNR Totals
Forest Resources 3,859,943 acres
Parks and Recreation 358,044 acres
Wildlife (state game and waterfowl) 364,715 acres
Public boating access sites 1,045 sites
Motorized trails 7,751 miles
Non-motorized trails 4,791 miles
Trails categorized as both motorized and non-motorized 1,026 miles

This information is provided in accordance with PA 240 of 2018.

Updated Sept. 1, 2023